NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

Immy and I recently met a super hot, asian fitness girl/gym bunny this week and had an absolute blast with her. She’s ridiculously sexy, WILD in bed, incredibly sweet, very honest and open and has led a super interesting life. She’s usually been the more dominant one in her relationships (she usually dates women), and we had a fun time helping her open up to her more submissive side in the bedroom.

We met her through Immy’s Hinge, and the conversation was basically:

“Wow, you’re really cute! I’m Immy. I’m looking for something very specific on here.”

[Her response]

“My man and I (his name is Andy) enjoy exploring and teaching BDSM with women, helping them open up & explore in the bedroom. Is a BDSM/3some dynamic something you’d like to explore?”

[Short general conversation, then exchanging phone numbers, sending a few BDSM example photos/nudes back and forth, then organising a time for us all to meet up for a coffee.]

Our ninja girl didn’t have a cool sword like this though…

Immy and her (let’s call her “Miss Ninja” because she does martial arts!) went back and forth for a bit trying to organise a time to meet up (she was busy as she’d just moved into town), and eventually we all met up for a first date.

These days Immy and I keep our first dates pretty casual – usually just a coffee, or a chill hangout, without any sex. We prefer this over what we used to do years ago (having sex within an hour or so of meeting people), as it gives us more of a chance to make sure we all actually like each other before we shove our bits together 😉

So we meet up for the first date – grabbing some Poke bowl after work and hanging out. Immy and I arrive a little early, and we’re on the lookout for Miss Ninja, playing a fun game of, “Is that girl over there our date? No, that’s not her. Oh, is that girl our date? No, that’s not her.” Then we spot this super hot, fit Asian girl wearing tight skinny jeans, a tight pink singlet, her big breasts stretching the material and a very sexy vibe about her. Even the way she walked was sexy. I loudly say to Immy, “Oh shit, can she be our date? She’s fucking hot!”

We giggle a little to each other, dismissing the thought and going back to scanning for our actual date, before I notice that sexy woman – the woman I was drooling over – was our date. “Oh wait, I think that is her! Please be her!” I say to Immy, as we walk over to the girl. It was her! Even hotter up close, I smile at her as we exchange hugs & pleasantries, grabbing some dinner and making our way to a nearby river, sitting on some steps and watching boats casually drift by as we get to know each other.

As I look at her I definitely get very dominant, confident vibes from her – thinking to myself, “She’s a badass bitch!” (in the best possible way). As we later find out, she’s almost always taken the lead in her past relationships, mostly with women. She speaks very bluntly, is very to-the-point, and my mind fills with images of her pinning down some poor, helpless, submissive woman and having her way with her, doing whatever she wants to her, spending hours pleasuring her… oh god.

We chat about life, about our pasts, our jobs, our goals, our ambitions, sharing our stories & getting to know one another. I can’t help but love Miss Ninja‘s openness, her honesty & her vulnerability – and the fact she’s completely blunt & doesn’t worry about phrasing things “perfectly”. A truth-teller, after my own heart – exactly what Immy and I look for in the women we date and the friends we have in our lives. Oh, and it helps that she’s god damn sexy too.

Normally on a first date would talk about sex, our likes and dislikes, to get a feel for what we all might want to do together, but the conversation is flowing so well it doesn’t seem necessary to push it in that direction. After an hour or two she says she has to go, so we say our goodbyes, and she gives us both a big hug. A very strong, warm, embracing hug, and I notice her really giving me a good squeeze. “God I love people who can hug well”, I think to myself, and we say goodbye.

A few days later we’re setting up the second date and we ask her if she’d like to try some BDSM, play around a little bit together, and get down to what we all knew we were there to do. She’s keen, we invite her straight over, and we go downstairs to meet her. She’s wearing this cute summer dress, her curves and big boobs nicely filling out the outfit, and I can’t help but think again, “Damn she’s hot”.

We head upstairs and chill on the couch for a bit, the 3 of us making small-talk, until I eventually ask what BDSM stuff she’s tried, what she wants to try, etc. Turns out she only had 1 BDSM experience many years ago and loved it, spending hours dominating her girlfriend at the time. We talk about what things she wants to try, she gives the answer Immy and I have heard quite a lot: “I’m not sure – I’ll try anything” and the discussion then turns to rope bondage/shibari.

Before I have time to blink Immy’s gotten the rope out and Miss Ninja is standing there naked in my living room, her perfectly-firm, big tits grabbing my attention. Immy gently kisses her softly, the sounds of their kisses making me throb already as Immy then starts to tie her, stopping every few seconds to kiss her softly again. Women always have such a sensual, soft way of kissing each other; it always drives me crazy every single time.

I move behind Miss Ninja and she seems eager to kiss me, arching her back and tilting her head up to me as I cup her firm tits, leaning down and kissing her softly, then more passionately, my hands squeezing her body and feeling her firmness all over. Her efforts in the gym clearly paying off, as her muscular, toned and fit body feels so good under my grip, my hand wrapping around her throat and squeezing softly as she moans oh so delightfully, only making me want her even more.

The 3 of us alternate between kissing, touching, moaning, and tying the ropes, my cock fully hard now as I pull her hair a little, biting her neck, whispering in her ear, “You are so incredibly sexy”, a look of lust on her eyes like a sex banshee. “My god”, I think, “I fucking want her.” Containing myself, we keep teasing her as we tie, until eventually she’s wrapped in rope and looking oh so pretty.

Here’s an image of Immy with the same pattern we tied on Miss Ninja (minus the flowers).

I sink to my knees so her tits are level with my face, and she pushes my head towards her tits, her confidence with taking initiative clearly showing. I can’t help but moan, loving women who know what they want, as I roughly grab her tits and suck hungrily, needing more of her, wanting her already, feeling my lust build.

Wanting more, I eagerly pick her up and carry her to the bedroom and the bed with Immy in tow, stopping momentarily at the full-length mirrors to show her how hot she looks (especially her ass – those squats and thrusts are obviously paying off!)

Laying her down gently on the bed, the ropes tight on her smooth skin, Immy and I kiss her softly, caressing her body, teasing her with our touch, whispering in her ear, “I think we’re going to have to make you wait, make you beg, make you earn your pleasure… don’t you?” With a sexy smile she whispers, “Yes”, and we go to work, our hands, fingers, lips and tongue on her neck, her shoulders, her lips, her chest, her nipples, her legs. I pull gently on the rope as it presses against her clit, making her moan, her hips starting to gyrate up and down, her body clearly responding to our touch.

We continue teasing her, my fingers gently reaching down between her legs to tease her clit a little. The rope is in the way so we untie the ropes, removing them from her body and grabbing her wrists, pinning them above her head. We wrap them in bondage tape, restraining her as she moans, a giant smile on her face the entire time, clearly loving every second of this. I reach down between her legs and oh my god is she wet… wetter than anyone I think I’ve ever met. “I get very wet, very easy” she moans, clearly reading my mind. “It’s like your super power” I say back, sliding a finger inside her, as her perfect body arches up in the air, desperate and needy for more.

I shove a finger in hard, deep, making her cry out in pleasure as her tight, wet, perfectly shaved pussy sucks in my finger, her moans only making Immy and I want her even more. Immy kisses her softly but passionately, the two of them looking so sexy as I finger her hard for 10 seconds, then very gently for 10 seconds, then hard, then gentle, going back and forth, driving her a little wild. My cock throbs painfully in my pants, but I hold back, wanting to take my time teasing her, owning her, making her Immy’s and my little toy for the afternoon. Besides, waiting only makes it more pleasurable…

Crops are so much fun.

We take our time with some of our impact toys, spanking her with our whip, our crop and our hands. Starting very gently at first, she asks for more, and we progress to harder and harder slaps and spanks. My god she has an insanely-high pain tolerance, as I spank her legs and butt as hard as I can without her even flinching. I even spank her on her pussy and she doesn’t even flinch, even when I hit her with about 75% force. What a trooper.

Immy has a go too, of course going one-twentieth as hard as I am (Immy’s always been a total sweetiepie with other women) and Miss Ninja tells her, “You can do it harder than that.” We continue this fun game of alternating between fingering her dripping wet pussy, spanking her, teasing her, kissing her and choking her, and the more we give, the more desperate she seems for more, more, more.

Exactly the kinda girl we like.

As Immy spanks her, caresses her and plays with her, I move up next to Miss Ninja’s face and gently kiss her forehead, caressing her softly and holding her gently as I whisper, “How does that feel?” She smiles and nods as I hold her gently, whispering in her ear, “You want us to own you, don’t you. Make you our little toy…” She moans and nods as I continue caressing her, mixing in some gentleness to balance out some of the rough/passionate stuff, wanting her to feel oh so good. Every time she looks at me I lose a little bit more of myself in her lust-filled eyes, wondering in that moment whether it’s me owning her, or her owning me…

Immy can’t help herself anymore, desperate to taste Miss Ninja now as she slides between her legs. I lean down and kiss Miss Ninja passionately, her eyes so full of lust as she leans up to make out with me, almost desperate for it. We both look down at Immy and watch her licking, teasing, and sucking on Miss Ninja’s cute little clit, Immy’s face so sexy as she goes to town. “God, doesn’t she look so pretty like that, eating your little pussy?” I whisper, and Miss Ninja can only nod.

We stay like that for a little while, Immy’s cute little moans and the sound of her licks filling the air, the two of them driving me crazy and we’ve barely even gotten started. We pause for a bit to blindfold Miss Ninja, then lay her down as I grab our big magic wand vibrator (this one). I turn it on to the lowest setting, hold it against her clit, and it’s barely a minute before she says, “Oh god, I’m going to cum.”
“No you’re bloody-well not!” I say, smiling, as I pull the vibrator away, and she smiles under the blindfold, clearly loving being teased and denied.

We continue like that a few more times, me holding the vibrator against her dripping wet clit until she almost cums, then pulling it away at the last possible second, with her each time smiling and enjoying the feeling of being denied. I can’t help but think she’s a very good girl for telling us when she’s about to cum, so I lean down and kiss her, whispering, “You’re such a good girl for not cumming without permission.”
“I want to be a good girl for you both” she replies, which only makes my cock throb harder… but that’ll have to wait.

Warburton pinwheels might look scary, but they feel so good.

We go back to gently teasing her, using a few different toys including a Wartenberg pinwheel, some ice cubes and the whips and crops, taking our time with her incredible body. Cupping her massive, firm tits and sucking on them, I whisper to her, “Are these real?” already sure of the answer.
“No”, she says, telling us the story of how they were a gift from her mother when she first turned 18… (Maybe we’ll get her on the podcast to tell that story in her own words). “They’re fucking hot. You’re fucking hot.” I moan as I suck on them more, my hand wrapping around her throat again, squeezing hard, making her moan as Immy gently teases her body with the ice cubes. Her tanned skin covered in goosebumps as I once again find myself throbbing so hard I can barely think straight.

Again I go back to fingering her hard, pounding away at her dripping wet pussy (it’s blowing my mind how dripping wet she is, and how it just keeps flowing… one of my absolute biggest turnons). Her moans of lust fill the room as I feel myself losing control, as I look over at Immy and smile, a huge grin on her beautiful face. I pull Immy close and kiss her passionately, whispering in her ear, “Sit on her face. Make her lick your little pussy.” She quickly obliges, stripping nude and straddling Miss Ninja, who hungrily starts lapping at her pussy, making Immy moan. I moan too, the two of them turning me on so much, their toned, fit bodies looking so fucking hot to me.

Immy reaches for one of our metal dildos (this one) and slides it deep inside Miss Ninja, immediately making her moan as Immy grinds against her face, the two of them driving each other crazy. I start to lose my mind, the idea of being the “Cool, calm Dom who’s in control” starting to slip. I strip naked, Miss Ninja still blindfolded and Immy’s eyes closed in pleasure as she rides Ninjas face, my cock hard and throbbing now. I think about throwing on a condom and sliding straight into Miss Ninja, taking her, using her pussy for my own pleasure, owning her, possessing her… but I hold back, knowing that as soon as I start, I will no longer be in control.

Instead I get Immy to turn around, facing me doggystyle, her cute little butt in the air, her dripping wet pussy lips facing me. She spreads a little and keeps playing with the metal toy inside Miss Ninjas pussy, thrusting it in and out roughly, the sounds of both of their moans filling the room. “What will the neighbours think?” I think to myself, Miss Ninja’s cries of pleasure echoing about the room. Immy’s beautiful, toned back shudders as she slams the toy in and out and I can’t help myself, pulling her back into me a little, my cock slipping deep inside her in an instant. “Fuckkkkk” I moan, going gently at first… knowing I’ll have to take it slow if I have any chance of holding off for more than a minute or two, the two of them having already driven me to the edge before I even undressed myself.

I thrust a little faster, slapping Immy’s cute little perky bum, as Miss Ninja moans louder and louder, “God you two sound so good” she cries and I lose it a little, pounding Immy harder and harder, moaning myself, losing myself in the feel of Immy’s tight wet pussy and the sight of Miss Ninja’s fit, toned, beautiful body sprawled out on the bed, her perky firm tits shaking, body arching, as I lean forward to play with her clit while Immy slams the toy in and out of her dripping wet pussy. “How the hell is she still this wet?” I think, but my animal instincts take over as I fill Immy, the room thick with the scent of sex, lust and passion.

At some point Miss Ninja’s blindfold comes off, we change positions, and Immy grabs the big vibrator again, teasing Miss Ninja with it and getting her right to the edge then stopping at the last possible second, over and over again, making her lose her mind, desperate and needy for release. Immy clearly gets off on the power of it, being in control, owning Miss Ninja as she cries out, “I want to be yours!” I’m caught up in my own pleasure, the feel of Immy’s pussy clenching around my cock almost sending me over the edge as I close my own eyes, opening them every few seconds to take in the sight of these two fit goddesses pleasuring each other – an absolute feast for the eyes.

“I’m going to cum!” Miss Ninja yells for what seems like the billionth time, and this time Immy says in a seductive, dominant, but sweet voice: “Hmmm, I think I might have to let you cum this time, don’t you think?” I say “No, don’t let her cum” but it’s too late, and within seconds Miss Ninja is moaning, screaming, arching her back, grabbing the sheets, shaking and twisting and jerking and shuddering as a wave of ecstasy floods over her, the sight of her pleasure almost making me explode immediately as I stop my thrusting, wanting to last just a little bit longer. “Holy fuck” is all I can manage to say, my eyes wide at how incredible she looks… jesus christ.

I slide out of Immy and let her lay down next to Miss Ninja as I leave the room to crank up the air-conditioning, the 3 of us absolutely dripping with sweat. I come back in to see the two of them snuggling, looking adorable, beautiful, innocent, sexy, sweet, exquisite, and fucking hot, all at the same time. Laying down next to Miss Ninja, I smile when she looks back at me and kisses me softly, smiling, as she wraps an arm around me. Immy and I both love girls who are super affectionate and very giving when it comes to hugs, snuggles, cuddles and caresses, especially after sex during that wonderful post-sex afterglow.

We cuddle for a while, talking and holding each other, as I gently kiss her cheek and her forehead, caressing her softly and telling her again what a good girl she was and what a good job she did. We lay like that for a while, holding each other, her hand seeking mine as she intertwines her fingers in mine, a smile on my face – I really do love affection and intimacy. After a while of us all laying in that blissful, peaceful state she asks the most adorable question in the most adorable way: “Are you guys hungry?” I tell her, “Not really, are you?” And she gets very adorable, skirting around the question, again asking us, “Well, um, are you guys hungry?”
Again I answer, “No, I’m not” and Immy says the same, “I’m not really hungry either, but if you’re hungry, we can go get some food.”

In a cute little voice (so much for me thinking she was this big, bad Dom girl I first envisioned, she turned out to be a total sweetheart), she says quietly, “Why aren’t you guys hungry?”
I glance at Immy, a big smile on both of our faces at how cute Miss Ninja is being, Immy explains, “Well, because I ate this morning.” Miss Ninja turns to me and asks, “How come you’re not hungry?” I smile, almost giggling now, “You know if you’re hungry, you’re allowed to say ‘I’m hungry, can we please get food’, right?”

She buries her head in the blanket a little and goes quiet, and I can’t help but think she’s the most adorable girl ever. “We can get some food in a bit” I say, reaching down between her legs, feeling how dripping wet she still is. Oh god, I probably shouldn’t have done that… lust immediately taking over as I find myself right back where I was 15 minutes ago, losing my mind and just fucking wanting her.

I shove two fingers in roughly, filling her, slamming them in and out as hard as I can as she moans, Immy quickly realising what’s going on underneath the blanket. Faster and faster I slam, my other hand wrapping around her throat as we kiss passionately, her moans once again filling the room, my cock rock hard again. I squeeze her throat hard, letting her know how much I want her, then lean down and whisper in her ear, “I want you to show me how you dominate women. I want you to make Immy feel so good. Own her. Make her yours.”

Lust fills her eyes but she seems to want to keep kissing me, so I finger her harder and harder, commanding Immy to lay down on the bed. I yank Miss Ninja up hard, pushing her into a doggystyle position over Immy. Again I kiss her hard, my hand around her throat, whispering in her ear, “Own her. Take her. Immy is yours, she wants you. I want you to show me what you like to do with women.” She hesitates, still not moving, so I grab her hand and place it around Immy’s throat, again saying, “Show me”.

Again she hesitates, and I repeat one last time, “Show me.” I look into her eyes, wondering why she’s hesitating, since she’s always been the one to take the lead with other women. “What are you waiting for?” I ask, my voice a little more gentle this time. Her eyes still full of lust, clearly extremely turned on, she says, “I’m waiting for… my present…” I smile a little, having some idea of what I think she might mean, as she pushes her butt against my hard cock a little.

Again I repeat, “What are you waiting for?” and again she says, “My present…” I gaze into her lust-filled eyes, feeling like I’m one second away from just absolutely losing my mind with how god damn hot she and Immy are both being, and that’s when I snap. My animal instinct takes over and I feel myself no longer thinking, unable to control myself, finally giving in to what she’s been prodding me to do the entire time – take her.

I grab a condom, slide it on, and without thinking I throw her down on the bed. Before I even realise what’s happening my thick cock is deep inside her, my hand on her throat, her eyes totally WILD at this point as she smiles wide, biting her lip, looking like a total sex banshee, a succubus who knows exactly what she wants and knows how to drive someone crazy enough they just have to give it to her. I feel like I’m out of my body, like I’m watching myself as I fuck her like an animal, looking over at Immy, pulling her closer and making the two of them kiss.

“Grab the toy” I say to Immy and she quickly grabs it, sliding it between her own legs as she starts getting herself off, watching me go absolutely crazy on Miss Ninja, shoving her legs wide as I fuck her hard, deep, wanting more and more of her. I lay down on top of her and wrap my arms around her, pulling her into me, my mind completely empty except for two words, “Holy shit”, repeating over and over again as I thrust harder and harder and harder. “Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, holy shit…”

Several times I almost cum, slowing down to look at Immy, “I want you to cum with me baby, get your little pussy off for me.” I lean down to Miss Ninja and bite her neck, her shoulder, moaning into her firm skin, the taste of her salty and sweat, making me feel possessed by her, unable to think straight. “Show off for Immy, I want you to moan for her, show her what a sexy girl you are.” She moans but doesn’t say anything so I say firmly, “Say ‘Yes sir'”. She obliges as I pound her harder and harder, “Yes sir”, feeling myself on the edge again, slowing down as I again beg Immy, “Fuck, please cum, I need you to hurry up, I can’t last much longer.”

Immy gets closer and closer as I pound away at Miss Ninja, slapping her, spanking her, which only serves to drive her crazier – and me even more crazy in the process. Immy starts to moan louder and louder, losing herself as she groans, “I’m gonna cum, oh god, can I cum? Please? Please please please please please!”
“Cum.” I command, my voice firm, as I stop thrusting, Miss Ninja and I staring at Immy, watching her body shake and pulse as she arches her back, “Oh god, oh god, I’m cumming!” Always theatrical and incredibly hot when she orgasms, Immy’s body lashes about, shuddering and shaking as she grips the bedsheets, her legs locked together as the toy sends her over the edge, my own orgasm threatening to explode as well.

I pull out and Miss Ninja turns towards me but I shove her towards Immy, making the two of them make out, kissing each other passionately as the last of Immy’s orgasm washes over her. I grab my dick and stroke, losing my mind at how good they both look, how incredible they both sound, how amazing they both feel. I slide off the condom and grab Miss Ninja, “Come here” I command as she rolls onto her back. I sit up on the bed, my cock aimed near her face as she instinctively opens her mouth, waiting for me, desperate for what she knows is coming…

“Tongue out” I command and she again obliges, my cum spurting out and hitting her hair, her mouth, her tongue, her chin, some of it hitting the bed as Immy watches, pleasure washing over me, my head spinning as I feel the throes of ecstasy rippling through me. Her face looking so good covered in my cum; a perfect mix of beautiful, sexy, and filthy. Just the way I like it.

I push her towards Immy as I stay kneeling, still shaking, my dick still dripping the last few drops of the evidence of my bodily crescendo, the two of them kissing passionately with my cum, sharing it between them, as Immy licks Miss Ninja’s face clean and then kisses her tenderly. I will never, for as long as I live, ever get sick of the sight of two girls kissing with my cum.

I collapse, spent, exhausted, sweaty, dripping, and unable to think, waves of blissful peace washing over me as I reach out for Miss Ninja, gently caressing her legs as I lay at the foot of the bed. The two girls gently cuddle and ask me a question I cannot recall, too tired to answer, too happy to care. We lay like that for a while, our second round of post-coital bliss, snuggling until I finally say, “Ok. Let’s get you some food.” She smiles, and finally accepts that yes, she is ready to admit that she is hungry and would like to go eat.

We shower, get dressed, me wrapping my arms around her as we wait for the elevator, making small talk as we make our way to a sushi restaurant. We eat, talk, share and laugh, and as I look at her in the restaurant I can’t help thinking again, “My god you are incredibly beautiful.”

We finish up, she pays for us (what an incredibly sweet human), we say our goodbyes and it ends the same way the first date did – with a tight, warm, affectionate embrace that makes me feel grateful I get to be alive experiencing moments like this, intimacy like this, with wonderful human beings like Miss Ninja and Miss Immy.

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