Someone recently asked this question and started a discussion on ways to make money online:

I put together a quick brainstorm of ideas I’ve seen other people implement and be successful with. As with almost everything, if you go all-in and take your goals seriously, you can be successful at pretty much anything you choose. You can make money with every idea on this list, if you’re willing to work for it.

1. Sell your skills on Fiverr.

This is exactly what my girlfriend does in her free time. Everybody is decent at something; if you really can’t think of a skill you can sell, then teach yourself something basic like video editing, Photoshop, copywriting (writing articles) – and sell those.

2. Write an ebook or two.

Sell it on Amazon, or through an affiliate sales website (where other people will sell your book for you and take a commission). Or sell it through your own site – a blog you own, or set up a splash page/landing page.

3. Do Skype/Zoom coaching on a topic you’re knowledgeable.

Just like I do. Start the way I did – contribute on a forum, give out a tonne of free advice, and when you’ve built up a reputation, people will want to pay you for tailored 1-on-1 advice.

4. Write a blog like mine.

And make money through coaching, affiliate links, donations, etc. (I only recommend this if you’re willing to work your ass off; as I talked about here, this journey has been hell for me at times. You will NOT get rich fast doing this, and it will NOT be easy. This site is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I’ve done a lot). You also have to be prepared to go all-in and pour your heart and soul into building your blog and your audience.

5. Set up an online store selling [insert almost any product you could think of here].

Buy the products cheap from China – use Aliexpress, or buy even cheaper in bulk from Alibaba. Add your own logo to them, or bundle them with another cheap product – do something to make your product look more “upmarket”. Then sell it on ebay/Amazon/your own website.

6. Write posts on Medium.

Medium pays people per article, and the more traffic the article gets, the more you’ll get paid. If you’re not sure what to write about, just pick anything you have some experience in. Weight loss? Gym? Style? Maybe you’re an expert on cooking? Maybe you’ve got insights into your job/industry? Maybe you just want to write entertainment posts? Fan-fiction? There’s plenty you can write about.

7. Stream on Twitch.

Get money from subs and donations. If you play video games, awesome – but you don’t have to be a gamer to stream. Examples of non-gaming Twitch streamers who’ve found success:

  • Kitboga (he calls up scammers and fucks with them)
  • HealthyGamerGG (he does mental health counselling with people)
  • Richard Lewis (he’s a journalist who does reports and also just long rants sometimes)
  • DrawWithJazza (he streams himself drawing art and talking to his twitch chat)
  • ThatViolinChick (she streams herself playing music and talking to her twitch chat)

8. Edit other people’s YouTube videos for them.

It won’t take you long to teach yourself basic video-editing (you could learn it in a week), then hit up a bunch of smaller Youtubers and offer to edit their videos. You may have to work for free at first until the channel grows and they can afford to pay you. Or you may be able to negotiate a small wage, and increase it as their channel grows.

9. Narrate books on Audible.

Go search for “public domain” books that don’t already have an audio book version, and record yourself reading them using a decent-quality microphone. Pay someone on Fiverr to mix it and edit it for you, then upload your recording to Audible and make money for each sale.

10. Start a website where you do product reviews.

Earn money through Amazon affiliate links (like I have with my How to Increase Your Height article). You can also reach out to companies and ask for a free review copy, so you’re not spending your own money. Not everybody is going to give you free review copies when you’re just starting out, but as you grow, you’ll start having more “clout” and will have more companies saying yes to your requests.

11. Post about your sexual encounters.

Use affiliate links to make money through recommending toys you use yourself. Like I have with articles like Miss Giggles + Immy’s Thoughts on the 3some. Some of the sex toy companies I use for affiliate links:

Should go without saying, but always ask permission when taking nudes of girls.

12. Write and sell erotic novels on Amazon.

Sell them as Kindle books. They can be short, aimed mostly at women, and you should be able to write one book each weekend. Pay someone on Fiverr to create cover art for you to make it look more professional.

13. Start your own YouTube channel.

Make money through Patreon, affiliate links, sponsorships, and ad revenue. Bare in mind just like starting your own blog/website, it’ll likely take you a lot of effort to build up an audience and make a lot of money.

14. Be a social media influencer.

That means building up a tonne of Instagram/TikTok/etc followers (usually by posting photos of yourself/what you’re up to each day/entertaining content), and then using your influence to get sponsorship deals/people paying you to talk about their products/etc.

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