NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

This story’s going to be a lot different to usual – my girlfriend wrote the last part of it from her perspective. So if you’ve ever wondered what a 3some is like from a girl’s perspective, stay tuned.

Solo Mission – Round 1

I’ll keep the first half of this story short; I know you care about the 3some, you dirty 3some-perv.

So I met this girl on Tinder a couple weeks ago. Decided to be a lot more explicit than my usual short BDSM line; every now and then I like to mix things up, try something new. When you’ve had a lot of lays, you’ve gotta keep shit fresh.

Once I got her number, we chatted for a bit, and I pitched a meetup for the next day. Before I’d even said where we were gonna meet, she asked for my address. She’s the 3rd girl in a week to ask for my address and assume she’s just coming straight over, even though I haven’t invited them over. (Previous girls were here and here). I’m guessing it’s because of COVID or something – all the bars/cafes are closed, so girls just assume we’ll meet at mine.

She comes over, and just like the last girl, she’s way cuter in person. I tell her that, and she giggles like crazy, blushing and looking down at the floor. This turns out to be a theme – literally any time I compliment her, she blushes and giggles and looks away. So going forward, she shall henceforth be known as:

~ ~ ~ Miss Giggles ~ ~ ~

Miss Giggles turns out to be a lot of fun – she has a really hot body, is very thin, with cute tits. She sent me this pic before we met up:

We talk for a bit – she’s a cool chick, studying law, quite intelligent and very happy-go-lucky. I take her into the bedroom and get her to face my full-length mirror, with me behind her. I slowly undress her, while making her look at herself in the mirror, staring into her own eyes. Girls love doing this; they get mesmerised by watching themselves, especially if you whisper dirty words into their ear the entire time.

When she’s naked, I get some baby oil and completely cover her in it, telling her to keep looking at herself in the mirror. She’s in a trance at this point, and I whisper in her ear, “Look how good you look. You’re so fucking sexy, aren’t you?” She giggles, but doesn’t break eye contact with herself, as my hands run over her body, playing with her tits, oiling them up.

I reach up and wrap my hand around her throat, squeezing passionately and she moans, as I whisper in her ear, “I’m going to take my time teasing you, making you beg for it.” This only makes her moan more.

I get out my collar and leash and gently wrap it around her neck, just tight enough that she feels a constant gentle pressure, and I pull on the leash, instructing her to get on the bed. I take my time teasing her some more, going down on her, and holy shit she’s sensitive – like, too sensitive. She tells me she can’t handle much clit play because it’s too much for her, and even if I lick her as gently as possible, barely even moving my tongue, she can’t stop herself from almost screaming.

I try licking fast for a bit and she wasn’t joking – she literally pushes me off and begs, “Please be super gentle, it’s really too sensitive.” This should be fun.

I tie her wrists with some rope and have a lot of fun rubbing all around her pussy, teasing her – she’s so sensitive I can pleasure her by rubbing near her pussy. I get out my magic wand vibrator and her eyes widen – most girls do this when you first pull it out. The thing is fucking massive. Needless to say, we only play with it for a little bit… it was way too intense for her.

Eventually I’ve had enough teasing so I grab Giggles, flip her over, throw on a condom (using my condom trick to make it feel better) and start pounding her from behind. I’m yanking on the chain, pulling her head back as I fuck her, spanking her ass and telling her how fucking sexy she looks. Of course, true to her name she keeps giggling – it’s fucking hilarious seeing her moaning and giggling at the same time, getting off while also cracking up.

Her body is driving me wild just looking at it and within a couple of minutes I feel like I can’t take much more, so I change positions to give myself a mini break and stop from cumming. She’s riding me on top, which just makes it worse – she looks so damn good bouncing up and down on me, so after another 30 seconds I change positions again to stop from cumming.

I lay her down and go nuts on her, pounding her as hard as I can, with her moaning like crazy underneath me, her body arched up into the air. I tell her she’s turning me on like crazy and you know what I’m going to say next: she giggles.

Eventually I pull out and cum all over her tits, neck and chin and collapse on the bed next to her, both of us pretty satisfied.

We hang for a bit then I walk her back to car (I always recommend walking girls to their car/train station, rather than just kicking them out – it’ll massively help with retaining girls. Girls love a gentleman).

Afterwards I texted her my usual sexual bucketlist text:

Solo Mission – Round 2

I meet Miss Giggles again a week later, and I tell her we’re going to tick off some of the things on her bucketlist.

I strip her naked (god I love that body) and blindfold her, and she’s wet already, coating my fingers as I reach down to play with her. I lay her down and we experiment with some hot wax (I use these coloured candles), dripping it all over her body, especially around her nipples. She absolutely gets off on this, and as each drop hits her skin she moans like crazy, arching her back, and generally being hot as shit. I tell her how good she looks and, you guessed it, she giggles.

I ask her if she wants to try some anal stuff, since she’s never done anything before other than a finger, once. She nods, and I tell her, “If at any point it feels even remotely uncomfortable, tell me. This is supposed to feel fucking amazing the entire time – it’s supposed to feel good.” She nods, nervously.

I do basically everything I listed in my How to Have Anal Sex Guide – lots of lube, using the buttplugs that increase in size, and being very gentle. After about 10 minutes of play, she’s up to the biggest buttplug and absolutely loving it. I ask her if she wants to try my cock and she’s very nervous but says yes. Again I remind her, “Remember this is meant to feel good. If it feels even the slightest bit uncomfortable at any point, tell me.” She agrees.

Lots of lube, a condom, and lots of patience – and 5 minutes later my cock slips inside her ass. We stay still for a bit as I let her get used to the size, but she quickly starts grinding very gently and moaning. I like to do this the first time a girl is trying anal sex – when my cock first slides in her ass, I remain completely still, and leave it up to her to start moving if she wants to, going at her own pace.

A couple minutes later she’s grinding a lot more passionately, pushing back on me, and I start sliding all the way in and all the way out very slowly, teasing her, making sure she enjoys it. And holy shit she does – she’s moaning like crazy. I tell her she looks hot and holy shit, for the first time she doesn’t giggle – she’s too wrapped up in her own pleasure.

We go a little harder, a little more passionately, and after a few minutes I pull out, taking off the condom and putting on a new one (never use the same condom to go from ass -> pussy). I slide in her pussy and start fucking her as hard as I can, making her moan like crazy, and within a minute or two I’m ready to blast. I pull out and cum on her face then do my “superhero trick” – immediately put on another condom and slide back inside her pussy, fucking her some more. After a minute or two I pull out and collapse next to her, catching my breath, the two of us completely spent.

“For a girl who’s never done anal before, you did a fucking good job, young lady.”

The 3some Mission

That was the warm-up; now for the real deal.

I already knew Giggles was bisexual (I asked her over text before meeting her). I texted her some photos of my girlfriend and made sure she was down:

I’ve said it a million times; 3somes really aren’t that hard, once you know how to do them. Go read my How to Have 3somes Guide. It’s just a matter of asking every girl, and a few of them will say yes.

About 30 minutes before she and my girlfriend are due to come round, I pump my dick up nice and juicy with my Bathmate pump (I’ve talked about how to use it here). I’ve been using the pump a lot more recently – I’m aiming to use it with most girls I have sex with, the first time we bang. It really does make sex a lot more fun – your dick is more sensitive, it fills up more of her pussy, and the ego boost from her saying, “Wow your dick is huge” always feels nice. Except this time, as you’ll see below, it kinda worked against me…

Giggles and my girlfriend both arrive at roughly the same time, and we talk for a little bit, hanging out on the couch. As I said in my 3some guide, the start of the 3some doesn’t have to be smooth; mine rarely are. I just randomly say, “Ok let’s go into the bedroom and do some shibari” and we all walk in. Not smooth, not sexual, not flirty – who gives a fuck.

We strip off Giggles and I play with her tits a bit, and she’s back to her giggly self, barely able to keep a straight face. As I’m pinching her nipples and caressing her body, my girlfriend undresses and comes over with some rope.

We follow a YouTube tutorial and did what’s called a “dragonfly armbinder” pattern – looks pretty cool. I talk about it more here, including a tutorial of how you can tie this exact rope pattern yourself. I’d previously already asked her if she’s cool doing some photos for me to put up on the net, but I double-check with her again and she doesn’t really give a shit.

Giggles and my girlfriend are full-on making out at this point, and I’m torn between my artistic side and my horny side… do I do the responsible thing and take more photos so I have more content for my site, or do I follow my dick and join in with them?

If you’re a red-blooded man like me, you already know which option you’d choose, so I reluctantly put down my camera and throw myself into the mix. The two of them are naked now and turn to me as I undress, and I jokingly tell them I’ll strip for them. Both of them look at me expectantly and I say, “No, fuckoff, don’t watch me undress or I’ll get self-conscious.” I’m only half-joking… as I said in a previous article, I still feel like a “fat guy”. After so many years as a chubby dude, it’s still a bit weird to me that girls like my body now, and I’m often still a little self-conscious.

You’ll likely find the same thing happens to you as you improve yourself; sometimes you have imposter syndrome, even after you’ve started getting success. Sometimes your self-esteem/opinion of yourself takes a little time to catch up to your results.

Back to the sexy sex: We lay her down on the bed and tease her for a while, my girlfriend sucking on one tit while I suck on the other, both of us smiling at each other. After a while neither of us can take it anymore so I get behind my girlfriend and start fucking her, spooning her from behind as I slide in and out, while she keeps playing with Giggles‘ tits and pussy, gently.

It’s so god damn hot fucking one girl while watching her play with another girl – especially seeing them make out. Girls kiss so damn gently and softly – they’re always really soft and tender with each other. There’s something so hot about it, especially if you get rough and start fucking the shit out of them, spanking them, choking them, being wild – they still keep being gentle with each other. That juxtaposition of rough paired with gentle at the same time is hot as hell.

My girl gets out one of my other vibrators (this one) and uses it on Giggles. It’s a completely different type of pleasure for girls – it uses a “suction pulse”, instead of vibrating – girls say it feels like someone’s sucking on their clit. Some girls like it more than the wand vibrator – it’s much direct on their clit (you put it right on the clit), rather than the wand vibrator which covers the whole area. My girlfriend much prefers the suction vibrator over the magic wand.

I pound my girl for a couple of minutes and feel like I can’t take much more, so I have to slow down, and I pull out. I go down on Giggles, licking her softly while my girlfriend makes out with her, giving myself a chance to calm down so I don’t cum too quickly. After a few more minutes, we start back up again.

I fuck my girlfriend from behind doggystyle, pounding her as she eats Giggles out. Holy shit it’s a sight to behold, so I tell them both to stay there while I get the camera. I slide back inside my girl and tell Giggles to turn her head away from the camera so you can’t see her face. The two of them look so damn good – you can see the result in the first pic at the very top of the page.

Giggles is getting really turned on at this point, still bound and not really able to move, just lying there staring at my girlfriend and I as we fuck. My girl really gets off on having me all to herself while another girl watches – I’m her man, and it’s up to her whether or not the other girl gets to have me, or if she just has to lie there and watch. We both tell the girls we bang they have to be extra good in order to have my dick, and that my girlfriend is being very generous if she decides to let them have it. I encourage this myself – I literally tell them, “If you want my cock, you’re going to have to ask Immy very, very nicely, and tell her why you think you deserve it….”

It’s a fun dynamic the two of us have encouraged in each other for the last year or so of our relationship – I was the one who encouraged it first. My girlfriend wasn’t even remotely confident enough early on and didn’t think she had the “right” to be greedy; like she didn’t think I was “hers”. We had 100 conversations about it and I eventually convinced her, “Yeah, you dork – you’re my girlfriend. You literally have more of a right to my dick than any other girl… You’re supposed to be greedy. You’re supposed to get first priority over sex with me.”

The girls absolutely love it too – they’ve all said they love being teased, being told they can’t have my cock, and especially watching my girlfriend get what she wants, while they have to lie there and just wait for it.

I keep banging my girlfriend hard, with Giggles lying there helpless, horny and desperate, the 3 of us getting off on the power dynamic. My girlfriend gets my attention and pulls me close to her, and whispers in my ear, “I want you to fuck her now.”

Fuck that shit turns me on, I can’t lie – it’s hot giving your girlfriend some power over other girls. I slide out, jump on top of the tied up Giggles, and waste no time, sliding deep inside her and making her gasp (thanks, Bathmate). At this point I’m really struggling not to cum, especially with my girlfriend staring intently at both of us, her face overcome with lust, getting off on watching us.

We give Giggles a challenge – I tell her she has to be totally silent and not moan or giggle. My girlfriend plays along, saying, “You can’t make a sound…” Well, Giggles lasts about 2 seconds before she moans, which cracks all of us up. I tell her to give it a proper go, and she grits her teeth and does her best, this time lasting for about 5 seconds of me thrusting before she moans quietly. Adorable.

We play around with a few more positions, me swapping between them, before banging the hell out of my girlfriend while the two of them lie next to each other, making out. I can’t take anymore and pull out, cumming in my girlfriend’s mouth as Giggles watches. My girl moves back down and makes out with Giggles, swapping the cum… my favourite thing to watch.

We all cuddle together for a while as I gently untie Giggles, the 3 of us basking in the afterglow.

3some Round 2

Oh, you thought we were done? Get fucked.

So the 3 of us are there cuddling and hanging out, when I start getting horny again. Not helped by the fact my girl is playing with Giggles tits, which looks really hot. Soon enough the 3 of us are at it again, only I’ve run out of condoms. Never fear, says Giggles, I have some!

She goes out to her bag and grabs me one and I go to put it on… only I’m having trouble. Takes me a second or two to realise the ones Giggles has given me are way too small. Remember at the start of this story I said using the Bathmate would come back to bite me? Well, with my dick bigger than usual, and these condoms being smaller than I’m used to, I couldn’t get the damn thing on. It was giving me legit PTSD flashbacks to the story of me losing my virginity.

After much struggle, I managed to get it about halfway down my dick… good enough, I suppose. We all go to my couch at this point and I take turns fucking both of them, swapping between them, both of them staring up at me, horny as hell. The hottest part is when I have one hand around each of their necks, squeezing hard, fucking one girl then switching to the other, then back to the first – gently choking both of them while I do. Insanely hot.

I pull out and rip off the stupid overly-tight condom and stand up, forcing both of them down on their knees, and my girlfriend immediately goes straight for my cock and starts sucking (what a good girl). I grab the back of Giggles‘ head and yank her towards my cock too, and she eagerly sucks on it, the both of them sucking me off together. If you’ve never had a 3some, drop everything you’re doing and go read my 3some guide – you absolutely need to experience what it’s like to look down at 2 girls sucking your cock together.


I can’t take much more so I shove my girlfriend on the couch, I get down on my knees and fuck her missionary on the edge of the couch. Giggles is on her knees next to me and I’m making out with her while fucking my girlfriend, and I’m pretty damn close at this point. Giggles is moaning like crazy, I’m moaning like crazy, my girl is moaning like crazy – it’s enough to terrify (or arouse?) everyone within a 5-block-radius.

Giggles is staring intently at my cock slamming in and out of my girl; she can’t take her eyes off it. I say, “It looks so fucking hot, doesn’t it – seeing my cock sliding in and out. You can’t get enough, can you?” All she can do is nod, silently.

I pull Giggles down so her ear is level with my mouth, and I growl in her ear, “You want me to fucking cum in her little pussy?” Giggles is too caught up in the moment to even speak, so I repeat, louder this time, “Do you want me to fucking cum in her pussy? Beg me.” She begs, “Please do it” and I say, “Louder, fucking BEG me, LOUD.” She moans as she watches me thrusting in and out and she says, much louder this time, “Please do it, please cum in her, I want you to cum in her!”

No resisting that – I cum instantly, pulling Giggles tight against me, squeezing her so hard I worry I might break her, my other hand on my girlfriend’s tit, squeezing hard as I unload, the three of us hitting a climax together even though I’m the only one cumming – it feels like we’re all sharing in my orgasm. I’m pretty much screaming “Oh jesus fucking christ, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” as I unload, eventually loosening my grip on both of them… The 3 of us just looking at one another, not really saying much.

Remember my favourite trick after sex? I tell Giggles, “Ok so if you want to look like a superhero, you need to just keep going and keep fucking girls after you cum. Even though it’s insanely-sensitive and doesn’t really feel that good, she’ll still think you’re amazing.”
Giggles says, “Why are you doing it if it doesn’t feel good?”
I smile and say, “So the girl will think you’re cool, silly” and keep thrusting away for another minute. My girlfriend’s moaning like crazy, Giggles is smiling at me, and my dick is so sensitive I feel like my toes are going to curl.

After another minute or two I pull out and we all sit back, relaxing, and basking in the (second) afterglow. I grab a couple glasses of water and we hangout some more, chatting, until eventually it’s time to go. What a fun night.

Immy’s Perspective

I think I’ll always have a twinge of nervous energy when we meet a new girl. Her cute giggly personality made it very easy to relax though.

Once we navigated to the bedroom, Giggles quickly became ours to play with. While I tied up her arms in a fun pattern, Andy was choking her, kissing her, playing with her pussy. If felt very erotic in an animalistic sort of way. It was like we were preying on this poor defenceless girl, that happened to also want it very badly. While I restrained her arms, Andy’s efforts made her whimper and moan. This just made it more fun knowing once I was finished tying her up she’s be helpless to whatever else we’d like to do to her for the rest of the night.

For quite some time, when Andy was fucking me on my side, I was face to face with Giggles. We’d kiss one another, teasing her, all tied up while I got to have all the fun. She’d switch between kissing me and sucking on my nipples. She was incredibly gentle and sweet, doing a very good job at turning me on. It make her feel like our little girl that Andy and got to tease, and turn on too.

I got to confirm Giggles was definitely enjoying herself when I went down on her. It was very cute in the lead up, when Andy had to convince her to ask for what she wanted. With a little coaxing she was able to start begging, shyly forcing out something along the lines of: “Can you please lick my clit”. 

At some point I figured I should share, and whispered to Andy that I wanted him to fuck her. I couldn’t help it, given how sweet and gentle she was being. It almost felt as if she was trying really hard to be a good girl for us, waiting patiently for her turn.

I definitely wasn’t disappointed in the turn out of my request. I was a very satisfied onlooker, watching Andy fuck her, eliciting all sorts of noises, giggles included. She definitely seemed to evolve into a more noisy creature, as she got lost in the pleasure of it all.

While all of this mischief was going on, I was playing with a vibrator. I would get myself more and more turned on by spectacle, watching my boyfriend make another girl go a little crazy. I got a lot of pleasure whispering filthy things into her ear, just making her more turned on.

It was like live porn, but far far better. I became more and more turned on hearing the moans and quiet gasps, seeing the pleasure on Andy and Giggles‘ faces. I could feel the bed move as Andy fucked Giggles slowly and then suddenly rough. It was an immersive form of voyeurism. Maybe the best part was that at the end of it, when I got too turned on to just watch, I just joined in.

At some point we migrated from the bedroom to the couch in the living room, switching between getting fucked and getting to watch and enjoy. At some point, while Giggles was lost in the feeling of being filled up, I came up to Andy’s ear and felt the need to whisper to him: “you’re mine”. There was an unusual sense of power in the situation. While that might seem a bit misplaced, I felt like I was letting her get fucked by my boyfriend. I was getting off on it. At any point I could be greedy, dominant, tease her, tell her she’s had enough, but I was choosing to sit back and enjoy the performance.

Reaffirming this, the night climaxed with Giggles begging Andy to cum inside me, fucking me roughly. Having Andy cum inside of me, made sure it was clear that I am his and he is mine.

❤️ Immy

Toys Used:

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My girlfriend and I are still seeing Giggles now – she’s heaps of fun, easy to talk to, and incredibly sexy.

We were also texting the other day, and had this convo:

I always find it interesting when a girl has never watched any porn, or never masturbated, or never had an orgasm. I guess because I’m such a sexual person & I watch plenty of porn, I find it fascinating when someone literally never has. This girl is very horny during sex, loves talking dirty and sending nudes, and is a lot of fun to fuck – but we talked about it and she’s just never considered looking at porn. She’s accidentally seen a few dirty vids, a few dirty pics, but they never really held her interest.

Maybe she’s just not a whore like I am.

Do you guys actually enjoy reading these stories? Do you get something out of them? Let me know in the comments below – tell me if I should keep writing them or not. What about my girlfriend writing from her perspective – is that something you want to see more of?

UPDATE: We’ve seen her again a few more times. Here’s another fun picture we took together:

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