NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

This is a story I originally posted back in April 2019, on the Good Looking Loser Forums. I’m posting it here to archive it; eventual goal is to archive all of my lay stories.

Again, I leave these stories unedited. Usual caveat applies: My mindset on women has changed a lot in the last couple of years; I used to be pretty combative & sometimes kinda crass. So if some of the below doesn’t sound like “me”, that’s why. As always, any parts in blue are direct quotes from the old post I initially wrote.

Fucking FINALLY, boys. Just got my first “insta bang” from cold approach – banged a girl within an hour of meeting her on the street. (I’ve banged plenty of girls that quickly from Tinder, but never cold approach.)

I’m so fucking happy because I was having a legitimately TERRIBLE fucking day. I had no energy from lack of sleep, working too hard, and killing myself at the gym, so I just kind of walked around for 5 hours with the intention to hit on girls… but not having the energy to hit on a single one. Literally 5 hours of walking around, but feeling like I “couldn’t be bothered” hitting on any girls. Must have walked past 200 cute chicks I could have hit on.

Eventually got frustrated and said “Stop being a fucking bitch and just talk to some girls. I want to get laid, I’m going to get laid, let’s do this.” Hit on 4, got 2 numbers. Then see this super hot chick in a tight dress wearing no bra, tonnes of makeup, and I’m instantly turned on. “Yo, you’re hot and I had to say hi. Are you single?” Yes she is, ask what she’s up to and she says no plans so we walk to a park and hangout for a bit. She’s super chatty, decent to hangout with, and obviously super hot. I say to her “You’re really fucking hot”, she blushes, then I kiss her and play with her tits a bit.

Her friends text her to come hang out with them, I tell her to come hang out at mine for a bit first, she says sure. Get to my place and just insta bang – like, the millisecond we get in the door. Really good sex too – choked her, slapped her face (she went nuts), pulled hair, fingered her ass, made her squirt, etc.

Here’s her tits (she doesn’t care if people see this pic; I literally said “I’m gonna show my mates this” and she giggled & seemed to be turned on by the idea):

And afterwards:

Main reason I’m so fucking happy is I was having a legitimately shit day, and I told myself I was going to shut up and get laid – and I went out and did it.

I’ve uninstalled Tinder and will be focusing on cold approaching – I feel like it’s a weakness of mine. I feel very weird giving guys advice, being a moderator on here, having my own blog, and having guys pay me for coaching… when I’ve only banged 9 girls from cold approach. Yes I’ve banged 100+ girls online, but in my mind that “doesn’t count” because it was “easy”. I feel like I’m “not really an experienced guy”. I know that’s a textbook example of the Dunning-Krugar Effect . I know I’m my own worst critic. I have placed my penis inside more than 100 female human beings (I lost count ages ago), I’ve had 6 threesomes with new girls each time, I’ve tried every sexual fetish under the sun… all of which I’m aware puts me in the upper echelons of even the guys on GLL. But I still feel like “I’m not the real deal” until I bang a lot from cold approach too.

So I want to hit 10 cold approach lays, then set the next goal (probably 30 cold approach lays). Once I’ve done that, I’ll call myself a “getting laid expert”. Right now I’m only the “online expert”, and I don’t feel that’s good enough.

I’m better than that.

Hah, so much for, “I’m not going to focus on Tinder.” I later reinstalled it and went on to have a tonne more lays, eventually writing my 130,000-word Tinder Guide.

I will at some point go back to cold approaching girls on the street – I miss it sometimes. It’s not like I need it though; Tinder keeps my dick pretty busy these days.

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