Category: Storytime with Andy

Storytime with Andy: The Ginger Goddess & the Alleyway Girl

Andy goes for two in a row – one in an alleyway, and one in his room while his housemate tries to sleep…

Storytime with Andy: Going All-in with Getting Laid, and the Bang in a Public Toilet

Andy goes over the epiphany that made him stop fucking around and actually try to get laid.

Storytime with Andy: When to Talk Dirty, & a Girl Who Takes the Lead

Andy talks dirty with a girl, has some of the wildest sex of his life, and is left confused at the end of it all.

Storytime with Andy: The 18yo Nympho & Whether or Not You Should Help Someone

Andy goes wild on a very sexual 18yo nympho & does his best to mentor her… but it doesn’t quite work out.

Storytime with Andy: Andy Plays with a Prostitute’s Tits in Public

Andy fondles some big jubblies outside a brothel, because why the hell not.

Storytime with Andy: Andy is Spellbound by a Witch

Andy dabbles in the dark arts…

Storytime with Andy: The Daddy’s Girl who Liked to be Humiliated

Andy shares the tale of a very submissive, very kinky young lady…

Storytime with Andy: The Korean, the Paddle, and the Sore Ass

Andy talks about that time he dished out a paddling on the cutest Korean with a big round booty… And his struggles with his body image.

Storytime with Andy: Andy, his Girl & the Cute Stripper

Andy looks back at a fun night with his girlfriend & a cute stripper.

Storytime with Andy: 3some with Sunflower Girl

Andy reminisces about a mediocre 3some…

Storytime with Andy: When I had Unrealistic Standards, I Didn’t Get Laid

Andy makes another case for not having sky-high standards.

Storytime with Andy: That Time I Banged a Girl I Just Met

Andy reminisces about the time he banged a girl he met out on the street.

Storytime with Andy: A Retroactive Look Back at My First 3some

Cover image by Markus Spiske.

Andy reminisces about his very first 3some back in 2018.

Storytime with Andy: Andy and His Girlfriend Bang a 6ft1 Giant

Andy shags a vertically-blessed giant, and then his girlfriend joins in too.

Storytime with Andy: My Girlfriend Takes a Girl’s Virginity (Nike Girl)

Andy and his girlfriend deflower the world’s sweetest African virgin.

Storytime with Andy: Assorted Tidbits from My Dating Past

Andy shares some random musings & goofy stories from his bed.


Andy tells you why you shouldn’t trust any guy who says he gets laid without showing proof – and Andy shows his own proof.

Storytime with Andy – How I Used to Get Laid on Craigslist

Andy gives an ode to Craigslist Casual Encounters.

Storytime with Andy: The Girl Who Knew Nothing About Sex


Andy meets a girl who doesn’t know her clit from her elbow. Oh, and bananas.

Storytime with Andy: The Time a Girl Tried to Give Me Herpes

Andy dodges STDs like a celebrity dodging taxes.