As I went into detail here, the whole aim of your Tinder profile is to sell yourself. You’re trying to market yourself as a cool, masculine, sexy guy, and your pictures should reflect that. (If you’re not a cool, masculine, sexy guy, it’s not that big a deal – just come up with a range of photos which make it look like you are. And work on becoming a cool, masculine, sexy guy.)

Everything I write for this site assumes your goal is to get laid (rather than go on go-nowhere dates where you end up getting friendzoned after hanging out with the girl 5 times). If you’re looking for a girlfriend, that’s cool – but you still want to have sex with this girlfriend, right?

So your goal should always be to try and get laid, and worry about the dating/relationship side of things after you’ve had sex with the girl a couple of times.

Alright, glad we’re on the same page. There’s a tonne of different types of photos that’ll work well on your Tinder profile. But the key tenet for all of them needs to be: Does this photo make me look cool, masculine, sexy or interesting – or a combination of those things? If it doesn’t, don’t use it. I don’t care if it’s your favourite photo of all time; if it doesn’t help you move towards your goal of getting laid, it’s of no use to you on Tinder.

Yes, These Guys are Attractive as Hell.

Yes, these guys are ridiculously attractive – probably more attractive than you or I. That’s the point – I’m showing you peak examples of guys, so you:

a) Have something to strive for. Push yourself with your self-improvement (here’s my guide on improving your looks), become as good-looking as you possibly can. You don’t need to become a male-model like these guys; just aim for “above-average” and be the best you can be. Get to low bodyfat, add muscle, improve your style, wear a watch/ring/necklace/whatever else you like, and you’ll be 99% of the way there.

b) Can copy their style of photo. I’m not telling you you have to look like a male model like these guys (though that will help you immensely, and 99.9% of guys can make themselves ridiculously attractive if they’re willing to put in a few years of effort.) I’m telling you to shoot the same sort of photos they have – just copy their pose, use the same props they use, wear similar clothes to what they use, have your photo taken with a pro camera like they have (or hire a photographer), and edit it in Photoshop like they have.

If you want to see some examples of less-attractive photos, here’s the set of photos I was using back in 2018/2019, and was getting laid (scroll down to “And the Profile Before That”.) I’m clearly not even remotely a male model, but I put a lot of effort into taking the best photos I could. Aim for a similar level and then keep improving your photos over time.

So don’t stress if you aren’t anywhere near as good-looking as these guys. This guide is meant to motivate you, not make you compare yourself to others. Don’t be a cunt to yourself.

Copy These Photos Exactly

Don’t just use this article only for inspiration – you need to go out and actually emulate these photos.

Start by picking a photo you like best, and literally copy it as exactly as you possibly can. Do exactly what the guy in the photo does, dress as well as he dresses, do the same pose he does, make sure the lighting is the same as he does, apply the same filters as he does.

Street/Casual Shots

These are by far the easiest type of photos to do, so they’ll probably make up the majority of your Tinder photos. Just grab your DSLR camera, grab a mate, walk around looking for interesting places and shoot a bunch of photos of yourself in different poses. Try looking at the camera vs looking away, try smiling vs not smiling – just experiment and see what looks good. Some of them will turn out great; use those ones on Tinder. As I’ve mentioned before, the trick to taking great Tinder photos is just to take a tonne of photos, and slowly improve them each time you go out.

It’s also important to make sure your style/fashion is on point; don’t go out dressed like a slob. Make sure you’re wearing clothes that are in fashion and fit you well, with some accessories thrown in to finish off the outfit (earrings, necklace, watch, rings, etc). Hell, go all out and wear a suit if you have one (and you look good in it).


Sports and gym photos always look great – especially sports that are considered masculine, or ones that show off your physique (assuming you have a good physique, which you should.) Rockclimbing is a great one (if you’re not a rockclimber – just go take 1 class, get a mate to come along with you and take a bunch of photos of you. It’ll only take 2 hours out of your life, you’ll have a tonne of fun, meet cool people and end up with an awesome photo).

Action shots are great too – you making a pass in football, or about to make a slam dunk, or even lining up for a golf drive. You’re trying to market yourself as an interesting and cool guy, so take photos of you doing interesting and cool things.

If you’re a gym guy, take your DSLR camera to the gym and get a mate to take a photo of you working out (or ask someone else to snap a few photos of you). Make sure you take quality photos – don’t use your crappy smartphone.

Well, ok, you can use your smartphone – as long as you’re muscular and attractive enough and the photo looks good enough. Just don’t use your smartphone for all your Tinder pics. DSLR shots look a hell of a lot more professional with that beautiful blurry out-of-focus background effect, and it makes a huge difference in the number/quality of matches you get.

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Professions & Hobbies

If you’re passionate about something, show it off. It can be literally anything, even hobbies which are stereotyped as “boring”. Mad keen on chess? Take a quality DSLR photo of you poised over the chess board, deep in thought.

Maybe you’ve got a cool job, like a firefighter, cop, bartender, etc. Or an interesting or unique hobby like a photographer, poker player, gymnast, marathon runner, surfer, etc. Take photos showing off what you do.

You can also cheat and borrow props that make it look like you have cool hobbies. Borrow a friend’s guitar and snap a few shots. Borrow someone’s camera, put it around your neck and boom, you look like an amateur photographer.

Even something stereotypically “nerdy” such as mathematics or software programming can be sexy if you put some damn effort in. Edward Frenkel is a brilliant example – he’s a 50 year old mathematician & professor. With a bit of effort, he’s able to look this good in a photo:

Oooh professor, speak nerdy to me.

There’s no excuses. If a 50 year old mathematician can look that decent, you can turn literally any hobby or profession into a great Tinder photo.

Travel/Outdoors Photos

A tonne of guys have outdoors/travel shots in their Tinder profiles, and for good reason. Not only are they eye-catching, but they make you look like a cool, worldly, adventurous guy with an interesting life.

You don’t have to travel to take these sorts of shots though – find landmarks in your local area and take some photos there. Head to a beach, go hiking, go sit in a park and wait til sunset – there’s hundreds of places right on your doorstep where you can take great photos.


It never ceases to baffle me why girls are so obsessed with guys who have dogs in their Tinder pics. I mean hell, there’s Instagrams dedicated to this shit. Dogs are in. Use your dog, borrow a friend’s dog, steal your neighbours dog, go to the beach/park and ask politely if a stranger would mind you taking a photo with their dog. Just get a dog.

Physique/Body Shots

If you’ve got a great physique (and you should, if you really want to get laid), show it off. Same goes for if you’ve got a few tattoos – girls love them, so show ’em off.

The good thing about having a good body is you’ll pretty much look good anywhere. Take a shot at the beach, or at the pool, or even just a shirtless shot on the street.

Silly/Gimmick Photos

Ahh, the silly shot; my forte. Silly shots provide a nice counterbalance from more masculine/sexy shots, so feel free to throw one in if you have it. Just keep it to one though – don’t make your entire Tinder profile silly. You’re trying to go on dates and get laid, not be a dancing monkey for girls to laugh at.

Just make sure you still look good in your silly photos. Remember, the main goal is to look cool and attractive in every picture.

Other Types of Photos

There’s a tonne of other photos you can come up with. Group photos of you with friends. Shots of you with girls (caveat: make sure they’re attractive girls, and make sure they’re not “couples” photos (photos of you embracing each other like a boyfriend/girlfriend, etc)). “Voyeur” shots of you somebody took when you weren’t looking (sometimes those shots turn out brilliantly because we’re relaxed and not “stiff” and “posed”).

Everything in this article is meant as inspiration, rather than a definitive list. Go out there and experiment, see which pictures work, and be constantly trying to improve & upgrade them.

Also note: There’s one trend you’ll notice across all these photos. They’re all taken with a DSLR camera, to give that nice blurry, out-of-focus background. You can’t take high-quality tinder photos without one, so borrow a mate’s DSLR camera or buy the second-hand cheap one I recommend here.

More Inspiration

After more inspiration? Follow someone like Magic Fox on Instagram. He’s a brilliant example of someone with a wide variety of interesting photos – all high quality taken with a DSLR camera. He looks like he leads an incredibly interesting life, he’s masculine, attractive and dresses very well. Get yourself to his level and you’ll be drowning in girls.

I’ve set up a Tinder profile using his pics, and it would blow your mind how many matches his pics got. I’m talking hundreds of matches within the first hour (until the account was reported & banned for being obviously fake). We should all be aiming to hit his level of attractiveness + high quality photos.

That’s just a small list; there’s plenty more dudes on Instagram with great pics, so go hunting for your own inspiration.

You can also see my current Tinder profile for a variety of different examples of pictures I’m using at the moment. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but I’m a good example of someone working towards having pics like the examples above.

Most importantly, check out my in-depth Tinder guide – it covers absolutely everything from improving your looks, taking good photos, getting matches, what to message to girls, going on dates, how to make a move, how to have amazing foreplay and mind-blowing sex, and how to retain girls afterwards so they’ll want to keep seeing you.

And yes, it’s free.

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