NSFW: This article contains nude pics.
Disclaimer: Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload every nude photo. Happy to immediately remove pics/stories – contact me.

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Furthermore: There’s actual pics of my dick in this article.

Disclaimer: None of what follows is medical advice. The Bathmate is pretty hardcore – it’s literally expanding your dick. It’s safe though when used properly, so do your own research (read the links I’ll have below on how to use it).

Also note, I want to make it very clear you don’t need to have a huge dick in order to please women. My dick is above-average but nothing amazing. There’s a hell of a lot more to sex than just having a big dick; foreplay, teasing, being open to try new things with a girl are all way more important than just, “Hurr, my dick is big, suck it babyyyyyy.”

This article shows how to use the Bathmate in a fun, healthy way; I don’t want you thinking you have to buy the Bathmate in order to please women. I only use it about once every 10 times I have sex; for me it’s like a cool sex toy I bring out from time to time to have some fun with. Sure, it can give you long-term gains on your dick size if you use it regularly enough, but I was never interested in that – I only use it just before sex. It’s so much fun bringing it out once every few weeks, pumping up your dick like a balloon, and destroying a girl’s love tunnel with your baseball-bat-sized dick.

Having a Big Dick is Fun as Hell

I’ve been using my Bathmate for about 3-4 years now, usually before sex. Sometimes I use it for the lols to troll a girl I’ve already been seeing, to see if she’ll notice that my dick is bigger than usual. Sometimes I use it when I really want to fuck the shit out of a girl and stretch her pussy wide. Having a bigger dick feels so much better for her and for you – her pussy will be tighter and will grip your dick much harder.

Other times, I’ll bring a girl into the shower with me before we have sex, show her the pump, and see if she can guess what it does. (Some of them think it’s a dildo, bless their little cotton socks.) I’ll show her how it works, get her to try pumping it on my dick a few times – most girls find it really fascinating and fun as hell. Then I’ll take it off, see her eyes widen as she goes, “Holy shit!” and get her to give me a blowjob. Sometimes it’ll be too big for her to suck; especially if she’s a smaller girl. Fun times.

Even when you jerk off, it’ll feel weird as hell – your dick will be so fat it won’t feel like your dick. It’ll feel like you stole some stranger’s dick, like this monster dick can’t possibly be yours. It’s honestly fucking hilarious holding such a fat dick in your hands, as your mind is saying, “Something feels weird here; this is too big to belong to me.”

You can also use it on girls you’ve seen a few times – but do it as a surprise. Use it secretly just before you meet up with her, without telling her you’ve done it. Don’t let her see your dick, just slide inside her and watch her get confused as hell (and very turned on). “Oh my god, your dick feels huge? Did it grow??”

It can be a bit annoying with condoms though – if you give yourself a really big pump, you might not be able to put on even extra-large condoms. That’s funny the first few times, but if you actually want to have safe sex with your big dick, buy some extra-extra large condoms. Durex sell “XXL condoms” – grab some of Amazon/eBay. Or, just use the Bathmate for half as long/at half the intensity, so you get a bit of a pump, but nothing insane.

You can buy the Bathmate here (free shipping to any country):

Before/After Photos

Here’s my dick immediately after a recent session (pumped for about 12 minutes, at a moderate pressure):

Top of the penis: 12.7cm before, 14.9cm after (5inch -> 5.87inch).
Middle of the penis: 12.8cm before, 14.1cm after (5.04inch -> 5.55inch).
Base of the penis: 12.7cm before, 13.7cm after (5inch -> 5.39inch).

In all of these, I kept the measuring tape pretty tight and tried to measure from the same spot so it’s a fair comparison.

I know the “puffy/fat” bit at the top of my dick looks rather gnarly, but don’t stress – it’s just water-retention (it’s not harmful). It’s only there because I took these photos immediately after using the Bathmate. It goes away after about 10-15 minutes if you let your dick relax after you use it – but your dick will still be bigger (the big-dick effect lasts for about 4 hours for me).

I used the Bathmate for about 12 minutes here, pumping it til it was moderately strong pressure (but nowhere near as intense as you could go – I never like to go intense because I don’t like the pressure feeling). I was completely soft when I used the Bathmate (I got myself hard before and afterwards, for the purposes of these pics). You can pump it harder to make your dick even bigger, but for our purposes (temporary gains right before sex) it’s really not necessary.

Dick girth/width/circumference is clearly bigger in the pictures above after using the Bathmate. Length is pretty much the same. Some guys get a slightly longer penis when using it, but that’s never been the case for me.

Below is another session on another day, with less of the “puffy dick” thing at the top of my dick (still a little bit there). I’d let my dick relax for about 5 minutes before taking this photo. If I’d let it relax another 10 minutes or so, the puffiness would be even more reduced (but your dick will still be much bigger than usual).

I used the Bathmate for 15 minutes here, timed with a stopwatch. I also took 1 Cialis pill (that doesn’t make it all that much bigger; just keeps it very hard during sex. I talk more about dick pills and other methods to deal with ED here.)

Which Size Bathmate Should I Get?

Get the HydroXtreme version – the one with the pump. I owned one of the old ones (the Hydromax one) and it didn’t work even remotely as well. Without a pump, you won’t get as strong a seal so it won’t work as well. The valve on the old one also broke on me twice and had to be replaced – that hasn’t happened with the new one in over 2 years of use.

The HydroXtreme comes in multiple sizes – I’ve got the 7 inch one (HydroXtreme7). Use this sizing chart (scroll down to “What size am I?”):
What Size am I?

There’s a 5-inch version if you’re a little shorter, a 7-inch normal version, a 7-inch “wide” version, a 9-inch version and an 11-inch version. Use the sizing chart above to make sure you’re buying the right size. If you’re in-between two sizes, buy the larger size.

How I Use It (Step-by-Step)

Sometimes, if I feel like having a really long sex session, I’ll take half a Cialis pill before I start any of this routine (the pill takes an hour or two to kick in). It’s not mandatory, but I do find using the Bathmate can sometimes “tire” my dick out and erections will only be 95% as hard as usual. Half a pill fixes this. I’ve talked more about dick pills here.

Sometimes I go into the Bathmate with an erection; other times I’m completely soft. An erection definitely makes the effects even stronger, but I don’t usually tend to bother (a flacid dick will still grow a tonne in the Bathmate). In the pics above, my dick was soft when it was inside the Bathmate, so the increase would have been even more if I’d been erect while using it.

I always make sure my groin area/balls are trimmed/shaved. If I don’t, I don’t get a suction at all – the Bathmate will come off after about 30 seconds, no matter how hard I press it against my skin. Shaving/trimming fixes this.

Doesn’t need to be baby-smooth, but just use a pair of scissors (carefully!) to trim it down a bit, or use an electric trimmer (I’ve got a guide on using them here). I wouldn’t use a razor; I’m paranoid about cutting my meatballs.

I hop in the shower, make sure the valve is locked (so no water can escape), and fill it with water.

I have foreskin, so I retract that (doesn’t matter if you don’t – the pressure from the pump will make it retract anyway). I face the Bathmate downwards (so the water doesn’t pour out) and place my dick inside.

I grab my balls with my free hand and pull them downwards, away from my cock. The reason I do this is to stop them getting sucked into the Bathmate – that tends to feel uncomfortable for me. I hold my balls out of the pump the entire time it’s in use.

Then I pump the Bathmate a few times (by pressing it against my body), and once it’s got a good suction, I attach the hand-ball pump and pump a few times, until I feel a decent amount of pressure. I don’t go crazy with the pressure; I don’t like the way it feels if it’s too intense.

Bathmate in action.

Over the 10-15 minutes I have it on my dick, I gently pump the hand-pump once every minute or so, to keep the pressure up. If I don’t do this, the pressure slowly goes down and my dick won’t be quite as big when I’m done.

If I’m feeling lazy, I’ll use the hands-free shoulder strap it comes with, to hold it up without me having to hold it. That also lets me do my normal shower routine – washing, shampoo/conditioner, etc.

After 10-15 minutes, I take it off (there’s a valve you push to gently release the pressure). I pull my foreskin back over my dick and let it rest for at least 15 minutes before I have sex (it takes that long for the “puffy look” (water retention) to go down).

If you’re after more in-depth guides to using the Bathmate, go through these:

When You’re First Starting Out…

Go Slow:

Start with just 1 minute using the pump, then stop. Wait 2 days, then try 2 minutes. Then wait another 2 days and do 3 minutes. Keep doing this, increasing by 1 minute each time, until you’re up to about 10-15 minutes. At no point should it hurt or feel uncomfortable; if it ever does, take a few days off before continuing.

Erect or Soft?

As mentioned, being erect will increase the effects. But I wouldn’t recommend that until you’ve been using it for a few months – an erection increases the pressure, which can be an uncomfortable feeling. Besides, I’m flaccid most of the time I use the Bathmate, and the effects are what you see in the pics above.

What’s the Longest I Should Leave it On?

10-15 minutes max, and only once you’ve worked your way up to it like I suggested. I’ve experimented with long sessions (up to 25 minutes) but that didn’t make my dick much bigger, but massively increased the number of red dots (see below) & water retention (puffy dick).

I’m getting red dots on my dick a few hours/a day after using the Bathmate:

Google “red dots Bathmate” and you’ll see plenty of other people who’ve had the same thing – it’s nothing to stress about. Just take a day off from using it, and they’ll go away. I get these dots almost every time I use the Bathmate, but it’s never been an issue because I only use it every few weeks when I feel like having some Big Dick Sex.

Here’s my dick with some of the red dots we’re talking about (click to zoom in):

Building up the pressure very slowly and never pumping too much reduces the likelihood of the red dots. But no matter what I do, I always get them, so I’m no longer bothered by it. Girls won’t notice during sex, and the one time a girl noticed, I just showed her the Bathmate and explained what the red dots were.

Is it Safe?

I’ve never had any issues with using the Bathmate, and I’ve been using it for about 3-4 years now. Bare in mind I’ve always been super-careful with it (the last thing I want is to hurt my dick). I started slow with only 1-min sessions every 2 days, then 2 minutes, then 3, etc – until I worked my way up to 10-15 minute sessions. It took me about 2 months to work up to that point.

Follow all the instructions, do your own research, take it slow and if you feel ANY sort of discomfort at any point, stop immediately and take a few days off. Basically, just don’t be an idiot with it.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

How long the effects last varies depending on how regularly you’ve used the Bathmate before (if you use it regularly, multiple times a week, your gains will last longer and longer and may eventually become permanent).

Me personally, since I use the Bathmate very irregularly: my dick will be very big for about 2 hours after I use the Bathmate, and kinda big for up to about 6hrs.

I never had the patience to use it multiple times a week to go for those permanent gains. I just never really wanted a bigger dick; it sounds cool to me on paper, but there’s many other things I’m working on improving first. I prefer just using the Bathmate before sex as a fun novelty, and to blow a girl’s mind when I fuck her with my big fat man-meat 😛

Where to Buy

This is the exact site I used to buy mine:

They have free shipping to any country and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Let me know about your own Big Dick Experiences – do you use it as a bit of fun for temporary gains like me, or have you had some luck using it for permanent gains?

And if you’ve got any questions about using it – drop a message in the comments below and I’ll answer.

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