Just start.

Article done. There’s nothing else I need to tell you. Literally just START – that’s how you start something. Go. Right now. START.

Oh ok, fine. “But if I could just start, then I would have already started, idiot!” The problem is you’re sitting around waiting for the perfect moment to start – you’re waiting til you have a little less stress in your life, or a little more free time, or waiting til you get back from a vacation you have coming up soon. You’re waiting until you have the right tools, or maybe you’re waiting until you have the right knowledge.

But what you’re really doing is procrastinating.

And I get it – starting a new project/a new mission is fucking terrifying. There’s so many thoughts of “what could go wrong” and “ways I may fuck this up” and “but what if someone tells me I’m doing a bad job and I feel embarrassed?” There’s self-doubt, there’s feeling like you don’t “deserve” success, or like you’re not the kind of person who could do this thing.

So you spend days, weeks, sometimes months “researching” – reading forums, articles, watching motivational YouTube videos, trying to prepare yourself to just start. But the only thing you’re not actually doing is starting.

So stop. Stop reading, stop researching, stop waiting, stop making excuses.

Just start. Now.

More research isn’t what’s needed; you’re only building up your nervousness, and showing yourself exactly how much you don’t know. Every new article you read opens up a new can of worms, a new niche bit of knowledge you have to do even more research into… you’re just wasting time.

You need to do 1 week of research at the absolute most, and then just start. Accept the fact you won’t know what you’re doing at the start, give yourself permission to suck, and just have a go anyway. If you embarrass yourself, who cares. If there’s something you don’t know, you can then do more research and learn more about it. You don’t need to start with a perfect plan; you’ll make one up as you go along, and adjust it along the way. This is the principle behind the goal-setting method that’s helped me the most:

So go. Right now. Go fucking start something.

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