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It’s that time again, lads, so gather round and we’ll reminisce about one of my old lay stories. Let’s explore the circus performer with giant tits who ghosted my after our first bang.

The story below was originally posted on the Good Looking Loser Forums on June 2018. Any parts in blue are direct quotes from the old post I initially wrote.

Ok wtf guys, circus chicks love me or something. This is the second circus performer I’ve hooked up with in 2 weeks.

This chick was nervous before the date, so I didn’t screen her too hard or talk too sexually in conversation – just some light stuff including “Are you going to be a good girl for me tonight?” before the date and that’s about it.

Soon as I met her, I literally said to her “Jesus, you are WAY cuter than your pics, what the hell”. She is REALLY sexy – she has a fucking sexy face, and her body is amazing – huge tits, abs, lots of muscles from all the circus shit. We wrestled for a bit and she’s pretty strong. One of the sexiest girls I’ve fucked. She is like 3 times hotter than her pics.

Since starting this BDSM stuff, this is my first legit hot girl. Had to fuck a lot of chubby girls to get here but it’s worth it (no disrespect to the fatties; I’ll keep smashing ya!)

We went to a bar, had a drink and chatted for an hour, pretty laid back. Then I took her by the hand and walked her back to mine and fucked.

Didn’t take any photos – I asked her and she said no.

She’s REALLY inexperienced – she said she’s only had sex with 2 guys before me, and one was awful and they didn’t have much sex. It really showed – she doesn’t know how to kiss, she freaked out when I came on her face, she was awkward as shit the entire time. She’s never watched porn (she’s against it) and doesn’t masturbate. She’s just “awkward”. But holy fuck her body and her face more than made up for it… She made me cum 3 times literally just from looking at her.

Her tits are fucking HUGE too, way bigger than in her Tinder pics. They’re perfectly firm. God damn she’s hot.

I don’t like her personality though… it’s hard to explain but she’s incredibly fucking awkward. Like she’s always on edge and doesn’t know how to relax. And not knowing how to kiss (and not wanting to learn) is a huge turn-off for me; kissing is a HUGE part of sex for me.

I’ll see her again just for how fucking SEXY her body and face is. I really hope she chills out a bit the second time, like Woody Allen did (I’ve banged woody allen 5 times now, and all the neurosis/nervousness has completely gone… she’s now just a normal chick).

I will call this girl Circus Chick (Not to be confused with Clown Girl).

Despite having a hell of a lot of fun, she didn’t end up seeing me again. When I hit her up for round 2, she replied, “I was under the impression this was only ever to be a one-time thing.” It seemed like such a strange thing to say; who the hell goes into sex wanting it to only be one-and-done? In hindsight, her strange reply matched her very weird, awkward personality – as I said above, she was very very akward during sex. There was something a bit “off” about her that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

But hey, maybe she just wasn’t that into me – no hard feelings. I’ll admit it annoyed me quite a bit at the time (I was still very insecure, and very sensitive to rejections – we’re talking back in 2018). I was over it a week later.

If you find the same thing happening to you – a girl doesn’t see you a second time – go read my Retention Guide. I go over absolutely every single thing that’ll help you keep girls around longer.

However, sometimes you’ll do everything “perfectly”, but she still won’t see you. In those cases, you likely didn’t do anything wrong – she probably just wasn’t looking for the same thing you were.

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