NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

Cover image by Mallory Johndrow.

Let’s deep-dive into an old story of witchcraft and wizadry, of pleasure and pain, of horniness and lust – and ultimately, craziness.

(I’m burning some incense right now as I type this up, because I’m all spiritual like that.)

I originally posted this in October 2019, on the Good Looking Loser Forums. As always, any parts in blue are direct quotes from the old post I initially wrote.

So, let’s talk about Witchcraft Girl.

This girl is definitely a hottie in person – she looks way better than her pics. She’s tiny, extremely thin, and has a good body – she goes to the gym and doesn’t skip her squats. Funnily enough she said to me a couple times, “You look better than your pictures”. I’ve had a couple girls say that now, so it’s probably time to upgrade my pics again.

Despite what her “I’m into demonic sex” text might imply, she’s a total sweetheart, and very submissive. She was also extremely nervous before we met – she actually cancelled on me. She still ended up meeting me after we talked about it:

We met, hung out for a bit, it was clear she was a bit nervous. But right away I really liked her. Super easy to get on with, very hot, and very intelligent. We grabbed a starbucks, hungout for 20mins,then I walked her back to mine.

Her idea of witchcraft is different to what I thought – she’s less of a gullible hippie who believes in dumb spells/superstition… and more into the idea of “I think the universe could be a simulation so I’m trying to send a message to whoever’s running it – I believe if you think about your goals on a daily basis and keep them in your mind, you’ll manifest them into reality”. She’s tripped on LSD a bunch of times so we had some pretty wild conversations about the universe, existence, people, self-awareness, whether the voice inside your head is you or separate from you, etc.

Alright, the sex – fuck it was fun. She’s tiny so I got to bounce her up and down on my cock, throw her around and dominate her. She’s pretty strong from the gym, so every now and then while we were in the middle of fucking she’d try to wrestle me or pin me a little. I’d let her, so she thought she’d won, and she’d get really excited. Then I’d quickly overpower her and pin her, and she’d gasp, a look of surprise and lust and pleasure coming over her face.

She also has a fucking hot body – her back is covered in cool tatts which is exactly my kinda girl. She’s got serious “bad girl vibes”, despite being a sweetheart underneath.

We went pretty rough – she went *crazy* when I slapped her face during sex, she absolutely loved it. The best moment came where I said “Shit, I think you’re going to make me cum soon.” She leaned up to my ear and said, “Cum, Daddy…” Fuck, was not expecting that (we hadn’t talked about Daddy stuff) – it literally made me cum instantly. If I was rating girls for their sex techniques, she’d get a 9.5 for that.

Asked her for a nude pic and she was very happy to oblige:

We hung out for a bit after that and talked some more. She’s pretty fucking cool, works as a piercer/body modifier, and is training to become a tattooist. She comes from a small town near the small town I grew up in, so we shared lots of stories about that. I like her, will see again.

Right now I have 4 girls I’m seeing (5 if you count the virgin girl, but she’s been busy for 2 weeks so she might ghost.) All of them are bi. I have enough bi girls I could technically start an orgy, looool.

All 4 of them are very sweet girls, and all of them have said stuff like “You’re a really nice and very genuine guy, Andy – it’s really nice hanging out with you.” It’s nice being able to be open and honest with chicks, and be nice to them – I used to be such a dick to girls a few years ago. I prided myself on being an asshole, a douchebag – I thought you had to be a selfish, rude, disrespectful cunt in order to get lots of girls. Nah, you don’t have to compromise who you are just to get laid. You especially don’t have to be a dickhead – girls really love nice guys. (They just don’t love pushovers or total pussies – nobody does.)

I’ve gotten myself to a point where I only screen in girls who are very open and honest, very sweet, nice people. There’s no drama in my life any more (hasn’t been for a year or two). Every girl I date adds a lot to my life and I’m quite happy introducing them to my friends.

This was the whole point of me getting laid a lot; to get myself to a point where I only meet genuinely good people I enjoy hanging out with. Life is good.

The above is a good example of what I’m talking about when I say you should treat girls like they’re on the same team as you. Go back and read the text screenshot at the top. If you’re as sexual and to-the-point as I am on Tinder (this sexual), sometimes girls will flake on you last second, purely out of nerves.

Most guys would say, “Fuck, I guess I lost her.” But if you try treating her like she’s on your team, aka you actually empathise with her and understand how she might be feeling, you’ll often have a conversation about it and end up making her feel better.

It’s also a good lesson in being chilled and not getting annoyed if a girl flakes on you. Early on, I used to get so riled up and angry if a girl rescheduled or flaked – I’d sometimes even text her, “You really fucked me over tonight!” and then I’d block her. I was only shooting myself in the foot; if I wasn’t so insecure and angry, some of those girls probably would have ended up meeting me like this girl did.

But the story doesn’t end there. A week later I saw her again, and this happened:

Bit of a weird night. Just kicked Witchcraft Girl out mid-sex because she was being really demanding and not respecting my wishes.

I feel weird about it (because it was a really awkward as shit situation) but I’d have felt even weirder about it if I let her stay. Basically we were drinking, and I hit my limit (3 glasses of red wine – that’s a hell of a lot for me). I told her I didn’t want any more. She kept saying “Are you a pussy?” etc. I said “Sure, I’m a pussy. I’m not drinking any more though.” She kept at it, for about another 5 minutes – literally pouring a glass of wine and trying to force me to drink it. As in, literally trying to pour the glass into my mouth.

She kept this bullshit up for literally 5 minutes, nonstop “Are you a pussy? Why won’t you drink?” Like she was autistic and couldn’t let it go. She was seriously trying to force the glass into my mouth, shoving it in my face like a psychopath.

I eventually got really stern and said, “Stop. Now. No more. I’m not drinking any more, and you need to stop this shit. This isn’t funny any more.” She kept going a few more times, completely ignoring me after telling her to stop. I’d had enough of her insanity (someone telling me what to do does not sit well with me – ever. Especially if they don’t respect my wishes for 5+ minutes). So I said, “Ok, I’m done for the night. I’ll walk you downstairs.”

She got really sad and instantly realised I was serious, and said “Ok I’m really sorry, I didn’t know you were serious, I’m really sorry.” I was calm but firm, and explained, “I’m not mad at you, but I am done for the night, so I’ll walk you out.” She kept apologising, wouldn’t get up, and kept saying, “What can I do to make it better?”

Fair play to her for apologising, but I was definitely done by that point. She’d gone way past my boundaries, and I don’t compromise my principles. I don’t like people telling me what to do, and I especially don’t like people not respecting other people’s wishes. I don’t like people getting bullied (and spending 5 minutes calling someone a pussy for not doing what you want is literally bullying) – I used to get mad triggered in high school when someone would get bullied. I’d get into fucking fistfights and beat the bully up (and risk getting my ass kicked) just because I felt like there was an injustice going on and I couldn’t stand to fucking watch it.

So yeah, she triggered me like hell. No way was I going to let her stay after that 5-10 minutes of bullshit, trying to emotionally blackmail/bully me into drinking when I’d told her 20 times I’d had enough. So again, I repeated, “I’m not angry, but I’m absolutely done for the night. Let’s go.”

She looked really sad and didn’t say a single word as I walked her downstairs, and fuck it was awkward. But I’ve always been proud of myself for listening to my gut and if I don’t want to do something or I’m really uncomfortable with something, I stand up for myself. Maybe that’s not a big deal to some dudes, but before all this self-improvement stuff I used to be a giant pussy who’d just go along with things and compromise his principles all the time. So I’m proud of myself for evolving in this way.

But then she later texted an “I’m sorry” message. I replied, “It’s ok.”

…To which she replied with a massive angry long abusive message in capital letters, saying I screwed her over, I’m a bad person for not drinking with her, I lead her on, etc etc.

I think you can agree: I definitely dodged a bullet there.

Pro-tip: Don’t let yourself get bullied or pressured into doing shit you don’t want to do. Your principles are important; they’re worth standing up for.

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