Another fun story from a girl we’re seeing – again written by Immy. Let us know (leave a comment below) if you enjoy hearing Immy’s side of the story like this.

As for how we met this girl – we met her on Tinder, roughly using the normal texting template. Nothing fancy, just laying out clearly exactly what Immy and I are looking for (3somes + BDSM), and seeing which girls are up for exploring that with us. We grabbed a casual drink (I only drink water these days, Immy doesn’t drink either), then invited her back to explore with us. Easy. No pics this time (this girl prefers to stay anonymous), but the story’s super hot regardless.


This was the third occasion we’d met Iris (not her real name). She’s a short (5″1) and curvy half Japanese cutie with a strong submissive streak. 

She has shoulder-length black hair with hot pink tips. On our first date she mentioned that her hair colour was meant to be a more subtle and natural rose gold but the hairdresser didn’t quite get the memo. Regardless, the pink hair gives her cute e-girl vibes, especially when she’d had it tied up in adorable half pigtails. 

Andy and I invited her to come around at midday so we had all afternoon to have some fun. We had spent plenty of time going slowly and getting to know each other the first few times we’d met Iris, so we were ready to jump straight into things. From our first few meetings we’d learned that Miss Iris was an absolute sweetie with a fun and giggly energy. On top of that she had a Daddy kink and was very eager to please and be a good girl for us. It meant you couldn’t help but like her. 

She arrived, buzzing the floor to Andy’s apartment and a few minutes later followed up with a shy little knock on the door. 

She came in with her usual smiley attitude and after a little small-talk she was on the couch. Preferring not to spend too much time with chit chat, I leaned in and started kissing her gently. After a minute or so of gently pecking around her neck and exploring her lips with my tongue. I pulled back slightly to look into Iris’ eyes. She smiled at me, giggling a little. It was awfully endearing. I started exploring her body, pulling off her top to play with her large tits that were bigger than I could grasp in one handful. I was pinching her nipples, twisting and playing and she started moaning with her mouth still pressed against mine. Iris reciprocated, playing with my nipples, and getting me all worked up. We were kissing more passionately, getting louder with our moans as our fingers roamed over each others’ bodies. Hands were moving from one place to another, rubbing over panties, pulling hair, choking, gently twisting and pinching nipples. 

I reached between Iris’ legs, inserting a finger in her already very wet pussy, fingering her the slightest bit, before pulling out, sucking the wet finger then kissing her passionately. I returned my fingers back down, eliciting moans as I slid two fingers in and out, pushing in as deep as I could. This time when I pulled my fingers out, I put them to her lips and Iris sucked each finger eagerly, cleaning up her ‘mess’. “Taste good?” I asked softly. And she replied with a shy nod and smile. 

At this point, Andy had probably held off as long as he could, standing back to watch and let us have some fun together. I could hear the unzipping of his pants and we both responded eagerly. Moving from the couch and onto the floor, we were both on our knees where Andy was standing. His cock was hard and throbbing, obviously he had enjoyed the little show Iris and I had put on. We each began kissing either side of his shaft, a combination of making out with one another while making sure we were giving Andy plenty of pleasure. 

We took turns sucking and licking. While I focused on teasing the head with my tongue Iris would run her mouth up and down the shaft. At some point I couldn’t quite help myself and filled my mouth, quickly deep-throating Andy’s cock once before pulling back to smile up at him. I looked up from my knees to meet his eyes, gauging a reaction, and it was clear he was having fun. Having led by example, I moved aside and let Iris have her turn taking all of Andy’s cock in her mouth. She seemed to like getting a good taste, eagerly taking it all in, bobbing her head up and down. Andy stroked her face approvingly and I played with her hair. We each told Iris how much of a good girl she was, making Andy feel so good. 

We all returned to the couch, Andy now sitting, Iris and I both remaining on our knees. She’d told us prior how much she liked the idea of being forced to be a good girl, and having to do her best to please us. So while her mouth was still bobbing up and down on Andy’s cock I had the thought that I should give her a little helping hand so she could succeed on her mission of pleasing my man. I started pushing on the back of her head, deeper onto Andy’s cock, gently at first. She responded to my guidance oh so easily, so I started pushing faster and a little harder, gripping her hair lightly. She moaned around his cock. I have no doubt she was getting turned on from having her mouth used by the two of us. Such a good girl. She would come up for a breath, spit running down her chin a little before I’d guide her back to Andy’s cock to keep pleasuring him.

As I helped Iris along, I was looking into Andy’s eyes with a lustful smile. He returned my gaze, his own face twisted in pleasure and matching my smile. We love the idea of finding a good girl to be ‘our little toy’ and this was the perfect position for it. 

Slowly I eased my hands from her hair and guided them down her back towards her plump butt, reaching between her legs. I was going to have some fun making Iris’s job a little harder by adding in a rather big distraction. I traced my hands over her soft skin towards the wetness between her legs. She was dripping. I slid two fingers in easily and very quickly started fingering her, fast and deep. Her moans became considerably louder, interspersed with cute little gasps. I had certainly made it a little more difficult for her to concentrate on the task at hand. 

It was my turn switching positions with Iris, showing off a little as I deepthroated eagerly. I’ve always been one for a little friendly competition. Rather than push my head down as I had done to her – I’m sure she would have been far too shy to try – Iris gently pulled my hair out of the way, combing it behind my ears sweetly. With a gesture from Andy, she crawled up onto the couch, now beside Andy while I was still on the ground. Andy motioned for me to come sit up on the couch too as he got up himself and swivelled to position himself between Iris’ legs, which dangled off the edge of the couch. 

I lay next to Iris on my back in the same position as her but with a vibrator between my legs rather than Andy. 

We were all incredibly worked up and desperate for more at this point, everything until this point just building up the excitement. Andy slid into Iris who was still very wet, and without much hesitation started pounding Iris wildly, each of her legs under one of Andy’s arms. 

I became somewhat of a crazed animal as I watched my man go crazy, lost in pleasure fucking another girl. I couldn’t help but pick up a vibrator lying ready nearby and I started playing with myself. I used the erotic scene in front of me to turn me on more and more. 

I kissed Iris passionately, whispering into her ear, “Do you like your little pussy getting used?”… “Does it feel good getting filled up with Andy’s cock”… “say thank you”. This only turned them both on more. I went from kissing Iris, to pulling in Andy for a kiss as well. In between our tongues wrapped together I egged him on too asking, “does she feel good wrapped around your cock baby?” He moaned in response fucking iris harder, her generous tits bouncing with the force. All the while, I lay next to them getting myself off with the vibrator. 

At points in time, Iris was lost in her own little world, eyes closed in bliss, legs over Andy’s shoulders as he thrusted deep and fast. 

Eventually it seemed time for my turn, and I didn’t know which I enjoyed more, the participating or the watching. But Andy had decided for me and soon enough I was making noises very similar to those that Iris had been making less than a minute ago. I had her climb on top of my face, and I licked the sweetness up from between her legs. Andy fucked me with the same animal intensity and I was struggling to subdue moans of pleasure as I attempted to keep attention on my mouth pleasuring Iris. 

Then without warning Andy pulled out much to my disappointment. I expressed as much with a little whine. Andy had not wanted the fun to end too early, so he stopped and went to retrieve something from the bedroom for a little intermission. He brought back our big magic wand vibrator and a smaller sucking toy, and Iris and I were tasked with seeing whether we could time our orgasms so we climaxed at the same time. 

Iris already mentioned that she often only takes a few minutes to orgasm with fingers alone. I couldn’t help but be a little jealous. We began playing with ourselves, sitting next to one another on the couch, toys in hand. 

As I got myself more and more turned on, I would lean over to kiss Iris passionately. I cupped her soft little face with one hand, kissing her while my other hand held the toy. My lips moaned into hers as I slowly got myself closer and closer. 

Iris was making it clear she was ready to cum the second I was, moaning and gasping, regarly pulling the toy away from her pussy to stop herself cumming. She was being such a good girl, holding off so we could cum together. 

I could feel my orgasm building in my body, a delicious twisting and clenching between my legs. The subtle feeling quickly intensified, coursing through my body. It felt like I was seconds away from the crashing wave of an orgasm, right on the edge, a tightness filling my entire body, ready for the inevitable release.

I turned to Iris who was watching me excitedly, ready to share in the mutual bliss of orgasms. I choked out a few half finished sentences to Iris, “Do you think you can….” “Oh god… I’m going to…” She nodded back at me clearly understanding what I was attempting to communicate between gasps. 

Before I could utter another barely-intelligible sentence, I was cumming. I fully admit I can be a little theatrical when I orgasm. I find it makes the experience all the more enjoyable when I let it course through my body, fully releasing and not holding anything back. And so I did exactly that. 

The ecstasy of climax flooded my senses as I looked at Iris. She had her eyes squeezed shut, mouth open slightly lost in her own pleasure. 

I couldn’t focus on what Iris was doing for very much longer because the intensity of

my orgasm became too much. I couldn’t hold anything in my mind, other than how good I felt at that moment. I was gasping and moaning loudly between short intakes of breath and mutterings of “fuck fuck fuck… oh god”. My head was tipped to the sky and my eyes were closed. 

The feeling pulsed through me in waves, and slowly my body began to relax until I was still and filled with a very satisfied, calm sensation. I was a little giddy from the after effects of such an intense orgasm and I giggled a little, looking to Andy and then to Iris who were both watching me by this point. 

But without too much time to catch our breath, Andy was between Iris’ legs, on his knees pushing his eager cock into her sensitive pussy, dripping with wetness from her orgasm moments ago. 

I watched the pair again, feeling my pussy clench. I wasn’t sure whether it was from the orgasm I had just had or if I was reacting to the scene unfolding in front of me. I had my answer a few minutes later, vibrator in hand again. All too quickly, I had my second orgam. I looked into Andy’s eyes lustfully as he to fuck Iris deeply, while he moaned at me, “Cum, cum for me…”.

It was only shortly after this that Andy stopped, too close to the edge himself and not wanting to finish just yet. He sat on the couch, this time Iris and I were on our knees. I already knew that Andy wanted to finish by making a big mess over both of our faces. 

Iris and I took it in turns. I sucked Andy’s cock all the way down, taking it to the back of my throat. I pulled back and Iris took my place doing the same, following my lead. After all the fun we had earlier, it didn’t take too long before Andy stood up, ready to explode all over our awaiting mouths. The second that he groaned to let us know that he was going to cum, I pulled my hands and mouth away, so his hard cock was twitching as it spurted ropes of cum all over Iris’ face. I smiled up at Andy in a slightly devious way, knowing I had pulled away from Andy at the perfect moment, meaning that he could cum but wasn’t fully satisfied. 

After the last bit of cum had dripped from Andy’s cock, I started licking the tip of his member with Iris, more gently this time, generating moans from Andy. I gathered there was a little frustration conveyed in the groans from Andy, but nonetheless, he seemed to be having fun with the teasing we were doing. Iris and I kissed up and down Andy’s cock and I licked up some of the remaining cum from the head. I drew Iris closer to bring her in for a kiss to share the little treat I held in my mouth. 

It only took a little more teasing, gently licking and sucking, before Andy was cumming again. Properly this time, as he stroked himself, releasing what was left onto Iris’ smiling face. Desperate for a taste, I pulled her in for a passionate kiss, our tongues mingling amongst the mixture of saliva and seed. 

I licked up what was left on her face, making sure she was all cleaned up. Then I scooped up the remaining cum off Andy’s cock with my fingers, placing them in Iris’ mouth. She sucked at them eagerly as I smiled at her approvingly. 

With my hand pressed on the back of Iris’ head, I kissed her passionately one last time. The taste of cum still lingering on both of our tongues. As I kissed her, I kept my gaze locked to Andy’s so he could be sure I was showing off, just for him. We pulled away from the kiss and I looked into Iris’ eyes to smile at her. She giggled lightly and it was clear she’d had fun showing off too. We had finished, certainly all very satisfied.

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