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Here’s an interesting story written from Immy’s point of view, about a girl we both saw again after a long (several year) “break”. The full context: We’d both slept with her a couple years ago, but at the time Immy and I weren’t in the best place for dating anyone (due to all the 2020 lockdowns and where our heads were at at the time), so we sent her a super polite “Hey, don’t think we want to continue this” text.

Fast forward 2 years and we match with her again on Immy’s Tinder, and chat for a bit and then tell her, essentially, “We weren’t in a great place for dating a couple years ago but we’re in a better headspace now – if you’d like to grab a coffee, we’d love that.”

We took her on 2 dates, brought her home, and had one of the best experiences we’ve had in quite a long time. I’ll let Immy tell the story from her point of view.

Immy’s point of view:

Andy and I stumbled across a girl we’d seen a few years back when I was swiping. For the sake of privacy let’s call her Bec. We remembered her to be an absolute sweetheart with a very cute body so we agreed I should strike up a conversion and see how things played out.

A photo from a shoot we did with her 🙂

I was glad to hear that there weren’t any hard feelings about how things had ended two years ago, so I organised for Andy, Bec and I to grab a coffee together. Rather than the typical coffee date, I wanted something a little more interesting. There was an art exhibition that I’d been waiting to see so it seemed like the perfect activity to add some fun to the date. 

The gallery was a series of dark rooms, most with couches or massive beanbags so you could lie back and take in the space. Some rooms had mirrors, while others had music and projections on the walls and others had big interactive installations that made each room feel like an alien spaceship or a psychedelic neon playground. 

We came to one of the rooms and all settled onto a beanbag big enough for the three of us, with Andy and I lying on either side of Bec. We were sitting in a room where the ceiling and walls were draped with fabric that almost looked like parachutes. Each parachute moved in and out independently, inflating then retracting back into the walls so it felt like the room was alive and breathing. 

The lights were dim and videos were projected onto the draped ceiling and soft ambient music was playing from the room next to us. It was a perfectly intimate setting, with the exception of the occasional kid running around and excitedly. 

The writing on her body reads “Daddy & Immy’s Girl”

We all lay on our backs looking up at the ceiling while we talked about how Bec had been, what she’d been up to. We talked about what she wanted from life and what her plans were, who she’d dated and what experiences she’d had since we last met her. 

It seemed like we had all grown a lot the last few years. Bec was a lot more confident and sure of herself, that much was obvious to both me and Andy. She was graduating from university, had worked on her mindset and self talk and made stronger friendships. We talked about her big picture goals, and she shared about how she wanted to help people and to be there for others in difficult times.

Quite a few times when she was talking I had the thought: ‘I’m really glad we’re seeing Bec again’, everything she was saying made me like and respect her a hell of a lot. I also had the thought that I wanted to kiss her, frequently throughout the conversation. 

By the time we all went to get up and continue exploring the exhibition, I couldn’t help myself and stopped Bec before she got up, pulling her in for a very gentle kiss. With a smile, Andy expressed that he didn’t want to feel left out, and he leaned over Bec for a more passionate kiss. 

As we got up and Bec wandered ahead of us through the remaining exhibits, Andy pulled me back and passionately grabbed the back of my neck, whispering in my ear how hot I was being, kissing Bec like that. 

After the gallery we went and got ice cream and sat on the grass in a nearby park. There was a lingering sexual energy in the air, imbued with a sweetness that came from the fact that Bec was so damned lovely, and very easy to talk to. We each got a hug and a kiss as we said goodbye to Bec, and it was very clear we were all looking forward to the next meeting. 

Keeping in theme with the last date, we wanted to make sure we still had fun when we next met Bec. We picked her up from the nearby train station and drove her back to Andy’s place. Andy was insistent that Bec should play a game using his VR headset since it was something she hadn’t tried before. But playing the game didn’t last too long before Andy was picking up Bec and carrying her into the bedroom while I followed behind them. 

We started on either side of Bec taking turns kissing her, running our hands up and down her petite pale body. Andy’s hands trailed down between Bec’s legs rubbing over her panties. I choked Bec gently as I kissed her soft lips and Andy pulled her little green dress down to reveal her very cute breasts and small pink nipples that he started kissing and sucking. We were encouraged by the gentle moans coming from Bec, which let us know that she was enjoying all the attention. 

I began kissing my way down Bec’s smooth legs from her ankle towards her pussy. Pulling her panties aside I started with gentle kisses teasing the sides, pecking and licking everywhere except her clit. Gingerly, I licked up some of her wetness before ever-so-gently moving up to flick my tongue just barely over her most sensitive spot. 

We always insist that we’ll only tease, but that never seems to last very long. It appeared that today would be no exception. Slow licks quickly became more passionate sucking. I stole a few glances up to see Bec’s head tipped back in pleasure. I slipped a finger into her tight entrance and then she really started moaning. I took this as my cue to lick her clit more passionately while I slid my finger in and out.

I came up for a kiss so Bec could taste her own juices, and Andy jumped in to take over from me. Andy had abandoned all gentle energy when he thrust his own fingers inside her making Bec gasp loudly in pleasure. Andy’s intense finger fucking elicited a series of loud moans and I used the opportunity to play with her nipples to intensify her ecstacy. 

After a good deal of time getting Bec all worked up, Andy started to slow back down and whispered to Bec, “Do you think it’s Immy’s turn to feel good?” to which she very courteously agreed. I moved myself to the centre of the bed and she and Andy shifted down between my legs, both of them lying on their fronts. 

Andy guided Bec down, whispering the suggestion that she tease me. She did exactly that. She very gently started licking and I bucked my hips up as her warm tongue gently ran over my clit. I grabbed her hair, grinding my hips up to try and meet her tongue more intensely. She was at the same gentle pace for minutes and I needed it harder and faster. But she remained so gentle, making me feel so good but also driving me a little crazy as she kept working between my legs.

Andy guided Bec’s hands towards one of my nipples which only intensified how desperate I was feeling. While Bec focused on me, Andy proposed that she should feel good too. It was to be her reward for doing such a good job with me. I could immediately tell when Andy started fingering Bec again because she let out a little moan. I could feel her breathy gasps between legs, interspersed with licks of my clit. I stroked her soft fair hair smiling down at her while she clearly tried her best to keep up her task at hand. 

Andy reached over to me, and got a feel for how wet I was. I am sure he could feel the result of my frustrations by the nectar between my legs and took this as his opportunity to put my wetness to good use. I was quickly getting fucked for Bec to watch, with Andy pinning my arms above my head to show off my body. I closed my eyes, and just let the pure intensity of getting filled up consume me. But all of a sudden it stopped, much too quickly for my liking. Andy had pulled out abruptly and I let out a little whine in protest. He reassured me that we had all day to play. 

We settled for a brief interlude and Andy pulled out a vibrator for Bec to play with herself. We both watched her, lying on either side of her as we caressed her body.

Andy’s cock was still throbbing while he gazed at Bec’s lovely little body, clearly feeling the effects of stopping so prematurely as much as I was. I thought I could keep him occupied with my mouth, but instead, when I moved over towards him, he pulled me on top to ride him. This seemed like an even better idea, since I was so eager for more.

I enjoyed putting on a bit of a show and being the main attraction while Bec got herself off. I ran my hands up my body and through my hair, keeping my arms over my head while I started to grind with Andy inside me. I moved slowly, with deep thrusts from my hips. 

I would occasionally smile down at Bec, who looked up and watched, making me feel very flattered by her compliments at my performance. I picked up the pace, bucking my hips back and forth quickly to hit the sweet spot deep inside of me, making myself and Andy moan. I got myself lost in pleasure, throwing my head back. I was going as fast as I could, feeling a wild animal need for more. With quite a lot of self restraint I slowed down, returning to the steady undulating back and forth. I began to switch, from quick to slow. When I moved quickly I felt an intense rush, a primal desperation and when I switched back to the slow grinding, the sensation  was more of a heavy kind of pleasure from the deep massaging of my insides. I had hoped the unpredictable rhythm was as fun for Andy and Bec as it was for me. 

Andy pulled me down so I was lying with my chest to his. This meant that now he had control. He matched the energy of my fast thrusts making me pant and moan, this time I succumbed and let myself get taken. Then, just like before, without warning he stopped. It was already lunch time and therefore time for another intermission so we could draw out our little sex marathon as long as possible. 

While lying in bed that morning, Bec had told us that it was on her bucket list to try a remote control vibrator in public. Andy and I were more than happy to fulfil the request. As we got ready to head out I handed a little purple bullet vibrator for Bec to put in her panties. In the elevator downstairs I couldn’t help but grin at the very faint sound of buzzing. Andy’s feigned surprise and asked Bec “Is something going on, are you okay there?”. 

We went for a short walk and ended up at a bubble tea place. While Bec placed her order Andy used the remote to turn the vibrator to the highest setting. We both stood watching and couldn’t tell if her smile was simply because she was being friendly with the cashier or if there could have been another reason…


We spent a little more time out with our drinks sitting in a patio area on outdoor couches, people-watching while Andy and I took it in turns to be in control of the remote. We walked back home and I was left quite impressed at Bec’s impassive demeanour when it came to the distraction that we all knew was occurring between her legs. On the way back up to the apartment, a man got into the elevator with us, and I suddenly became aware of the buzzing sound that was very audible in the small space. I faked a little cough until we all got out, smiling in amusement at our little secret.

 When we got back into the bedroom we decided I should practice my shibari, rope tying skills on Bec’s little body. She sat up on her knees and I moved around her on the bed, tying my pattern while Andy continued to have fun with her. I wrapped the rope in front and behind her tight figure, taking time to pause, kissing her neck or sucking on her nipples. Andy did the same, not wanting to stop playing. He gripped the back of her head with his hand to pull her in for a passionate kiss while I bound the ropes around her. We started by running our hands over her body, then gave her kisses all over her face, neck and shoulders, then started pinching, sucking and biting her nipples – I was very happy to take my time finishing the pattern with the ropes when the distractions were so much fun. 

When I was eventually done, the rainbow bondage rope stood out against her pale physique, perfectly framing her curves and highlighting her gorgeous B cups. She was a very pretty sight. Andy must have thought as much because a moment later he was pinning her to the bed and sliding inside of her. 

While he was already underway pounding her bound body, Andy instructed me to put on a collar and leash on myself, deciding it was Bec’s turn to be the very slightest bit dominant. I fastened the red leather collar around my neck and Andy took the handle of the leash, while he continued to thrust deep inside her. He handed over the leash to Bec, telling her she could do whatever she wanted with me. I was more than happy to oblige. 

I was pulled by Bec, close to her face for some very passionate kisses. I kissed all around sweet lips, her tongue against mine. All the while, she moaned into my mouth taking in the rough pounding from Andy. 

I found my little pink vibrator, unable to help myself from getting turned on. 

All too quickly I felt the delicious knotting of my stomach and a bubbly tingling rise up through my body and flood my senses. I was already unbelievably horny from earlier in the morning and this time I couldn’t exert the same discipline to pull the virator away. 

Both Bec and Andy could tell I was right on the edge. I was letting out little mutterings of: “oh fuck, oh god…” and my moans got louder and louder. I kept my gaze locked on Bec’s body jerking with each thrust from Andy. I let myself bask in the erotic taboo of watching my man go crazy, fucking another girl while I watched and got myself off. No matter how many times Andy and I did this, I had the thought that ‘this is so depraved’ which only made everything hotter and more aroused. 

With a cry of, “I’m gonna cum… can I please…” I got a breathy “yes” from Andy and that was all I needed to release the wave of an orgasm and let it wash over me. I screwed my eyes shut and simply felt my body convulse and contract in climax. Lost in the feeling I was only able to let out a few light moans, too busy on my own planet of bliss. 

As quickly as it had come, my orgasm was over. Andy and Bec were still attached to one another and it was too hot, I needed more. I pressed the toy back to my clit and Andy made a comment that I was being greedy. It seemed we were all happy to indulge in pure hedonism today. Andy had Bec hop on top and it was her turn to put on a little performance in a follow up to mine earlier.

Her cute little tits bounced up and down as she rode Andy, her back arched as she leaned back to give us a full view of her very sexy body. Andy reached up to grab her perky breasts, using them as leverage to fuck her with more vigour. 

Andy decided we were both going to be good girls and I got the second fluffy pink collar and attached it to Bec’s slender neck while she continued to grind on top. It was my turn to pull her in for a passionate kiss which she returned eagerly. Such a good girl. After I had my fill of her sweet mouth I drew her by the leash towards Andy so he could pull her in tight to fuck her harder. 


I was eager for another orgasm and there was no sign that Andy and Bec wanted to stop either, so I took my place beside them and enjoyed the show. This time I took my time a little more. We would all stop to change positions, Andy would use me for a little while making Bec the voyeur. She would smile at one of us or play with my nipples and each time I couldn’t help but pull her in for more kisses. He would go back to Bec and then to me and at times I couldn’t decide if I liked participating or watching more. 

At one point we were both on all fours at the edge of the bed. Andy started with me, fingering Bec so that we were both letting out noises of pleasure. And then he would switch to Bec, each of us presenting ourselves, asses in the air, eager for attention. He switched between us again, and then twice more before Andy was back to Bec and I was in my favourite position, watching beside them.

I started fantasising about just being made to watch. What if I was told that I couldn’t join in and Bec would be getting all the attention. I imagined how perverted it was to watch my man with another girl, and how it was even more debased to enjoy the fact that I just had to sit there, playing with myself. I imagined myself watching, just as I already was, but tied up and unable to move, the vibrator tied to me so that I couldn’t help but be turned on. I pictured Andy cumming in Bec and then Andy instructing her to crawl over to me, sitting on my face and forcing me to lick up Andy’s cum as it leaked out of her. That sent me over the edge. I moaned louder and louder, Andy told me I could cum, Bec pinched at my nipples and I was exploding, cumming hard. I was crying out loudly in pleasure, thinking of nothing but how good I felt and how hot the two bodies in front of me were. 

Wrapped up like a little present.

My second climax seemed to be the marker for the end of round two and Andy began to slow down. This was our final break for dinner and a trip to the beach. Andy was promising one last round of sex before the day was over. 

Feeling all relaxed and mellow after time basking in the sun, I wanted to ease back into things. Andy had already decided he wanted another taste between Bec’s legs so I went to retrieve some baby oil. I positioned myself behind her, sitting against the headboard with Bec’s back against my chest. I let the oil drip over her chest and started running my hands over her velvety skin, grabbing her tits in handfuls, then moving to flick her nipples. I trailed one of my hands up to her neck to gently choke her while the other hand continued to roam the soft curves of her body. 

Bec’s fine hair was brushed against my face and there was a hint of the scent of the ocean salt. I held her body against mine firmly and I could feel her body pulsing against mine, moving in reaction to Andy’s fingers and tongue on her clit. 

Isn’t she a cutie?

Never one for patience, Andy was ready for more. He pulled Bec further down the bed, out of my lap so that she was lying flat, legs spread and waiting. I took this as my cue to lie beside them and take the magic wand vibrator from beside the bed.  Ready to let out the day’s ‘frustrations’, he took no time to start fucking her wildly. Bec began an endless stream of moans from Andy’s relentless pounding.

It was a very hot sight to behold, my man lost in pleasure, enveloping Bec’s cute little body. Occasionally he would look at me and I would smile back, with lust showing in my eyes. 

I stroked her soft hair gently, giving Bec -what I would guess looked like- a slightly wicked smile. I continued to stroke her hair and face, giving her an occasional peck on her lips having a lot of fun watching. I was a stark contrast to the carnality beside me. Bec’s eyes were squeezed shut, her mouth open, letting out little cries of pleasure. 

Andy continued to switch positions, only taking seconds between movements so that the pleasure didn’t stop for either of them. He was spooning Bec on her side, and then Andy was back on top, sometimes holding her legs spread wide, an ankle in each hand. Then he would move again to put one leg over each shoulder and pressed on top of her so her body folded in half. In every position Andy gripped her little body tightly so he could take what he needed so badly. It was clear Bec was matching Andy’s enthusiasm. 

In each position I would move to Andy and then Bec, stealing kisses where I could, and playing with Bec’s nipples. Sometimes we could all come in for a kiss together, tongues intertwining. I could feel my body ready for another orgasm, helplessly turned on. Even I have to admit, I was being a little indulgent at this point. 

I was getting myself more and more worked up as I would kiss Andy the Bec in turns until I eventually gave in and started to focus on my own pleasure completely. I lay back, very happy to watch while I got myself off. 

So artsy.

I knew Andy wanted to finally cum and I wanted to help make that happen. As I looked into Andy’s eyes I whispered, “does she feel good around your cock? Is she nice and tight?” 

I heard Andy tell Bec that she was being such a good girl, and she could choose where he came, but I couldn’t quite hear her answer. I told Bec and Andy how good they both looked, how hot they were being. I think the dirty talk turned me on as much as it did them. 

The intense toy was causing a deep rumbling warmth between my legs. I could feel another climax rising in me. I started moaning louder, and Andy told me he wanted to know exactly when I wanted to cum, he was on the edge and he wanted us to cum together. 

I wasn’t too far away, helped by the fact that Bec was pulling at my nipples, looking at me with her pretty blue green eyes. The familiar feeling rose inside of me, an exciting clenching all over. It felt like the anticipation before a dive into deep water. And then once I had reached the very peak of the feeling, I was fully submerged as the orgasm came crashing over me in a wave.

Andy and I were both loudly exclaiming expletives. All I could hear was the chorus of our collective voices and moans. I felt my whole body shudder in the most intense orgasm I had for the day. Andy was groaning loudly, no longer thrusting, holding deep inside Bec as he had his own climax. He finished, panting as he slowed to give a final deep few thrusts inside Bec, each motion articulated with a deep sigh. 

We all collapsed onto the bed, very satisfied. Bec and I each cuddled up on either side of Andy, feeling very peaceful in the post sex glow. Bec was incredibly affectionate, she held my hand and ran her fingers over mine, telling both of us she had a lot of fun. She was awfully sweet and it made me think how much I like her. 

After lying in bed together and chatting for a while, we eventually dragged ourselves out of bed to get Bec home before it got too late. The sun had gone down, and we drove her to the nearest train station with hugs goodbye. The day was over and so was our little sex marathon. I think all three of us are very excited for more fun times ahead. 

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