Read the title.

You’ve wanted to work on your goals for a long time – whether that’s going outside and talking to girls, or starting your own business, or having crazy sex, losing your virginity, or whatever goal has been nagging away at you.

But you’ve made excuses; you’ve told yourself you’ll do it “when the time is right” or “when I have more free time”.

You’ve told yourself you’ll talk to that cute girl later, “when I’ve lost a bit more weight”, or “after I finish my finals at university”, or whatever other BS excuse you tell yourself. You watch other people crushing their goals, you see me talking about my own success and sharing my coaching client testimonials, and you tell yourself you’ll “get around to it soon”.

No more procrastinating.

No more excuses.

Today I want you to take ONE BABY STEP towards your goals – one tiny little step.

If that’s going outside and talking to a girl – go do it.

If that’s putting in 30 minutes of effort towards starting your own side-hustle – go do it.

If that’s going for a 1hr walk to start losing some weight – go do it.

If it’s hitting me up for a coaching call – go do it.

If it’s sitting down and writing a list of your goals and things you want to achieve, and then getting started – go do it.

But if you sit around continuing to procrastinate, and make excuses, and wait for “the right time”, life is going to pass you by.

Your goals aren’t going to wait forever. Time to start taking yourself seriously.

The only reason I’ve achieved everything I’ve achieved in my life is because I stopped making excuses and I started taking action.

Make it happen.

Get started.

Right now.

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