Can’t talk to girls? Find yourself pussying out every time you try to work up the courage, feeling like it’s absolutely impossible to overcome?

I used to be exactly the same way, pussying out on girls for years, hating myself for not being a man, until finally I decided to do something about it and actually conquer my approach anxiety.

A guy from our community – Manganiello – recently conquered his anxiety too. We had a chat about how beating his approach anxiety and being able to talk to women has changed his life.

Watch this if you’ve been desperate to talk to girls yourself, but are too nervous, or think “I don’t have enough free time to dedicate to beating my nervousness/anxiety”:

Seriously – if you’re unable to talk to girls right now, do the Approach Anxiety program. It’s 100% free, I did it myself (here’s a log I kept during the entire thing) – I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am without it.

You deserve to talk to women, you deserve to date them and have sex with them and build an awesome fucking life.

So stop making excuses. Go out there and do it.


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