A tonne of us start out thinking that getting laid is just a matter of being good at seduction. “If I say the right thing, act the right way, make her like me – she’ll let me eat her tuna taco.” Then we go out there and try our absolute hardest to win over every girl… but we find no matter what we do, some girls still aren’t into us.

The stubborn/dopey guys double down even harder, wasting years and years learning more and more pickup lines, “conversation routines”, “negs”, “push/pull techniques”, etc, in an effort to try and win over 100% of girls (which is impossible). The smart guys realise getting laid is just a numbers game – some girls will like you, some won’t, so the only way to get laid a lot (and with minimal effort/drama) is to hit on a lot of girls.

It’s like sales. You’re not trying to win over every person; you’re just looking for one buyer. Getting laid/retaining girls is basically you saying: “Here’s what I have to offer. Do you like what I’m offering? If you do, we’ll get together. If not, no worries.”

Andy, back in his pre-player days.

You can’t MAKE someone want what you’re offering. They either want it or they don’t. A particular girl will either want to sleep with you, or she won’t. You should obviously put in lots of effort and try your hardest to sleep with her, but if after you’ve done your best she still isn’t interested, you need to know when to move on and go hit on the next girl. The same applies to friends; you aren’t going to be best mates with everyone you ever meet.

Not everyone on this planet is going to like you. Don’t worry about the people who don’t gel with you – focus your energy on finding the ones you do click with. You can’t force everyone to like you – but I promise, there’s plenty of people out there who’ll think you’re bloody awesome.

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