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Cover image by: John Arano.

If you ever needed an endorsement for the magic wand vibrator I’m always talking about, this is it. I literally just hold it on a girl’s clit, and 30 second to a minute later she’s having the best orgasm of her life, and giving me full credit for it (even though I literally did nothing except hold the damn thing). It’s great.

The story below was originally posted on the Good Looking Loser Forums in Feb 2020. Any parts in blue are direct quotes from the old post I initially wrote.

Met a shy Asian chick:

She wasn’t up for a nude pic (didn’t want her pics shared), so this will do for proof:

Met her in public, went to Starbucks and grabbed a green tea then sat out in public watching people go by as we talked. She told me I look significantly better in person vs my Tinder photos. She’s the 5th girl in about 5 months to directly tell me that. It’s definitely time to upgrade some of my pics – I’ve lost 14kg (31 lbs) vs how I look in the pics.

We chatted for 30 min or so, she’s very easy to get on with. She hits the gym and lifts properly, which is awesome – not enough people do, especially not chicks. Her best lift is her squat – 90kg (198lbs) is her 1RM. It’s pretty decent given she’s tiny (5ft0).

We talked about sex a bit – she’s only fucked 2 guys in the past, and fooled around (oral sex) with about 8 others. She’s never tried any toys, which I always find fascinating. She’s 24, and has wanted to buy a vibrator for a while, but she’s just been too shy.

After 30min I invited her back to my place. Made out with her as soon as we got inside – she started moaning the second I kissed her neck. Pulled her hair and choked her a bit while she kissed, which turned her on like crazy. It’s always so fucking hot when a girl starts getting horny, and by the time I put my hand down her panties she was dripping wet.

Carried her into the bedroom, fingered her and made her squirt, then we both got totally naked. Her eyes absolutely LIT up when she looked at my cock, and I shit you not, she mouthed the words, “Holy shit” whilst looking at it. I don’t even have a huge dick (here , if you must see it, you weirdos), but a tonne of asian girls will give great compliments when they see your dick. If you ever need an ego boost, fuck a small asian girl.

Whacked on a condom, fucked her for a bit in every position we could think of. She loved watching herself in the mirror as I fucked her doggystyle – I have two giant full-length mirrors in the room. Flipped over to missionary – she looked so hot underneath me (Asians are my kryptonite), and expecially hot when I stood up, picked her up in the air, and bounced her up and down on my cock.

The fun bit was when I stopped fucking her for a bit and got out the magic wand vibrator (I use this one). Her eyes went wide (it’s huge; comically so). We tried it on the lowest setting and her mind was blown – “That feels so different to my fingers!” Let her play with it for a couple of minutes, and she was right on the edge of cumming.

I lay next to her and slid my cock inside her while she kept playing with the toy, holding it on her clit while I pounded her. Within a minute or so she said she was about to cum, and she had an eye-rolling orgasm. The best part about the wand is girls will give you full-credit for giving them an orgasm; even if all you do is hold the wand on their pussy and just wait. It’s like passive income, LOL – you do nothing and the compliments just roll in for free. Passive orgasm income.

After she’d had enough of the vibrator, she looked me dead in the eyes and said, “I want you to fuck me until you cum.” She had this look of total lust in her eyes – it was animalistic and so fucking HOT. I pounded her and came within about 10 seconds, pulling out, ripping off the condom and blasting her face… only I completely missed LOL, instead shooting it over her head and onto the pillow/wall. Sometimes I can’t aim the fucking thing, even though I’ve had it for 33 years.

Afterwards walked her back to the train station and said goodbye. Will see her again for sure.

Toys Used:

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We only saw each other 1 more time after that – she ended up leaving the country early. Pity; she was a hell of a lot of fun.

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