You guys are gonna absolutely LOVE this 2-part interview with a guy who’s been absolutely CRUSHING it lately, Ed.

When he first started seeing me, he was unhappy with his life, still a virgin at 31, with severe erectile dysfunction and a whole lot of hopelessness. Through sheer hard work and an unwillingness to quit, he’s turned his life around and transformed himself into an absolute badass.

How much of a badass, you say?

He’s gone from a 31yo virgin to a guy who’s had sex with 12 women as of writing.

He goes out and does photoshoots with models for his Tinder/Instagram.

He’s cut off all the unhelpful people who were holding him back, and build a support network/friendship group of like-minded legends.

He’s gone from “skinnyfat” to having a solid set of abs.

He’s become a bit of a celebrity in my coaching program for how far he’s come.

His erectile dysfunction is 10% of what it used to be, and he’s gaining confidence in the bedroom with every passing week.

Oh, and he’s only 5ft6, silencing all those stupid excuses people make like, “I’m short, it’s impossible to get laid.

In summary, Ed’s turned himself into an absolute legend and a man worthy of respect. Here’s the interviews we did, I think you guys will get a quick out of them:

Absolute legend.

I’m obviously SUPER proud of Ed for how far he’s come, and how much he’s worked his ass off since I met him. We’ve been through many highs and lows together, and the main reason he’s been successful is he just didn’t quit. I’ve said before, the secret to success is taking tiny little baby steps every single day, and repeating to yourself over and over: “I will NEVER. FUCKING. QUIT.”

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Now go out there and crush your goals.

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Yo, Andy here. I’m an Aussie guy who went from a depressed, suicidal loser to a guy who gets laid regularly, has 3somes & BDSM sex, crushes weights at the gym & loves his life. I killed my inner loser. It's my mission to get you to kill your inner loser too.