NSFW: This article contains nude pics.
Disclaimer: Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload every nude photo. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

For the full version of the guide, start here.

The original guide is over 130,000 words long; the length of 2 average-length novels. This is a condensed or abridged version that’s much more easily-digestable; use it as a handy reference guide.

I’ve made it so you can still follow this shortened version of the guide and get laid; all the main steps you need to follow are listed here. However, you should absolutely go read the full guide; it explains the how and why of everything I’m writing here. It also focuses a lot more on mindset.

This short condensed version is here when you need to remind yourself of the fundamentals.

Part 1 – Setting up Your Photos

Here’s the link to the full Part 1:

It covers every step in far more detail than this condensed version.

Before you continue any further – make a commitment to take yourself seriously. Make an account on my forums here – introduce yourself, tell us what your goals are and what you want to achieve, and make a promise to yourself that you’re going to actually take action and improve.

Whether you want to get laid a tonne, find an awesome girlfriend, or become more sexually-experienced, it’s all completely possible – no matter where you’re starting. I started out fat, depressed & lonely with horrible fashion sense and no idea what the hell I was doing. These days I’ve gotten laid 140+ times (as of April 2020) – proof here including pics, videos and stories. I’m not anything special. Bottom line: If I can do it, you sure as hell can too.

Start out by writing down your goals – do you want a lot of lays? To find an awesome girlfriend? To meet some cool girls and get to know them? To lose your virginity? Whatever it is, write it down so you’re accountable. Getting laid/finding a girlfriend requires you to go all-in; you won’t be able to do that if you don’t even have a tangible goal.

On that note, going all-in is the key to getting laid. You have to take this shit seriously and do whatever it takes to reach your goals. Go all-in on your self-improvement. Go all-in and message hundreds/thousands of girls. Go all-in and do everything you can to have sex with each girl you take out on a date. Don’t half-ass this shit, or you won’t get results. I’m not going to have any sympathy for you if you tell me you’re not getting laid, whilst simultaneously not following every single step in the full guide.

Of particular importance is improving your appearance – it’ll have the most impact on your dating/getting laid results. You cannot get laid a lot while looking like complete shit. You don’t need to look like a god (though it’s worth making that your ultimate goal); you just need to look above average, as a bare minimum.

Get honest feedback on your current appearance (sign up at our forums, or hit me up for a paid appraisal), and then start working on improving those things, one-by-one. You don’t have to be perfect, and if you’ve never taken your looks all that seriously, it’ll take you a while before you start seeing results. Just aim to be a little better each day, and you’ll eventually get there.

Here’s the quick reference guide from the full article:

Go through absolutely everything on that checklist and improve as much as you can – then improve some more. Self-improvement is a life-long endeavour; you’ll always be a work in progress. Even with all my lays, I still have a lot of room for improvement; particularly with my appearance/body.

You can also find inspiration from attractive guys on Instagram – start with my massive article:
Tinder Photos & Inspiration

You ultimately want to look like a guy who gets laid (even if you’re not currently getting laid) – and the photos you use on dating apps should display that vibe. Your first photo in particular matters more than any other. For reference, here’s the one I’m using:

You don’t need to be that bold/kinky (though, it will help you get laid). Here’s the photo I used to use:

Much more tame, but definitely looks like a guy who gets laid/could easily find a girlfriend.

Your first step is to go through your phone and your computer, and see if you have any decent photos you can use. 9 times out of 10, guys have a couple of pretty decent photos just sitting on a hard drive, so go through everything.

You’ll likely still need to take some new, even better photos, so go read these guides I’ve written:

Use a proper DSLR camera – you can grab a cheap second-hand one like this one. Or, use a current-gen smartphone; most of them take pretty decent photos (it won’t look as good as a DSLR though).

Make sure you have some variety in your photos – some of you looking attractive, some of you with friends, some of you doing hobbies, etc. Don’t take 5 photos of you standing in your bedroom/bathroom – selfies are generally a no-no.

  • If you want to take your own photosstart here.
  • If you’re going to get a friend/someone else to take your photos – start here.
  • If you’re going to pay a photographerstart here. In particular, make sure you go through the entire checklist I’ve included in that link, so you’re getting the most out of the money you’re spending on a photographer.

If you struggle with posing, don’t stress – we all do at the start. Start here. Your goal is to just practice and take hundreds of photos each time you go out; if you take 100+ photos, some of them will “accidentally” look good. Keep taking hundreds of photos every time you go out, and over time you’ll figure out how to pose, how to look natural in a shot, which lighting conditions don’t work, etc.

Here’s a nice checklist for you when taking photos:

Once you’ve taken your photos, edit them a bit in Photoshop and add filters (hit me up if you need me to do it for you).

Get feedback on your photos – from forums, from me, and most importantly of all, from using them on the dating apps and seeing if you get more matches than your previous photos.

Here’s the photos I’m using at the moment:

Your photos should be something you constantly upgrade them over time. Even when you start having results, always go out and shoot at least 1 new photo every couple of weeks at least.

If you’re not getting many (or any) matches, go through absolutely everything I’ve listed here and keep working on yourself. When I first tried Tinder, I got literally zero matches. It took me a couple of months of improving before I started getting matches – then years before I got to a point where I can get laid as often as I want. Measure your progress in weeks and months; Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Part 2 – Setting Up Your Profile & Getting Matches

Here’s the link to the full Part 2:

It covers every step in far more detail than this condensed version.

Once you’ve got some decent photos, let’s install the dating apps. We’ll be using as many dating apps as possible, so install all of these (plus any others that are popular in your country – eg Skout, Happn, etc):

  • Hinge (top priority)
  • Tinder (top priority)
  • TanTan (especially in Asia)
  • Badoo (especially in Asia & Europe)
  • Bumble
  • CoffeeMeetsBagel
  • Feeld (for kinks/BDSM/3somes/etc)
  • Taimi (Especially if you’re looking for bisexual girls for 3somes)
  • Happn
  • Hily
  • SeekingArrangements (only if you have money & are happy to buy girls a drink – you don’t have to pay for anything more than 1 drink)
  • Skout
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish/POF
  • Paktor (in Asia)
  • (Any others that are popular in your country)

Hinge and Tinder are the most popular in most countries, with Bumble coming a close third. But guys from Europe have told me Happn & Skout are popular there – so try all the apps and see which ones give you the most matches.

On Tinder try both the app and the web version (tinder.com). You’ll find Tinder/Gold and Boosts are cheaper on one platform, depending on which country you’re in.

Set up your profile – choose Bisexual, even if you’re straight. We’ll later tick the option for “Show me girls of the same orientation first” – so you’ll be shown bisexual girls first. These girls tend to be the most openminded and sexually-open girls.

If you’re over 30 but want younger girls (18-25), when you’re signing up set your age as 24. If you set your age to 30+, you won’t be shown to as many girls in this age bracket.

Upload all your photos and play around with the order. I’ve also just used Smart Photos – that’s given me great results.

Bio – don’t spend ages crafting a “perfect bio”. Just steal one of the ones I’ve written for you:

  1. Looking for a cool girl to chill with.
  2. When I was little, girls hated when I pulled their hair. Funny how some things change.
  3. Girls with Daddy issues can skip ahead to the front of the line.
  4. Send me a message and say hey. I’ll take care of the rest.
  5. A firm hand a day keeps the brattiness away.
  6. My mum made me sign up for this.
  7. I’m cute, you’re cute, let’s grab a drink.
  8. Only nerds read the Tinder bios.
  9. Come with me, I’ll ruin your life, it’ll be fun [[Andy’s note: taken from Dan Bilzerian]]
  10. Hey. You. Yeah, you. You’re hot.
  11. I can keep a secret 😉
  12. Not looking for anything super-serious.
  13. Firm, but fair.
  14. Do you trust me?
  15. Elon Musk is my spirit animal.
  16. Voted Most Eligible Bachelor in Grade 3.
  17. Insert witty bio here.
  18. I get a kick out of dopamine.
  19. King of whispering sweet nothings. [[Andy’s note: this one is inspired by Red Pill Dad]].

If you’re 6ft or taller, add your height in to your bio too.

Add in a cool hobby or interesting tidbit about yourself too – eg “Avid cook” or “Travlling Frenchman” or “Big geocaching fan”, etc.

Connect your Instagram and Spotify too if you like. It’s not mandatory.

Pay for Tinder Gold – no arguments. Read this for why I tell you you have to spend money on Tinder if you want to get laid a lot. If you’re against spending money on Tinder, then you’re against getting laid on Tinder.

If you previously set your age to 24 (and you’re actually over 24), click Don’t show my age. If any girls ask for your age, tell them your true age obviously.

Click “Show me people of the same orientation first”, as previously discussed.

Notifications – I like to turn them all off, so I don’t get constantly distracted throughout the day. I have a set time I check all my dating apps each night – I go through and do some swiping, reply to girls, set up dates. I do this so I’m not wasting time during my workday mindlessly swiping/texting.

Once you’ve finished signing up for Tinder, sign up for all the other apps too. Hinge has worked out the second-best for me (Tinder being the best).

Matches – do a bit of swiping on each app every day. On Tinder, use the Girls who’ve already liked you section (pay for Tinder Gold first, or this won’t show up).

Boosts (on Tinder) – boost at least once or twice a week. Best times I’ve found:

  1. Saturday night anywhere between 10pm-1am. (Around midnight has always worked great for me).
  2. After you use your first Boost on a Saturday night, you can use a second one Sunday any time from (roughly) 8am to 3pm.
  3. Friday night 10pm-1am.
  4. Any weekdays from about 5pm to 8pm (aim to invite them out for a drink that same night).

If you want more matches, buy more Boosts. The times I’ve gotten laid the most (eg 3 girls in 24 hours), I used about 10 boosts to get those 3 lays. I also got laid 4 times in 3 days – again, using about 10 boosts to get those 4 girls.

Super Likes – use the 5 free ones you get each day. They’ll get you a couple extra matches, but they’re not quite worth paying for extra ones.

On Hinge – message girls every day with the copy-paste template I’ll give you below. (Don’t just click “Like” – actually send a message). You can also pay for membership, which lets you message unlimited girls. I’ve done this a few times; I’ll pay for it, spam 300 girls in a day and get laid a couple times.

If you don’t get many matches, go through this checklist. Then keep improving your body, improving your pics, and just keep pushing yourself. Online dating can be a bit rough at first, but after you get above a certain threshold, girls will start loving you – and it becomes incredibly easy to get laid. You just have to keep pushing until you reach that threshold.

I started out with zero matches and now I get laid with basically no effort, so if I can do it, you sure as hell can too.

Part 3 – Messaging Girls

Here’s the link to the full Part 3:

It covers every step in far more detail than this condensed version.

Template to use on Hinge/Tinder/Bumble etc:

Hey, you’re sexy. I’m [your name]. Watcha up to?

[Respond to whatever she says]. What do you like to do for fun?

[Respond to whatever she says]. I’m into [hobbies you’re into]. What part of [your town] are you from? I’m in [area you’re in].

[Respond to whatever she says]. You seem cool, we should grab a drink and see if we click. I’m not looking for anything super serious, but if you’re up for a drink, a flirt & to see what happens, drop me your number & I’ll send you a text.


Remember to add in 1 or 2 extra sentences at the start of each line.

I like to go through and message girls on apps at night, or on the weekends. I avoid daytimes during the week (but daytime on the weekend is fine). I just get more replies this way..

Stick to the template and push for a number ASAP; don’t waste time with long conversations.

Once you get her number, text this:

Hey sexy, it’s [your name]. Sup

[Respond to whatever she says]. Let’s grab that drink. Free [day] at [time]?

[If she says she’s free]: Meet me at [time] at [location].

[If she says she’s not free]: Ok, how about [new time] at [location]?

[If she’s still not free then either]: Ok. When are you free?

[If she says something vague/non-committal like “I’m not sure” or “I’ll let you know”]: That’s cool. Well, I’m not going to chase you, so hit me up when you’re free and we’ll grab a drink.


Make sure you:

  • Meet her close to somewhere you can take her to fuck her.
  • Meet her ASAP – ideally within 1-2 days of getting her number.

These templates rely on you “playing the numbers game” – talking to as many girls as possible. Whether you want to get laid a tonne, or find an awesome girlfriend, you should be talking to as many girls as you can.

You also need to stick to the gameplan with each girl; just use the same copy-paste message (adding in 1 or 2 extra sentences with each line – see the screenshot examples I posted up above). Keep conversations short and focus on getting her out on a date ASAP.

Avoid talking dirty/sexting – it’s fun, but generally counter-intuitive to getting laid.

Don’t stress about “rejections” – the girl isn’t necessarily rejecting you, in a lot of cases she just doesn’t want what you want. Everyone gets rejected (I’ve been rejected 10,000+ times). The vast majority of girls you message on Tinder will not meet you. Doesn’t matter – you’re only looking for the girls who’ll meet you. The rest don’t matter.

We’re not trying to turn every girl into a “yes” – we’re just trying to find the next girl who already wants to go on a date with us & play with our meat-stick.

Don’t try to “make her like you” or “build rapport” or any of that stuff – it’s often just a big waste of your time. Not to mention you’ll only set yourself up for disappointment if you talk to every girl for weeks, only to have most of them not end up meeting you.

Remember, your only mission with messaging girls is to get them out on a date. Nothing else matters.

Part 4 – Going on Dates & Having Sex

Here’s the link to the full Part 4:

It covers every step in far more detail than this condensed version.

Your mission on dates is to have sex as early as possible; ideally on the first date.
Any girls you don’t sleep with on the 1st date, try to have sex with them on the 2nd date.
Any girls you don’t have sex with on the 2nd date, try to have sex wiht them on the 3rd date.

Yes, this even applies if you’re looking for a girlfriend. Don’t wait before trying to have sex – you’re only shooting yourself in the foot.

The basic date gameplan is:

1. Meet her somewhere close to your place. Have a drink/coffee/water, talk for 1hr (2hrs is fine if you’re super nervous), then invite her back to your apartment.

2. If you don’t end up having sex on the 1st date, try to have sex on the 2nd date.

3. If you don’t end up having sex on the 2nd date, try to have sex on the 3rd date.

Make sure you look your best before you head out, then stick to the gameplan and be honest about your intentions. She already knows you want to have sex with her (the Tinder messaging template above makes it clear to her what you’re looking for).

Having your own apartment (or sharing with a roommate) is key; it’s damn hard to get laid when you live with your parents. If you’re still living at home, change that ASAP.

Don’t stress if you’re nervous – give yourself permission to be bad at dating, especially if you’re new. You’ll naturally improve the more you practice. I totally sucked at the start; so do most of my clients.

Keep dates short – aim to invite her back to your apartment after 1 hour (2 hours if you’re really really nervous).

Talk about whatever you want to talk about – the goal on each date is for you to have fun. If you’re bad at conversation, here’s some conversation starters you can use.

Use my cheat during dates – the whole time on the date as you look at her, repeat to yourself in your head, “I want you, I want you, I want you.” Let yourself fantasise about her, build up your desire for her – she’ll be able to sense it. More importantly, because you’ll be making yourself so horny, it’ll help push you to invite her back to your place and bang her.

Touch her in public if you want to – but you can easily get laid if you don’t touch her at all in public and just wait til you’re back at your apartment.

Inviting her back is simple:

“We should get out of here. Let’s go to my place and we’ll hangout some more.”

If she says no, no stress – you can just try again on the next date. Tell her you’ve got stuff to do anyway so you may as well “call it a night” and end the date – walk her back to the train station/her car. Make it really clear you want to see her again, and that you’re not bothered by her saying no to your apartment. Repeat the same steps on the 2nd date, but invite her back even earlier – eg after 30min.

When you’re back at your apartment, kiss her as soon as you possibly can (if you’re nervous, you may have to really force yourself to do it). It doesn’t have to be smooth, it’s ok if it’s awkward as hell – just lean over and kiss her, then take her into the bedroom.

Good sex is 99% foreplay. And good foreplay is really just trying a bunch of different things. Here’s a bunch of random things you can try:

  • Neck:
    • Gently lick her neck from the very bottom all the way up to her chin, going as slow as you can.
    • Bite her neck; softly at first, then more firmly.
    • Suck on her neck until she gasps in pleasure.
    • Use your hands to grip her neck; gently at first, then try lightly choking her. If she’s into that, squeeze harder. (Squeeze the sides of her neck, not the front – the front chokes her & feels bad. The sides of her neck feel pleasurable.)
    • Use your fingertips to gently tease her, running them softly up and down her neck, giving her goosebumps.
  • Nipples:
    • Suck on them very gently, very softly.
    • Bite them (gently).
    • Kiss them, letting your lips linger on them, watching how she responds.
    • Get some ice cubes from the freezer, and gently press them against her nipples, moving them around in circles.
    • Tell her how sexy her nipples loo, how much you love her tits (girls love compliments, especially during sex – it makes them feel sexy).
    • Flick her nipples with your fingers.
    • Run your fingers around them in circles, nice and slow.
    • Lick/suck them so they’re wet, then gently blow on them (girls go crazy over this).
    • Slide a finger inside her pussy so it’s wet with her pussy juice, then rub those juices all over her nipple. Look her in the eyes as you lean down and suck her nipple clean (most girls go wild for this).
    • Pinch her nipples.
    • Twist her nipples.
    • Spend ages playing with her tits, but don’t touch her nipples at all – get really close to them but never touch them. Tell her, “You want me to touch your nipples so badly, don’t you. Beg me.”
  • Butt:
    • Gently caress her ass, softly and lovingly.
    • Tell her she has a fucking sexy ass.
    • Then spank it hard, unexpectedly. Then go back to caressing it gently. Do that for another 15 seconds then slap it again. Keep alternating.
    • Squeeze it hard (butts can take a fair bit of punishment).
    • Kiss and bite her ass.
    • Spread her ass cheeks apart, exposing her wet pussy. Tell her what a dirty girl she is for being so horny already.
    • Give her a butt massage.
    • Get a belt out of your wardrobe and whip her butt with it – gently at first, then getting progressively harder and rougher. (Stop if she says stop – most girls love it really hard though).
  • Ears:
    • Gently massage her ears with your fingertips.
    • Suck and bite her earlobe gently, making her moan.
    • Whisper dirty things in her ear:
    • “I’m going to spend hours teasing you, and maybe I won’t ever let you have my cock…”
    • “You want me to fuck you right now, don’t you. You’ll have to wait, little girl.”
    • “You look so, so sexy right now.”
    • “I want you.”
    • “Tell me how badly you need to be fucked.”
    • “You’d give anything to be my little whore, wouldn’t you. Ask nicely.”
    • “Are you going to be good for me and do everything you’re told?”
    • While rubbing her pussy, whisper in her ear: “Tell me what you want, what you need.”
  • Clit:
    • Gently rub her clit with one finger, teasing her, rubbing in circles. Go very very slowly.
    • Tell her how sexy her clit looks (girls crave compliments, remember).
    • Rub up and down.
    • Rub side to side.
    • Smack/spank her clit (do it gently – it’ll be very sensitive and feel very good). As you do it, whisper in her ear, “This pussy belongs to me.”
    • If you own a vibrator (this one is my favourite), hold it on her clit until she’s just about to orgasm, then pull it away at the last second. Whisper in her ear, “Oh, I’m sorry, did you want more?” Keep bringing her to the edge of orgasm and stopping right at the last second. Don’t let her cum.
    • Lick her clit.
    • Suck her clit.
    • Bite her clit (gently).
    • Rub her clit as fast as you can for 10 seconds, then go as slow as you can for 10 seconds, then fast again for another 10 seconds. Keep repeating this (she’ll go fucking batshit, she’ll love it). While you’re doing it, tell her, “I might just keep teasing you like this for hours… Do you think you could handle that, or would you lose your mind?”
    • Rub her until she says she’s about to orgasm, then STOP – don’t let her cum (this is known as “edging”). Repeat a few more times. Whisper in your ear, “You need to cum so fucking badly, don’t you. Fucking beg me for it. Tell me how badly you need this. I want to hear you scream.” It’s up to you whether you eventually let her cum or not (sometimes I send them home all horny and desperate – they’ll likely send you some very dirty texts as soon as they get home.
  • Pussy:
    • Slide a finger inside her pussy but only a little (about 1inch deep). Hold it there. Ask her if she wants more… when she says yes, tell her she needs to earn it.
    • Tell her how much you love her pussy; tell her how good it looks.
    • Lick her pussy, teasing around the entrance to her hole, making her moan.
    • Slide two fingers deep into her pussy, with your palm facing upwards. Feel around for a spot that feels a bit spongey/bumpy – that’s her g-spot. Rub it and see how she responds (some girls can orgasm from this, others can squirt if you rub this spot vigorously enough.) Make sure you’ve trimmed your fingernails first, so you don’t scratch her.
    • Finger her pussy hard, while you reach up with your other hand and wrap it around her neck, gently squeezing.
    • Slide a finger all the way inside her, so it’s completely coated in her pussy juice. Then rub that pussy juice on her nipple, then lick it off. She’ll go crazy watching you do this. Get some more pussy juice, then this time rub it on her neck and lick it off – this will make her even hornier. Slide your finger inside her again, and this time rub the pussy juice all over her lips, then kiss her with it. Slide a finger inside one last time, and this time bring it to her lips, telling her to suck it clean. Most girls will look straight at you, a look of complete lust in their eyes as they greedily suck your finger clean, desperate to please you.

You absolutely do not need to do all of that – just pick a couple of things to try, and see if she likes it. Your goal with foreplay is to delay sex for as long as possible – the longer you can build up the anticipation for her, the better the sex will be for both of you. You’ll both be so damn horny you’ll have no choice but to fuck each other’s brains out.

Then, just put on a condom and fuck her as hard as you like. Talk dirty a bit if you like (here’s some suggestions), but if you teased her enough, the sex will be good no matter what you do.

Yep, the sex really is only 5% of the whole experience – foreplay will always be by far the most important past. Delay the sex for as long as possible with tonnes of foreplay, and then when neither of you can take it any more, fuck like animals.

If you want to take some nude pics with her, read my guide.

After sex, bask in the afterglow. Have a cuddle for a bit and talk for 10-15 minutes minimum. If you want her to stay over, go for it. If you’d rather she not (I don’t let girls sleep over), walk her to the train station/her car.

Afterwards, text her to tell her you had fun. This goes a long way to keeping girls around.

If you’re a more advanced guy, feel free to copy what I do and be a lot more sexual. Here’s the messages I send. I usually meet them in public somewhere to make sure they’re not a catfish, then take them by the hand and walk them back to my place. I always have kinky BDSM sex & 3somes – here’s what that looks like.

Part 5 – Retention; Seeing Girls Again

Here’s the link to the full Part 5:

It covers every step in far more detail than this condensed version.

If you’re struggling to retain girls, don’t stress – retention is something you can improve. My retention wasn’t amazing at first; it improved as I started getting my life in order, getting better at sex & being more honest and open. Retention improves with experience.

The most important part is building something together with the girls you sleep with. That can be:

  • Building sexual experiences together (sexual bucketlists).
  • Building a friendship (hanging out for even just 20 minutes after sex each time).
  • Building open, non-judgemental communication (sharing stuff with each other after sex).
  • Building affection/intimacy (cuddling/hanging out after sex).
  • Building a mentorship dynamic (if you enjoy giving advice, after you have sex ask her how her life is going, give her a bit of advice. You don’t have to do this – only if you enjoy mentoring people.)
  • Build a relationship (only if you actually want a relationship).

The point is if you want to keep girls around, things can’t be stagnating. As long as things between you are progressing even just a tiny bit (even if that’s only “We’re both getting better at having really good sex with each other”), then she’ll be more likely to stick around.

Having your shit together is hugely important in retention. Having a job, not living at home, etc.

You need to make yourself as attractive as you can (start here) as the first step. Being strong and masculine helps with retention; physically strong, and mentally strong.

You should also always be taking the lead with girls. If you don’t know what that looks like, read this. In the same vein, confidence is sexy and definitely helps with retention. Confidence doesn’t mean being fearless – it actually means admitting when you’re nervous/scared, and facing up to it.

Have your own life going on – hobbies, friends, learning new things, trying fun activities you’ve never done before, etc. Some suggestions here.

Being a good person (not being a complete asshole) helps retain girls for the longterm. It’s easy to keep girls for a month or two while being a dickhead, but if you want them to stick around for many months or years, being honest and giving a shit about them goes a long way.

Having your own apartment helps massively with retention. Living on your own is best, but having roommates isn’t bad either. Living with your parents hinders your retention (and your sex life in general). Make sure you keep your apartment clean and relatively neat.

Having a sense of humour and not taking yourself too seriously boosts your retention. So does being a positive person. If you find yourself being too negative all the time, start here.

Don’t be needy (don’t text her 100 times a day). Don’t be controlling (don’t tell her who she can/cannot spend her time with). Don’t be jealous (read this if you struggle with jealousy). Avoid drama (don’t get into big fights or stupid arguments over silly shit).

If you’re young, remind yourself that retention gets easier the older you get. You’ll be wiser, you’ll have had more time to get your shit together, you’ll have a better apartment, you’ll be better at sex – and girls will naturally start sticking around more.

Although it’s hard, do your best to convince yourself that you “deserve” to have girls stick around – even if you have to brainwash yourself at first. The more you believe this, the harder you ‘ll try to keep them around – and the more they’ll actually stick around.

Sex is also a very important part of retention. You do not have to be a sex god – just be willing to experiment, try new things, learn, practice and improve over time. Nobody’s good at sex at the start; practice makes perfect.

Give girls a tonne of compliments, especially during sex. “I love your tits.” “Your pussy is fucking amazing”. Etc. You want them to feel really good about seeing you, so they’ll want to keep seeing you. People like spending time with people who make them feel good.

Having a tonne of foreplay helps too – go through the checklist I wrote above and just try a bunch of different things. Focus on delayed gratifications – make her wait for sex, make her beg for it, then when neither of you can take it any longer, fuck her as passionately as you can.

If you want to throw in a bit of BDSM / Dominance too, that’ll help with retention immensely. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before – just try some of the things I list here. Giving girls experiences they’ve never had before also helps – ask her what her biggest fantasies are and have fun trying them together. Do some fun nude photos together if you like.

Spend time after sex cuddling, asking questions about her, telling her about yourself, empathising with her, and just generally basking in the afterglow. Do your best to be openminded and non-judgemental about sex. If you struggle, read all this.

After every time you bang a girl, always walk her back to her car/train station – it goes a long way to improving retention. After the first time you have sex, make it clear you want to see her again – literally text her this. A lot of guys suck at retention because they’re not even making it clear to girls they want to retain them.

Be on the same team with girls (“you and me”) – you’re not trying to “conquer” her, you’re having sex “with” her. On that note, be honest about everything – as honest as you possibly can be. Be upfront about seeing other girls if you’re not monogamous.

Search for girls who want the same thing you want – a lot of guys who struggle with retention keep choosing girls who really aren’t compatible with them.

Go through this checklist and ask yourself: “If I was a girl, would I see me again?” If the honest answer is, “No, I’m not worthy of having girls stick around just yet” just keep working on yourself. It’s ok to be a work in progress – we all are.

And if a girl doesn’t want to keep seeing you, I hope this cheers you up:

Again, I’ll make it clear this was a super-short, concise version of the guide. It’s missing a hell of a lot of nuance, explanations, stuff about mindset, etc. Go read the full guide here:

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