A listener “Siamese_Dream” asked these great questions:

  • I would definitely like to hear you talk about the age gap, and about what you call mentoring in relation to it.
  • Is there an element of more of a “father/daughter” dynamic, which means you can’t mentor women of your age ?
  • How do you do it overtly without being controlling ?
  • How do you decide that a girl is “moldable” into your standards or that you can’t make her change ?
  • How much can you expect for her to be able to change ? As in for example, could you transform a girl that has never worked out per se into a gym bunny ?
  • Did you never get friction with girls, as in “you should just love me for who I am right now and not have all those standards”?

Feel free to ask your own questions and I’ll answer them on an upcoming podcast – either email me, or comment below.


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The Red Quest on Modelling behaviour you want to see from girls:

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