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So you’re really busy with work / life but want to keep meeting new girls and struggle to balance it all?

Here’s 9 ways to make your sex life more EFFICIENT:

1. Keep dates super short (30-60 mins for first dates).
You can text women before you meet and tell them you’ll just be having a short first date. If you both hit it off, you can invite her back to yours after 30-60 mins. If she says no – for the 2nd date, just invite her straight over to your place to save time.

2. Schedule multiple dates with different women on the same day (back-to-back).
If you’re going on multiple first dates (with multiple different women), you can schedule all your dates for the same day to save yourself some time. Just have 60 min dates, and leave a 1hr gap (or longer) between them. This way you’re only taking one day out of your busy week for dating, rather than multiple dates across multiple days.

3. Have 3somes.
I got to a stage in my life where I was much busier and had less time for seeing girls – 3somes and 4somes made things so much more efficient for me. Having 3somes meant I could see multiple girls on the same day at the same time, only requiring one slot in my calendar instead of 2. If this is something you’d like to get into yourself, grab my epic How to Have 3somes guide.

4. Get women you’re seeing to bring you more girls.
They can set up their Tinder/Hinge to bring in more girls for you to sleep with together. Now you don’t even have to put in any work and you’ll just get sex, essentially for free, since your girl is doing all the work. It’s essentially like passive income, but passive pussy. This is exactly what my girlfriend Immy does for us. I have a guide on this as part of my How to Have 3somes guide – Immy wrote a massive guide for women as part of that guide, so you can literally just hand the guide to your woman and the guide will teach her everything she needs to know. Handy.

5. Throw money at the problem.
Seriously – if you have money, throw as much money at the problem as you can to save yourself time. Buy better outfits & accessories to up your style, and in turn up your results. Pay for a professional photographer to improve your Tinder pics. Hit me up for coaching to speed-run your success. Pay to whiten your teeth. Pay for a better haircut. Pay for a personal trainer to push you to lose fat/gain muscle. Speed things up 10x by using your money to leverage your time.

6. Be WAY more upfront (honest).
This is exactly what I started doing about 6 years ago – I started being being WAY more direct on Tinder/in person. I put BDSM photos in my Tinder profile, and mentioned it in my bio. My first message to women was “Hey, you’re sexy. I’m Andy. Have experience with BDSM/being submissive, or is it something you’d like to explore?” I’d keep messages super short (no more than 3 messages) before asking for their number, I’d get them out on a date ASAP, and I’d invite them back to my apartment ASAP (usually within 60 mins of meeting).

Being upfront and HONEST about what you want – what your intentions are – speeds things up for you, and for her.

7. Hit on women as you go about your day.
Rather than going out to “do sets”, which obviously takes time, if you’re super busy just talk to women as you go about your day. Going to the shops to buy milk? Give yourself permission to talk to women while you’re there. Walking to work in the morning? Give yourself permission to talk to some women on your walk. And the “permission” part is key; the trick here is just giving yourself PERMISSION to do it when you’re out. Literally tell yourself before you go out, “Ok, I may be going to the shops, but while I’m there I’m allowed to talk to women too.”

Give yourself this permission every time you leave the house, every time you’re walking somewhere, every time you’re doing something – and you’ll make talking to women something you just do, as you go about your life.

8. Use Tinder/Hinge/other dating apps to make things hyper-efficient.
Tinder/dating apps are obviously insanely efficient, once you set yourself up with some good pics and a good profile. Use my Tinder Guide to make it more efficient (the quick and easy version is: Improve yourself, improve your pics, use a ton of boosts and talk to a ton of women. Play the numbers game.)

9. Use boosts (9pm or later on a Fri/Sat night, anytime during the day on Sat/Sunday).
Boosts on Tinder/Hinge/etc are a cheat code to bringing in more matches, far more efficiently.

But the real way to make your sex life more efficient is to get out there and talk to more women. The more you do it, the more experienced (and confident) you’ll become – meaning less time wasted, more efficiency, and a better work/life/sex balance.

Go have fun.

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