This is a follow-up to Musings of a Non-Completionist 2: The Hustle. Read that first.

I started this site just over a year ago, and it’s been an incredibly fulfilling journey so far. I’ve met some awesome people, been able to share in their stories, and I’ve written far more than I ever thought possible – 274,207 words (and another 140,793 words sitting in drafts). But why do I write?

I love seeing underdog stories. I always have. I love my own story for exactly this reason – I started out about as low as anyone possibly could be; depressed, suicidal, agoraphobic, in an abusive relationship and with an alcohol & porn addiction that crippled me. I’m proud of how far I’ve come, and it’s my mission to pull other guys out of the ruts they’re in and push them towards success. After all, if I’ve done it… you sure as hell can too.

I love the complete joy I feel when one of my clients who’s a virgin tells me he just got his first ever lay. The immense, overwhelming feeling of pride I get when I see the look on his face as he’s recounting the story, knowing this badass motherfucker just overcame one of the toughest challenges & mental hurdles he’ll ever face. I love knowing this is only the beginning – that in 3 months time he’ll be going on so many dates each week he’ll actually start to lose count.

I love that moment when we look back at how far he’s come, knowing where he started. I love the look of almost disbelief on his face as he’s sharing his successes each week, unable to fully grasp the fact that this is his life now. And it’s awesome.

I love the feeling of showing guys it’s possible to turn their life around and achieve things they never thought they could. I love that moment when it finally clicks and they realise they can have literally anything they want – as long as they’re willing to work for it. The sky’s the limit.

I love knowing I’m helping a tonne of guys avoid all the hellish pitfalls I had to go through in order to get here. I love knowing I can make other people’s lives even 1% better, or 1% easier; reduce their suffering by even 1%. For me, if I help even just one person, I’m happy.

I love knowing that all the ideas that are in my head won’t die; I get to write them down, put them on my site, and have them be immortalised for years to come. I love knowing everything I’ve struggled with, every hurdle I overcame, every moment of doubt and fear and insecurity and hopelessness wasn’t for nothing; it all got me to this moment here where I can use those struggles to help other people.

I love knowing my philosophies, my principles, my knowledge and the things I’ve learned aren’t fleeting or transient or momentary; if I put them on this site, they’ll endure forever.

I can’t imagine my life without this website, without my coaching, without being able to tell my story, without getting to share in other people’s successes every day. I’m fucking blessed; I know that. I never take it for granted, not for a single moment – and I never could.

That’s why I write for this site. But I’m more curious about you though:

Why do you read this site?

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Yo, Andy here. I’m an Aussie guy who went from a depressed, suicidal loser to a guy who gets laid regularly, has 3somes & BDSM sex, crushes weights at the gym & loves his life. I killed my inner loser. It's my mission to get you to kill your inner loser too.