My girlfriend Imogen and I met another cutie for a 3some this week – the 5th girl we’ve met in 4 weeks. She was super petite, super sweet, lots of fun, and very very eager to please.

Some photos she sent us before we met up:

We met her through Imogen’s Tinder, like the last few girls we’ve met:

We met up at a bar, grabbed a couple drinks, then took her home. She was a hell of a lot of fun, but was super nervous – she’d only ever had sex twice, and was incredibly tight. Took a lot of lube, a lot of patience, and a hell of a lot of going slow, but eventually she opened up and that was when the real fun started.

We taught her a few different positions (she loved being on top the most – and we loved the view, she’s super petite and very tiny). She loved being blindfolded and handcuffed too, with Imogen whispering all sorts of dirty stuff into her ear while I went down on her cute, shaved little pussy.

She also very much got off on watching Imogen masturbate with the magic wand vibrator (this one) – she was watching wide-eyed as Imogen got closer and closer to the edge. She couldn’t take her eyes off her. I was fucking this girl (let’s call her Shortie) harder now, pounding away while we both watched Imogen getting herself off with the vibrator.

Eventually I pulled out and came all over Shortie’s face, and got her to make out with Imogen with my cum – super hot. Hot enough that a few minutes later I was ready to go again, and I fucked Shortie even harder this time, her moans only making Imogen moan even harder as she got swept up in her own orgasm, which was enough to send me over the edge too, filling Shortie up until the 3 of us collapsed in a heap, catching our breath.

Good times.

And the previous 4 3somes we’ve had:

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