Episode 2 is out:

Day 2 of 365: This is the second time I’ve talked about my favourite concept – accepting you’re going to be terrible when you first start a new goal, and throwing yourself in the deep end anyway.

00:28 What I’ve been up to

02:00 What I want this show to become

04:04 If you’d like to be on the show yourself…

04:57 30 days of podcasting

05:48 Nerves, and giving yourself permission to suck

09:00 If you have questions you’d like answered

10:18 The next podcast

11:00 The Takeaway


Libertarian podcast I was on:

My coverage of Melbourne’s police state:

Give Yourself Permission to Suck:

The Slight Edge:

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As always, if you have questions or topics you’d like me to cover, drop a comment below or email me.


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