Monthly archives: April, 2022

TRAIN Yourself to Enjoy Things You Hate (Pavlov’s Dog) [Productivity]

How to build habits when they’re seemingly impossible, using rewards.

The 18yo OnlyFans Queen (3some) [Lay Report]

A fun OnlyFans girl with a heart of gold.

7 Things I Wish I’d Known When I First Tried Getting Laid (Guest Post by PlayingWithFire) [Sex/Dating]

Alex from Playing With Fire drops some amazing wisdom from his successes and stumbles with getting laid.

What Comes After Sex?

Why thinking, “If I could just get laid a lot, my life would be perfect” is incredibly naïve and fundamentally wrong.

BDSM How-to Guides

All the BDSM guides and how-tos I’ve written.

You’re Ruining Society By Fucking Lots of Women? (Don’t Let Anyone Talk You Out of Your Goals) [Self-Improvement]

Probably the realest video I’ll ever do.

How to Unfuck your Finances [Money]

A how-to guide on pulling yourself out of living month-to-month and becoming successful with your finances.