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So, I’ve been feeling a little restless lately – a little unhappy. Still got so far to go with paying my bills, and feels like there’s a shitload of work to do before I get there. Like it’s a mountain I won’t ever be able to climb.

Often with our goals – particularly our big goals – we feel like it’s hopeless, like success will never come. Like it’s a pipe dream; something we’re desperate to have, but we feel like we’ll never quite get there.

Often that makes you self-sabotage, or give up, or just don’t work as hard as you need to in order to make it happen. I’ve certainly done my fair share of this – with girls, with getting laid, with finances and with my website right now. I procrastinate, I avoid the work, or I take too long with it and try and make it too perfect and edit it and edit it again and edit it one more time. Instead of just shutting up and getting it done, and moving on to the next task.

I have a million things to do, and I let myself get overwhelmed, and then I start feeling hopeless – like, “I’ll never be able to do all of this.”

The answer, as always, is to TAKE ACTION. I’ve talked about this in a previous podcast episode: Day 32: Talk About what You HAVE Done, Not What You WILL Do. Taking action is the cheat code to life; it’s the answer to every single one of your problems.

You take massive action, and do something huge that’ll move you towards your goals. So today I’m giving myself a challenge to do 5 podcast episodes in a day.

I’ve done challenges like this in the past – twice on my blog I’ve written 5 articles in a day. And in the past I did 5 podcasts in a day. It’s a huge challenge, and it takes it out of you, but it’s very doable. Especially since I’m in hotel quarantine – it’s not like I have much else to do with my time.

If you’re feeling a bit hopeless, or useless, or like you can’t make it – take massive action. Throw yourself in and make a commitment like I have, do somtehing like 5 projects in a day. Something that’ll take you 10-12 hours to complete, and once you’ve done it, you can lay on the couch and relax and pat yourself on the back.

And for accountability – tell a few people you’re going to do it. I have a Telegram group I’m in, and I told them all I was going to do 5 podcasts today. You need to declare that you’re going to do it and get people to hold you accountable so you won’t back out.

When you’re feeling hopeless, or like you’ll never get to your goals, the best thing to do is TAKE MASSIVE ACTION, RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Just do something – ANYTHING – to move towards your goals. Throw yourself in the deep end.

It’s fine to feel hopeless. It’s fine to have doubts. I have a million doubts about ever being able to pay my bills. I’ve always been a financial loser. And guess what? I felt the same way about my sex life but I fixed that and went on to get laid a tonne. I felt like a loser with my body but I lost 77lbs and fixed that. I felt like a loser because I had 0 friends but I fixed that. So everything is fixable – including my money – and it is for you too. You’re not alone if you feel like a loser; chances are even the guys you look up to like me feel like a loser sometimes too.

Finally, take some god damn action. You just listened to an entire podcast about taking action – now it’s time to actually do something. Get a plan of action, coaching and support from somebody who’s been in your shoes & overcome the same shit you’re going through. Check out my coaching packages and I’ll kill your inner loser too.

UPDATE: I completed my goal and did the rest of the 5 podcasts:

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