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Are STDs something to freak out over – or are the risks overblown?

Listen to the podcast episode talking about this:



Honest Guide to STDs (by Mark Manson):

Everybody is Lying to You, All The Time:

Summary from the podcast:

  • STD risks are massively overblown. Read this: Your Honest Guide to STDs.
  • Almost all STDs are curable.
  • You likely already have an STD (HPV).
  • The nurses at two of my local STD clinics literally will not test me for most of the STDs, because I have no symptoms. They literally advise us not to go get tested unless we’re already showing symptoms.
  • READ THIS: You need to do your own research. YOU need to go research the risk of catching each STD, and figure out what level of risk you’re comfortable taking. It’s not my job to tell you to wear a condom or not wear a condom. You’re an adult, do your own research. It’s your life, not mine.
  • Pregnancy is the STD you really need to be afraid of. And is the main reason for wearing a condom.
  • I personally lower my STD risk by not having sex with girls who’ve had a lot of sex (party girls), or girls who do hard drugs or drink a lot, etc.
  • I use condoms with every girl I’m not sure about.
  • A lot of the time, I’ll use condoms until I get to know the girl and trust her (eg she’s gotten tested herself).
  • I also get tested once a year. So does my girlfriend.
  • Again, do your own research and then figure out your own stance on condoms/protection. If you still can’t figure it out, just default to always wearing condoms, for your own peace of mind. (But I still want you to do your own research).

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