I’m so damn excited to share this story with you – one of the guys in the community I’m most proud of.

I’m of course talking about PlaytimeIsOvera coaching client I worked with – a guy who’s absolutely gone from zero to hero in a single weekend.

You see, he’d NEVER talked to a single girl in his entire life, and was convinced it’d take him 5 to 9 months before he’d even be able to START talking to girls.

Of course, I knew that was absolute bullshit – I knew if he really wanted to, he could start hitting on girls RIGHT THIS SECOND.

So he flew over to my city for some coaching, we took a few Tinder pictures, and I got his mind right.

2 hours later, he hit on his first ever girl.

A few hours later, he’d hit on 7.

The next day, 20 girls.

A few days later, 27 girls.

Several phone numbers collected, a couple of dates, and now he’s a guy who talks to girls.

All because he decided not to accept his own bullshit limiting beliefs, and TAKE ACTION. It wasn’t easy for him – in fact, he was absolutely terrified. But he did it anyway, in-spite of all the fear.

He and I recorded a few of his approaches, as well as a few vlogs during the whole thing, where he goes through what he’s thinking, how he’s feeling, how scared he is, and how good it feels to push past those fears and come out the other side. He’s the definition of “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

Absolute legend – I couldn’t be more proud of him. I’m super excited to see where he goes in future.

I want you to hear things in his exact words, so here’s what he posted after doing his first 20 approaches:

20 Cold Approaches

This week I had coaching with Andy. We met in person over 2 days, about 10 – 12 hours in total. I was originally planning to just get some good Tinder photos, tell him about my plans and maybe get a pat on the back.

I thought that there was a slim chance that I do 1 approach. If the conditions where perfect, if I had psyched myself up enough, there was a 5% chance he could push me into doing 1.

I ended up doing 20 full approaches, “hey I thought you where cute, my name is … Can I get your number?”

Andy was very clever in his strategy to get me to approach. He made it seem that we where just going to take Tinder photos, that was anxiety inducing as it was in the middle of the city. He asked me to ask a girl for the time, not wanting to look like a wuss in front of Andy, I did. My heart was beating out of my chest for that first one but still managed it.

He got me to ask 2 more girls for the time which I did fairly easily as I have done up to day 6 of the AA program.

He then pointed to a cute Asian girl on her phone and said “go hit on her”.

About a million emotions rushed through my head. Pure panic “shit this is happening”, sorrow from already knowing I was going to pussy out the moment he said it, about 3 excuses simultaneously shot through my brain (she’s on her phone, too many people, the sun’s in my eye?) In about a millisecond I had recovered from the shock, thought about it, and admitted defeat, walked passed her.

He gave me a chance to reattempt it but there was a cop there and as I started looking at the girl, the cop was trying to see what I was so interested in, which freaked me out.

Up until this point the day had been going well, but I felt a heavy burden of failure on my shoulders. I had failed Andy, I had failed you guys, and most importantly I had failed myself.

I sat with that feeling of failure, a feeling I have felt many times in my 12 years of adulthood. A familiar feeling. You really are just a loser after all.. a failure I was sure to ponder on for months, or years to come.

Andy said “That’s okay, it took Radical 5 attempts, so if you can approach a girl before then, you’ll beat him”.

I don’t know why, but I instantly got as fucking pumped up as I have ever been. I spread my arms wide and thought “let’s fucking doing this”. In that moment I felt like could have killed a fucking gorilla, wrestled a rocket to the ground, I was going to do this no matter what.

Approach 1:

5 minutes passed until we found another girl. Andy said “she’s got the Biggest tits, you have to go talk to her”. She was walking away from us fast and we where in the most crowded part of the city. Fuck it! I was gonna do it!! I walked quickly up behind her, stopped her, and in the highest pitch voice ever managed to crack out a “hey I know this is random but I thought you where cute and wanted to say hi”. She seem bewildered and was still walking away from me, smiled, said she had a boyfriend. I said no worries and left.

After that, it was like a barrier had been broken. Shit, that wasn’t that hard??? The stress of anticipation of approaching was WAY harder than actually approaching.

Approach 2:

Girl walking to work. Stopped her with a shaky voice, talked really fast, apologised to her twice and said I was nervous. She gave me her insta, she was cute.

Approach 3:

Girl sitting in a bench, Andy thought it would be a good challenge. 19yo biracial girl. She said “you good dude?” When I sat next her. Very awkwardly blurted out some words. She said “you seem really nervous, you don’t do this often do you?”. Said she got me, she was super confident. Turns out she was a sex worker, and she gave me some tips about how to approach girls. Very nice girl, gave me her number.

Approach 4:

Can’t remember.

That was Day 1. Day 2 we thought it would be cool to try to record approaches so almost instantly we got into it. It was extra hard to do approaches because I had to stop a girl in a position that Andy could film, while holding my phone as a mic.

Approach 5:

nice blonde girl who had a bf (on video)

Approach 6:

worst reaction of the day, she looked at me weird and wouldn’t pull out her ear phones or stop, just gave me a disturbed look and kept walking. (On video)

After that I was getting nervous from standing in the same place doing approaches while trying to film it. We kept moving and decided not to film so I could do more approaches.

Approach 7:

very nice girl sitting in a bench. The conversation went really well. Turns out she was 17! I told her she looked older and left straight away.

Approach 8:

Asian girl walking in a mall. I stopped her and she seemed flattered. Chinese girl who didn’t speak much English, I asked her about her day and how long she’d been here. She called me cute at one stage. Got her number.

Approach 9:

Girl at uni sitting down. Had a good chat with her, sun was in her face. She seemed nice but did say she had a boyfriend.

Approach 10:

Girl reading a book, said she had a boyfriend. (On video).

Approach 11:

small asian girl waiting for a friend. Good convo, she had a boyfriend.

Approach 12 – 15:

Andy set a timer if 30 minutes to get to 15. This part was a bit of a blur and I don’t remember every approach. One of them was a red headed girl who turned out to be a lesbian. She seemed super aggro when I spoke to her, but when I told her she was cute she smiled and said “I’m gay but thank you”. One was a girl who gave me STRONG eye contact so I chased her for 40m. She stopped me and let me know she had a boyfriend. (Audio)

After that I thought I was done for the day, but Andy bad more in store.

Approach 16:

Girl sitting down, turned out to be a crackhead. Almost laughed calling her cute, felt bad, she said “na I redy get E man”

Approach 17:

Andy picked the bitchiest looking girl he could find. Leather jacket, lip filler, makeup to a T. Didn’t even look at me just said she had a boyfriend.

Approach 18:

Another scary looking girl in a jacket. Seemed offended I was talking to her. Told her she was cute, she at least smiled, said she had a boyfriend.

Approach 19:

Girl sitting and eating. Said she looked cute, she almost spat her food at and smiled and seemed flattered. We had a good chat, I picked her accent and asked where she was from, Brazil. Spoke for a bit and said I’m from Sydney, said she’ll be there in a couple weeks. Got her number, went well.

Approach 20:

Probably the 2nd worst approach, she wouldn’t really stop walking, she seemed like she wanted to gtfo so I didn’t ask for her number and said bye.


It felt like I achieved 9 months of work in 2 days. Having Andy as my wingman was invaluable. Every excuse I had he blasted out of the water. He had the perfect balance of just enough pressure, but not shutting me down. I learnt so much about AA that I didn’t know. Like how there are many types of AA. I found it straight forward to approach girls sitting or walking away from me, but hard for girls walking behind me, or girls who looked like they are too young.

I did wuss out about 7 times.

Hanging out with Andy was like listening to a 10 hour podcast just for me. I was curious if it would be worth the money (though I was always happy to pay) but it was ridiculous value for money. Many of the approaches where actually pretty fun as well, I was smiling a lot. Once the anxiety dissipated it became enjoyable.

If you’d like to be coached like PlayTimeIsOver was, check out my coaching packages and I’ll kick your ass into gear.

Now go out there and talk to some girls.


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