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This is one of my ballsiest approaches and one of my earliest lays – all the way from back in September 2016. As I’ve discussed many times, my view on women has changed a lot in the years since 2016, If some of the story below doesn’t sound like “me”, that’s why.

As always, any parts in blue are direct quotes from the old post I initially wrote.

Holy chittt guyz, nuts cold approach yesterday:
See this cute girl in a red dress (if you see a girl in a red dress you are legally obliged to hit on her), approach her. She’s REALLY smiley, tells me I’m handsome after I call her cute (never had that happen before). She’s Polish, cute accent, very energetic and happy, super easy to talk to. She’s cute but old – guessing she’s 30-something.

We’re walking, she says “Where are we going?” So I put my arm around her and start leading her around the shopping centre, talking. I’m touching her a BUNCH, like as much as I would be on a date, arm around waist, holding hands, etc. She’s only been in Australia 13 days so I say “Have you done any Aussie things?” She says no so I take her to a supermarket, buy her a jar of Vegemite and make her taste it, lol. She hated it.

I get her number, then walk her to her destination, I’m still touching her on the waist, holding hands, grabbing her ass, etc. Then pull her in super close, arms around waist. I go for a kiss but she pulls back a little and it doesn’t happen. She replied to my text afterwards tho, so number is live.

I’m tripping hard because I literally only spent 15 minutes with this girl, and went from “Hi you’re cute” to touching her like crazy and holding her in an embrace and attempting a kiss. I knew logically all this shit was possible, but to actually do it myself is nuts.

Here’s the really nuts part: I didn’t think about any of it. It was all instinct. I was not even conscious of what I was doing, I was just doing what I always do on every date… Only with a girl I JUST met.

This girl was a huge deal for me back in 2016 – not only was she really really hot, very very feminine (Polish girls usually are) – but I was a fucking baller when I hit on her. I had my arm around her waist from the moment I met her and was very touchy-feely; something that just seemed completely impossible to me at the time (she was the first girl I’d ever been that hands-on with from the moment I met her; I normally took until date 2 or 3 to touch girls).

I have no idea what inspired me to do that; I think I just finally had my “fuck it” moment and decided to go all-in. After that I was a lot more comfortable touching girls I’d only just met, especially on dates; this girl did wonders for my confidence.

We had a first date and hungout for 2 hours, but she was far too shy to kiss me (I tried a couple times). We then went on a second date:


Jesus christ. So this girl is the one that first time I cold approached her, I was just a fucking superhero, touching her instantly, holding her around the waist, touching her ass, even tried to kiss her within 20min of meeting her.

But then on the first date, I hungout with her for like 2 hours and she wouldn’t kiss me. Here’s us wearing traffic cones though:

So tonight she comes to where I live, I meet her at my local train station. Right away I hold her hand, touch her a lot, etc. Bring her back to my place and as we’re in the elevator, she says “Oh… I thought we were just going to go for a nice walk tonight…” Bad sign.

We chill at mine, talk for a while, finally I’m like “fuck it” so I kiss her. She’s more into it this time, she starts SHAKING with pleasure/excitement, but asks me to stop. So I back off, chat for a bit, then start making out again. This time touch her ass, tits, pussy, then she stops me and says “Andy… wait… it’s too soon…”

I keep doing this dance, back off and chat for a bit, then heat her up again, I can tell she REALLY wants me but she’s super conservative. Eventually I get her top off, and bra off, and it’s game on…

Only she stops me again when we’re completely naked in bed, “wait, I can’t do this, it’s too soon andy…” So I chat for a bit, then heat her up again… fingering her, she’s moaning like crazy, she is WET as fuck, but keeps stopping me with “it’s too soon, we shouldn’t do this”.

I eventually say, “Do you want this or not?” We talk for a bit, she’s just normally not moving this fast, and she says, “Is it ok to do this?” I say “Yeah, it’s ok” and then immediately we start banging – like she just wanted to make sure she wasn’t doing something “wrong” or being “bad”. I kinda felt bad for her – she wanted to fuck me but she felt like she “wasn’t allowed to”.

It starts off so fucking slow and gentle, like some hollywood romance movie or some shit. literally “making love”, LOL. but I start getting more and more turned on, rougher and rougher, and she starts to go a little crazy… eventually I went full retard, choking her until she couldn’t breathe, forcing her to suck my cock until she choked then holding her head down for longer, slapping my cock against her face, the usual. She was REALLY into it, like crazier than any other girl i’ve banged. HANDS DOWN BEST SEX OF MY YOUNG ADULT LIFE.

She had this crazy look in her eyes when I was very rough, it was the look of a crazy, completely lusty chick. You see it very rarely, only a few girls ever do it – those are the best girls. The girls who literally go CRAZY over your cock.

We banged for like 3hours (with breaks in between) eventually I can’t hold off any more so I pull out and move towards her face. She goes NUTS, like a fucking banshee, like a woman possessed, yelling “YES, YES, YES, GIVE IT TO ME!” and just sucks the living fuck out of my cock, like a fucking vacuum cleaner. I swear to god I almost fucking passed out from pleasure, it was INSANE. She keeps sucking me for like 3 minutes after I cum then I have to get her to stop, it feels TOO good and I’m going to die from pleasure.

Best bang ever. The weirdest thing is I very nearly didn’t even bother setting up the date with her, because i assumed she wouldn’t be DTF since she was weird about kissing me first time. Goes to show you should ALWAYS push things as far as you can – don’t disqualify a girl ever.

She’s also really intelligent (degree in mining engineering), REALLY happy-go-lucky (she smiles CONSTANTLY, non-stop) and has a very witty sense of humour. Cool chick, will DEFINITELY bang again fo’ sho’.

AND FUCK YEAH BOYS this means I’m up to 4 fuckbuddies on rotation. French chick who’s really into me is coming over 2 nights from now… FUCK I hope I bang her to complete my goal of 5 girls.


That moment where she was screaming, “GIVE IT TO ME” made me cum so fucking hard, and she gulped up all of it. It was like something out of a porn scene. Even many years later, it’s still etched into my brain as one of the most erotic moments of my entire life.

Chris” in the story above refers to Good Looking Loser – the site responsible for the majority of my lays. The “AA Program” refers to this approach anxiety program. If you’re struggling to talk to girls you don’t know, absolutely do that program.

I owe a great deal of my success to Good Looking Loser – and you’ll find a hell of a lot of my ideas are extensions of the foundation he built. I’ll always be grateful to him.

Let me know your ballsiest, best cold approach story – drop a comment below.

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