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This story was originally posted on the Good Looking Loser Forums back in Feb 2020. As always, any parts in blue are direct quotes from the old post I initially wrote.

Guys, You gotta fucking get on Hinge. I started using it again, I forgot how frickin’ easy it is to get matches – not to mention all the girls reply to your messages (unlike Tinder, there’s almost NO girls on Hinge looking for validation/trying to spam their Instagram/snapchat accounts).

I edited my Tinder guide and put more info about Hinge. Go read this (scroll down to “Hinge”):

Ive gotten 12 phone numbers in the last 2 days. Barely any effort – and without having to buy Boosts like you have to on Tinder. I also signed up for Bumble again and same shit – lotsa matches. I’m getting FAR more matches than I do on Tinder.

I’ve gone through my Tinder guide and edited it a tonne, to make it more about “Tinder + other dating apps”. I’ve put more of an emphasis on Hinge and Bumble, and written up some tips on how to get more matches on them.

First new lay of the year (been focusing hardcore on writing/coaching/work):

Had some fun and told her to put a buttplug in before coming to meet me in public. She sent me this pic before we met up:

Good times.

She ended up being a bit chubbier than in her pics, so I won’t see her again. (I know she looks skinny in her pics; unfortunately, she’s not.) But the sex was pretty damn good and she’s a total sweetheart – truly a really nice chick. She just got out of a very longterm relationship and hasn’t really had casual sex before, so this was new to her. She was great – very good at talking dirty, but in a very soft, sweet way… Almost romantic. Was hot, in a “nice” way.

Afterwards we chatted for a bit – she’s very easy to talk to, very likeable. Really really likeable, with a very soft voice, always smiling, and tells plenty of jokes – but in a really soft, sweet voice. After we hung out I walked her to her car. Such a pity she’s not thinner, because I really *want* to see her again… But my dick says no.

Not sure how many more lays I can get this week – like I said, I have a TONNE of numbers… but my girlfriend is crashing at my place for a couple weeks while she finds a new apartment. We’ve talked about it and she feels a bit shit if I ask her to leave the apartment so I can fuck another girl (that’s kinda fucked up). I’m getting to a point where I’m not super desperate for any more lays; I’d rather focus on my girl.

With the number of matches I’m getting on Hinge + Bumble, I don’t really care if I lose some of the girls I’ve matched with – there’s plenty more to be had.

So guys, GET ON HINGE. Read my Tinder guide – I talk about how best to use Hinge.

Oh and look how god damn adorable this is. Saw another girl’s profile on Bumble:

I want to fucking adopt her, and all her little friends.

I want to fucking adopt her, and all her little friends.


✌️ ✌️ ✌️ ✌️


This girl was one of the first few girls I banged on Hinge – I later went on to bang 5 girls in 14 days just from Hinge alone, at a time when getting laid wasn’t my main focus (writing for this site has been my number #1 mission for a while now). And all without buying any Boosts like you’d have to from Tinder – I just paid for a Preferred Membership and that’s it.

If you want to get stuck into Hinge – just go through my Tinder/Hinge Guide and specifically read this section on Hinge. You’ll have the most success if you pay for a Preferred Membership for one month – that’ll allow you to message unlimited girls. Then spend a Sunday morning (early morning – eg 8am) messaging a tonne of girls with the same copy-paste template. You’ll need to vary 1 word in the template each time, otherwise your messages may not send through (just change one word, eg say “Hi” instead of “Hey, then go back to “Hi”, then “Hey” again – alternating back and forth).

Message at least 100-200 girls every Sunday morning (or any other time, but Sundays seem to work best for me). As long as you have decent pics, watch the matches roll in. You’ll find girls are a lot more serious on Hinge and much more willing to meet up – you’ll have less flakes, less girls fucking around and just seeking attention, less girls wasting your time. Hinge seems like the “serious” app for people who actually want to meet up; whereas Tinder’s gained a bit of a reputation for being a way to kill time for a lot of girls who never plan on meeting anyone.

Don’t get me wrong, Tinder’s still awesome; but don’t neglect Hinge.

Tried Hinge yourself? Write a comment below and tell me how your experience has been.

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