My girlfriend Imogen and I met another cutie for a 3some this week – the 5th girl we’ve met in 4 weeks. She was super petite, super sweet, lots of fun, and very very eager to please.

We met her through Imogen’s Tinder, like the last few girls we’ve met:

My girlfriend Immy and I met a cutie for a 3some this week. She was super petite, super sweet, lots of fun, and very very eager to please.

Having wild passionate sex is the perfect release after a long day of work, and exactly what my girlfriend and I needed. We got dressed up, my girl Immy was in a tight dress that showed off her pale skin and perky tits. I wanted to fuck her on the spot but knew I needed to save it for later. I gave her a rough kiss, and felt up her dress. It elicited a moan from her which only made my frustrations worse. I guess that was my fault. I dragged myself and Immy out the front door before I really couldn’t help myself.

We met her at the nearby train station. Immy and I people watched until we saw the short and sweet blonde (let’s call her B) come up the stairs. She had a perfectly curvy body with a cute little waist shown off in a little red dress. As is the case with most girls, we was awfully shy and very giggly. We walked to the nearby bar, grabbed a couple drinks, then took her home. I had fun teasing B and making jokes while we got to know her. All the playful teasing was partly as a way to distract myself from the thoughts of all the horrible things I wanted to do to B’s cute little body once we got her home.

She was a hell of a lot of fun, but was super nervous – she’d only ever had sex twice. She opened up a little at the bar but you could tell she hadn’t relaxed fully. To save her the pain of prolonged nervousness, when Immy and I got B home, I walked both girls by the hand to the bedroom. I had B lie on the bed and Immy pounced on her, getting on top to kiss her. I felt myself get hard watching my girl seduce B. Immy kissed her passionately and slowly undressed her with a free hand.

There was a lot of teasing while the two girls playing and exploring one another’s bodies and I loved watching. B loved being blindfolded and handcuffed too, with Immy whispering all sorts of dirty stuff into her ear while I went down on her cute, shaved little pussy.

We were eventually all so worked up I needed to fuck B, I’d been craving it. Since she wasn’t super experienced, B was incredibly tight. It took a lot of lube, a lot of patience, and a hell of a lot of going slow. Both girls were lying side by side on the bed facing me as I slowly pushed deeper and deeper into B. I switched between kissing both girls and even though it was slow, B was moaning between kisses and Immy was enjoying the show. Eventually B opened up and that was when the real fun started.

We taught her a few different positions. She loved being on top the most – and we loved the view. her perky little tits bouncing as she rode me. I love seeing how turned on Immy gets watching me fuck another girl. She was kissing me while B was rising me, making it all the more intense. She egged me on whispering things like: “does her pussy feel good around your cock baby?”

B also got off on watching Immy masturbate with a vibrator (this one). She was watching wide-eyed as Imogen got closer and closer to the edge. She couldn’t take her eyes off her. I was fucking B harder now, pounding away while we both watched Imogen getting herself off with the vibrator.

Eventually I couldn’t take the intensity of the erotic scene I was a part of. I pulled out and came all over B’s face, and got her to make out with Immy. It was unbelievably hot watching them lick my cum off each others faces while they made out. Hot enough that a few minutes later I was ready to go again, and I fucked B even harder this time, her moans only making Imogen moan even harder as she got swept up in her own orgasm, which was enough to send me over the edge too, filling B up until the 3 of us collapsed in a heap, catching our breath.

Needless to say it was a hell of a lot of fun.

And the previous 4 3somes we’ve had:

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