NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

Here’s a story from April 2019 of a cute stripper chick my girlfriend brought us from Tinder. I posted about it on the Good Looking Loser Forums back then; I’m bringing it over here to archive it on my own site. As always, any parts in blue are direct quotes from the old post I initially wrote.

My girl and I met this chick on Tinder using my copy-paste BDSM lines.

The template I gave my girl to use is:

“Hey, you’re sexy. I’m looking for something very specific on here.”
“I have a master who’s been teaching me BDSM, and instructed me to find a girl for us to both teach. Do you have experience with being submissive/BDSM, or is it something you’d like to be taught?”

We had no idea this girl was a stripper (it’s not on her bio and she didn’t mention it in text); she was upfront in person tho and told us as soon as we met her. That’s normally a dealbreaker for me, but I took my own advice and kept an open mind. I told myself we’d talk to her for an hour or two before deciding whether to have sex with her, to make sure she doesn’t have “stripper baggage”.

Glad I did, because she’s surprisingly intelligent, mature and sweet. She went to a Steiner school, has travelled all around the world, and is pretty cool to hang out with.

Asked her if she’s cool with me taking pics, she said sure. This is something you should do with EVERY girl; don’t ever take pics without asking.

Here’s a vid too:

Here’s my girl picking her up. I make her do this to every girl we bang, because it amuses me:

This girl was on her period, and so was my girl, so we just spent an hour tying her up and teasing her with my toys, choking her, slapping her, whispering dirty shit in her ear, and talking about random stuff.

That’s one of my favourite things to do – rub a girl’s clit and get her so insanely horny, while also just having a normal conversation with her. They try so hard to concentrate and keep the conversation going, but since you’re rubbing their pussy and turning them on, they really struggle to even talk. I love teasing them about it too, “How come you’re not talking, you’re just moaning? I’m trying to talk to you here and you seem distracted. Is something distracting you? I wonder what it could be?”

The vast majority of BDSM stuff I do is fun psychological stuff like this – teasing a girl and getting her all horny and” frustrated”.

My mindset on chicks who strip has changed a bit in the last year – I’m far less judgemental than I was in this story. If a chick wants to strip, it’s her fucking life.

I’m still much hotter than she was though:

Feel free to copy what I did here – if you have a bisexual girl you’re seeing, ask her if she wants to find girls on Tinder for the two of you to meet. You can use the BDSM line I wrote above; or use this much tamer version.

Until next time, legends.

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