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Gather round, you wonderful human beings – time for a very erotic story…

Immy and I had just met a new girl we’ll call Anna – a very cute (and very tall – 5ft10!) 18yo girl who was very into BDSM. Part of what she’d been seeking is partners who could be rough and dominant with her, but also loving and caring; pretty much what Immy and I are all about! We all went to a history museum for the first date and had an amazing time, hanging out, learning a bunch, and making out whenever we were alone… Watching the two girls kiss each other passionately while I kept a lookout to make sure no one was coming, was so insanely sexy to me.

Anna gave off bratty vibes in the best possible way, telling me directly she wanted me to be very very rough with her. A few times she whispered to me that she wanted me to grab her a little more firmly, so of course I obliged, eventually working up to spanking her whenever nobody else was around, gripping the back of her neck roughly, and even pulling her hair a little as we walked around the museum, which only made her moan.

We went to a cafe and talked about BDSM, learning what she was into, what she wanted to try, etc. She held my hand as the 3 of us talked, which was incredibly sweet; she’s very affectionate which is a nice addition to her kinkier side. Eventually we said our goodbyes (Immy and I always like to save the sex stuff for the 2nd date, to make sure all 3 of us really like each other before bonking). But all that foreplay/teasing in public with Anna had been driving Immy and I a little crazy, so as soon as we went home, we unleashed all that pent-up energy on each other…

I grabbed Immy, threw her roughly down on the bed and fucked her ass; and oh god was she giving back to me as much as she was getting. She was snarling at me, yelling “FUCK MY ASS, FUCK ME HARDER” while I roughly pounded her, before I pulled out, shoved a buttplug in her ass and switched to pounding her pussy, both of us completely animalistic now, lost in the lust of it all.

Not wanting Anna to miss out, I told Immy to moan for Anna and talk dirty to her, while I recorded it as a voice message, with Immy moaning, “Oh god, daddy is fucking my pussy right now Anna!”

While I kept pounding Immy, my hard cock sliding in and out of her dripping pussy, we sent that voice message to Anna, who replied:

Too turned on to hold back, I felt my orgasm impending, pulling out and cumming all over Immy’s pretty little face, drenching her, but that wasn’t enough for me, the two of us like animals now… especially with Anna’s encouragement. I shoved my hard cock back inside Immy, pounding away for another minute or two before exploding a second time, deep in her wet little pussy… God it felt so good.

I pulled out and took a video of Immy’s dripping pussy as my cum slowly leaked out, sending it to Anna, who of course REALLY liked it. Needless to say, by the time we met up with Anna for the 2nd date + sex, we were all pretty into each other, ready to unleash our pent-up frustrations…

The 2nd date:

The 3 of us met up again, this time cuddling for a bit in bed, talking about how the week had gone, and giving Anna plenty of affection. She’d previously said a few times she was as into the gentle stuff as the rough stuff, so Immy and I poured plenty of affection and gentleness onto her, spooning her and gently stroking her hair as we snuggled in my bed, the lights down low, gentle jazz music playing softly in the background.

After a while, we all started caressing each other, making out softly, as clothes started to come off, slowly undressing one another, passions starting to rise. Anna hadn’t had much in the way of experience with women, so I gently guided her a bit, showing her how to tease Immy, how to tease Immy’s nipples, how to caress her and how to make her feel good. Anna and I blindfolded Immy, and it didn’t take long for Anna to gain a bit of confidence as she moved down between Immy’s legs, kissing her thighs softly, teasing her and making her beg for more…

Anna was a natural, gently kissing all around Immy’s pussy but not quite giving Immy what she wanted, teasing her, gently biting her thighs, spanking her legs a little, the two of them getting more and more turned on as I watched, my cock throbbing in my pants. I encouraged Anna, telling her what a good girl she was being, egging her on and telling her to tease Immy and make her beg. I moved behind Anna, gently caressing Anna’s thighs, trying to match my movements with what Anna was doing to Immy. Every time Anna teased Immy, I’d do the same to Anna, the two of them getting more and more deliciously frustrated as they both started to beg for some attention on their clits…

As Immy begged harder for Anna to lick her clit properly, I slid a finger gently over Anna’s clit, making her gasp as she started to lick Immy’s pussy, my finger moving down to tease the entrance to Anna’s pussy, now dripping wet with anticipation. I slid my finger in a little as she started to lick and kiss Immy’s clit, both of their moans filling the room, my cock throbbing now as I wrapped my other hand around the back of Anna’s neck, squeezing hard, pushing her face hard against Immy’s clit. I slid two fingers in, sliding them in and out, her moans driving me crazy and making me lose control, even though I’d intended to be gentle with her at first… I was having a hard time sticking to my promises.

As Anna licked Immy’s clit, her tongue circling over my girlfriend’s most sensitive area, I couldn’t help myself – I wanted Anna too fucking badly. I ripped her panties off, fingering her hard as she groaned, then I quickly grabbed a condom and threw it on my rock-hard cock. Sliding just the tip of myself inside her, I held still as she moaned and tried to push back on me, her face buried between Immy’s legs. I teased her, sliding in and out very gently, only letting her have the tip of my cock, before whispering in her ear, “Tell Immy what’s happening right now…”

She moaned, crying out, “He’s fucking my pussy right now, it feels so good”. Immy bucked her hips up in the air, still blindfolded and unable to see anything, having to use her imagination as my cock slid a little deeper into Anna’s tight little pussy, all 3 of us starting to get a little crazy even though we’d only just begun. I went as slow as I could manage, teasing Anna, wanting to draw things out as I slid a little bit more of my cock inside her, not quite letting her have all of it… despite her protests. As she pleasured Immy, I couldn’t help but think how god damn beautiful these two looked.

After a few minutes of teasing, I slid out of Anna, pulling off the condom as Anna watched me move over to where Immy was laying on the bed, still blindfolded. “Want to see how pretty she looks when she sucks me?” I asked, and Anna could only nod, too enamoured by how pretty Immy looked all tied up and blindfolded. As I moved my cock near Immy’s lips both girls gasped, Immy desperately leaning up to try to suck me, but I pushed her head back down against the bed, only letting the tip of my cock rest against her pretty little lips. “Kiss it” I commanded as she started to worship my cock, Anna wide-eyed and unable to look away, both of us marvelling at how hot Immy looked… and how desperate she was for more of me.

Every time she started to suck me I’d pull back, pushing her head back down, only letting her kiss or lick the tip of it, which only made her more and more desperate… not quite letting her have what she wanted. “Doesn’t she look good?” I said, gazing at Anna, my cock throbbing at how hot she was. “Yes, she looks soooo good” she replied, as I pushed my cock down a little further, letting Immy take more of it in her mouth. I pulled Immy’s head up and shoved my cock all the way in, fucking her mouth as she took all of my length, Anna moaning as she gently touched Immy’s dripping wet pussy, my cock using Immy’s mouth now, harder and harder as the two of them got more and more turned on…

Pulling out (which made both girls a little disappointed…) I quickly shoved Anna down onto the floor and she immediately knew what to do, gently taking my cock in her mouth as I pulled off Immy’s blindfold so she could watch. Anna sucked me so gently, her little hands teasing the base of my cock as her head bobbed up and down, as I brushed her beautiful hair out of her eyes. I couldn’t help but moan loudly at how god damn good she felt, being oh-so-gentle, teasing me as Immy watched, slowly teasing her own clit. I gently patted Anna’s head, leaning down to gently kiss the top of her head, telling her what a good girl she was being by teasing my cock like that with her cute little mouth and her soft little hands.

I let her go on for a minute or so, but I could feel the animal inside me rising up again, and before I knew it I’d pushed her back onto the bed to watch as I grabbed Immy, spread her legs and shoved my cock deep in Immy’s wet little pussy. Anna watched, clearly turned on, my cock slamming in and out of my girl while this 18yo tall goddess watched the both of us go at it. I pulled out, grabbing Immy and lifting her up, pulling her to the side of the bed so her legs were hanging off the bed, her pussy facing me. I ordered Anna to come to me, both of us standing in front of Immy’s exposed, dripping wet little pussy.

Another from the archives

I pushed Anna down to her knees, her face right near Immy’s pussy. “Lick.” I commanded firmly, as I roughly pushed her face into Immy’s pussy, holding her there while both of them moaned like crazy, so turned on. Grabbing the back of Anna’s head, I told her to stick her tongue out, and I roughly moved her head side to side, her tongue sliding over Immy’s pussy, Immy using Anna’s face to get herself off as I used my other hand to stroke my cock, so fucking turned on seeing how turned on they both were too.

The three of us switched positions a bunch of times, me sometimes fucking Anna, sometimes fucking Immy, sometimes going down on one of them, our lust building and building, orgasms getting closer and closer. Anna didn’t own any vibrators at home so we wanted to give her a chance to play with some of our favourite ones (the Satisfyer Pro). I grabbed a couple from the cupboard and handed one to her, Immy taking another one, the two of them laying down and getting themselves off for me while I watched. I gently caressed their beautiful faces, telling them what good girls they were as they both looked at me, moaning, their bodies arching off the bed as pleasure washed over them.

“I want you to come together” I commanded, as I moved between their legs, my fingers finding their wetness as I started to tease both of their entrances, Immy almost cumming multiple times. She kept holding off, stopping herself at the last possible second as she cried out in pleasure, desperately begging Anna to hurry up and catch up to her as my fingers slide inside both of them. I was kneeling in front of them, gazing into both their eyes, one finger inside each of them, then 2 fingers, slamming harder and harder, desperately willing both of them to cum together, wanting it, needing it, unable to think of anything else.

Faster and faster I thrust, both of them closer and closer, until Anna finally moaned, “Oh god, I could cum.” Immy said, “Fuck, me too” and before I knew it they were both exploding together, their pussies clenching my fingers, bodies writhing in pleasure, “OH GOD I’M CUMMING” as they moaned and screamed and shook and shivered before finally collapsing on the bed, sweat dripping from their brows, both of them looking so incredibly beautiful.

I collapsed too, all 3 of us exhausted as I lay in between them, pulling them both to either side of my chest to snuggle and chill for a little bit, catching our breath, my cock still rock hard as we cuddled and just basked in the afterglow.

…Or at least that’s what I had planned, until all of a sudden Immy dove underneath the covers, taking my still-hard cock in her mouth before I had a chance to protest, my body shaking as I moaned in pleasure. “Fuckkkkk that feels so good” was all I could manage before Anna grabbed me and kissed me passionately, a little of her animalistic, more dominant side coming out. Harder she kissed me, a cheeky grin on her face and an “evil”, lustful look in her eyes, while Immy sucked me more and more passionately… I felt like these two could do whatever they wanted to me at that point.

I let Anna kiss me rougher and rougher, my hand on her back squeezing hard and pulling her into me, my other hand pulling her hair and making her moan as we made out, my hips thrusting up in the air, desperate for more of Immy’s soft little mouth. Wanting more, Immy jumped on top of me and started riding my cock hard, Anna getting more aggressive with her kisses, my body on fire as these two treated me like their sex toy. I certainly wasn’t complaining…

After a couple of very intense minutes, Immy said “Do you want a turn, Anna?” before hopping off, grabbing a condom and putting it on my throbbing cock. Anna jumped on top, riding me as Immy and I both looked up at her, her cute little tits bouncing up and down, her long black hair hiding her face… god she looked so erotic to us. Immy kissed me passionately as her hands fumbled to find the vibrator amongst the bedsheets, grabbing it and shoving it between her thighs, desperate for another orgasm as she watched Anna using my cock as her own personal dildo. I thrust upwards, desperate for more of Anna, desperate for Immy’s lips on mine, feeling my own orgasm impending, unable to stop myself.

Pulling Anna down to me roughly, I growled and snarled, feeling totally animalistic now as I pounded her, my hand on the back of her neck, my other hand spanking her hard as she moaned. I slid my finger down to her ass, teasing her sensitive little asshole as my cock pounded her dripping pussy, my mouth on her neck as I sucked, licked and bit her aggressively, driving her wild.

I slid my finger inside her ass a little, teasing her, making her cry out in pleasure as I was getting closer and closer to cumming. “Tell Immy what’s happening” I snarled, as she moaned, “He’s fingering my ass! Fuckkk it feels so good!” Harder and harder I pounded her, losing my mind, feeling like I was no longer in control, as Immy exploded, screaming “Oh god I’m cumming!”, her orgasm taking her, possessing her, her body flailing around as I gripped her tightly with my free hand.

The sight of Immy cumming was too much for me as I pushed Anna off me, ripping off the condom, my cock seconds away from exploding. I roughly pushed her towards Immy, barking “Kiss her!” as they kissed for a second or two before I yanked Anna back towards me, my cock in my hand. Anna knew exactly what to do – she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue (good girl!) as I felt myself about to cum. “Beg for it” I snarled as she suddenly decided to be a cute little brat, closing her mouth, a big cheeky smile on her face. “What if I don’t?” she said with a smile.

“Beg for it” I said again, but it was too late – my cock EXPLODED, huge ropes of cum hitting her face and even going over the top of her head, splashing against the bedframe, the most I’ve come in months. Take that you little brat! 🙂 I thought, as she yelped in surprise, a few more ropes spraying out as I finished cumming, my body spasming. I collapsed on the bed as Immy leaned over and kissed her, the two of them making out with my cum a little… God they looked good.

As I struggled to catch my breath, completely spent, the 3 of us cuddled and held each other, regaining our lost sanity as we hung out for a while. We chatted, caressed each other, held hands and enjoyed each other’s company, my mind still reeling at how insanely hot all of that just was. God I felt grateful for this life I’ve been given.

We got dressed, grabbed some lunch and hung out for the rest of the day, enjoying some nice sushi train together. At one point Anna put her head on my shoulder in the restaurant and held my hand while Immy and I went “awwwww”. We drove her to the train station, said our goodbyes, and smiled, knowing we couldn’t wait to see her again.

I say it a lot, but I’m so incredibly grateful for this life, for my incredible girlfriend Immy, and for the wonderful people we’ve met and shared amazing sexual (and non-sexual) adventures with. I’m so grateful to Anna for being so damn sexy, so open, so vulnerable, so lovely and so caring.

Here’s to many more adventures.

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