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First, let’s define terms: A shit-test is when a girl passive-aggressively insults you, or overtly says something rude to “test your manhood”. In other words, it’s someone being incredibly rude to you. I’ve covered why it’s a terrible idea to try and pass “shit tests” here. Screen those kind of people out of your life; life’s too short to waste it on assholes.

If you’re getting “shit tested” a lot, it’s because:

a) You dress/look like shit (easily fixed by improving your appearance)
b) You’re being indirect with your approaches, and not actually saying what you mean (easily fixed by saying, “Hey you’re really cute and I wanted to say hey.” to make it more clear you’re actually hitting on her.)

So, fix those two things. Immediately.

Once you stop wasting time on girls who “shit test” you, and eliminate “shit tests” out of your life (by improving your appearance and being more direct when you hit on girls), dating/getting laid becomes so much easier and far more fun. Being with chicks who don’t shit test you is like a breath of fresh air – they’ll keep it real with you, there’s less drama, they’ll be on the same team as you. Sex comes easier; whereas if you’re with girls who “shit test” you constantly, it’ll feel like sex is like drawing blood out of a stone.

You also feel like more of a man – it doesn’t make you feel very masculine if you have to jump through hoops and “pass” a girl’s shit tests. I never understood the appeal of the pickup artists’ idea of “passing her shit test”… Sorry, are we having sex, or are we sitting down for a fucking exam?

Girls who don’t shit test you are showing you they WANT to sleep wtih you. The sex is always better, more passionate, more wild. Here’s a great quote from a Rational Male article – Wait For It?

“A woman who wants to fuck you will find a way to fuck you. She will fly across the country, crawl under barbwire, climb in through your second story bedroom window, fuck the shit out of you and wait patiently inside your closet if your wife comes home early from work – women who want to fuck will find a way to fuck.”

If you’re getting “shit tested” a lot – it means you need to work on your appearance. Lose weight, dress better, if you’re on Tinder, take better Tinder pics, wear some accessories, hit the gym and gain muscle, get a better haircut, whiten your teeth, etc. Guys who improve their looks to a point where they look decent, don’t get shit tested anywhere near as much – barely at all. If girls are “shit testing” you a lot, it says more about you than them, so it’s time to improve yourself.

I get why some guys want to “pass shittests” – those guys love the thrill of the hunt, they love jumping through hoops, they love playing games, and manipulating women, and trying to dodge certain women’s manipulations, and trying to “conquor” her and “win”. If you enjoy that stuff, go for it – but just don’t read my website. We have entirely different philosophies and I don’t think you’re going to agree with my world view.

The issue is a tonne of guys DON’T want to play games, they DON’T want to have to jump through hurdles… but they’re been indoctrinated by some loser pickup artist who’s convinced them you MUST pass shit tests in order to get laid. Let’s be honest – most pickup artists look like fucking shit; like something the dog threw up. I almost vomit when I look at the average pickup artist, and they’re not even hitting on me; I can’t imagine how nauseated the average girl feels when one of these complete messes hits on them. THAT’S the cause of all these supposed “shit tests” – it’s women saying, “Jesus Christ why the hell are you hitting on me? You need to lose some weight, dress better, and pack on a bit of muscle.”

Shit tests go away when you improve yourself. And when you get to a point where barely any women “shit test” you, you won’t have any time or patience for the rare woman who tries to shit test you. You’ll screen her out immediately, and go talk to the 99% of women who’ll be feminine, sweet, and nice to you.

After all, if you want to get laid a tonne, you need to be more efficient and use your time productively. Looking like shit and passing “shit tests” is not a very productive use of your time. Go hit the gym, lose some fat, join my coaching program and ask for advice on your style/fashion. Get yourself to a point where “shit tests” aren’t even a concept anymore.

Shit tests aren’t the problem. You are the problem.

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