NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

A foursome with 3 girls is something I’ve wanted for a long while now; it’s just been a logistical pain in the ass to set up. I’m happy that I finally made it happen.

The girls I date are cool with me talking about them and posting photos – but I prefer not to use their names. To make this easier to follow, I’ll give each girl a nickname – otherwise you’ll get confused about who the hell I’m referring to.

  1. My girlfriend
  2. Miss Cum-a-Lot
  3. Miss Switch
  4. Me (Andy)

“Switch” is a BDSM term for someone who is sometimes submissive, and sometimes dominant – they like to switch roles.
And I’ve nicknamed the third girl Cum-a-Lot because she ended up having more orgasms than I even knew was humanly possible – over 30, in about 2hrs. What the fuck:

But first, the backstory:

The Lead-up

I’d wanted to set up a 4some for quite a few months – but there are some logistics you need to sort out:

  • Obviously, you’ve gotta have 3 girls. Once you understand the process of meeting girls/getting laid, this isn’t that hard (but you do have to put in quite a lot of effort to get there).
  • They’ve all gotta be bi, or curious about fooling around with another girl.
  • They’ve all gotta actually want to have a 4some, and be confident enough to do it. This was actually the hardest part; I’d asked a bunch of girls in the past, but most of them said it sounded fun, but they didn’t want to actually do it (they were too nervous).
  • They’ve all gotta be free on the same day to meet up.
  • None of them can be on their period (which is hard when there’s 3 of them to contend with). But as you’ll see below, this didn’t end up mattering.

I’ve tried quite a few times in the past to set up a 4some, and one of the above factors has always gotten in the way. A couple of times I came close, but one of the girls changed her mind last minute (was too nervous).

I also knew I only wanted to do it if all 3 girls were 100% cool with doing a photoshoot during it – taking photos and videos of the whole experience. That’s something a lot of girls aren’t cool with (and fair enough). So these days I screen exclusively for girls who want to take photos with me, who are bisexual (or curious), and are attracted to my girlfriend (I show them pics of her). I literally don’t meet girls who aren’t into the idea of photoshoots & 3somes – I make sure I ask every girl as soon as I get their number.

At the time of writing, I’m currently seeing 4 girls who are all bi, all love doing photoshoots (we’ve done plenty in the past), and are all up for playing with each other. I made things easier by having a few 3somes with each of them first, so they’d all had a chance to meet each other in a less-pressured environment. A 3some is a whole lot easier than a 4some.

So when the day of the foursome rolled around, I actually found myself pretty damn nervous; like, really nervous. I kept thinking, “I bet one of them flakes”. But I’d talked to each of them a hell of a lot in the lead-up to it, made sure they really wanted to do this, made sure they understood it was ok to be nervous, made sure I addressed all their concerns.

Two of them were super worried they wouldn’t do a good job pleasing the other girls, so I made it really clear nobody expected perfection, it was ok if it was a bit awkward and didn’t go smoothly. All 3 of them were nervous as hell, but we talked it through for about 2 weeks leading up to it, which made them feel a lot better.

An hour before the girls were due to come round, I had a thought: “What if I can’t get it up?” I’d already taken a Cialis pill just incase (I sometimes take one if I think I’ll be really really nervous). But I reminded myself, “You goose, you already know it’s fine if you’re too nervous to be properly hard; that’s happened a million times. Nothing bad ever happens; the girls never care. Chill.” Good pep talk; it worked. I’ve talked more about performance anxiety – and how to fix it – here.

I got all my toys laid out, moved my mattress out into the living room (there’s much better lighting out there), and cleaned the hell out of my house.

All these toys, and we didn’t end up using any of them…

The Foursome

Let’s get to it.

Miss Cum-a-Lot and my girlfriend come over at about the same time, and Miss Cum-a-Lot puts on a cute little bunny outfit my girlfriend has. While waiting for the third girl Miss Switch to arrive, we start playing with Cum-a-Lot a bit. She tends to be insanely-sensitive… as in, barely 30 seconds into rubbing her clit she bites her lip hard, begging both of us to let her cum. I say, “Yes” and she grabs my shoulder, her legs shaking as she orgasms.

She does this very cute thing when she’s about to orgasm, where she whimpers in a tiny little voice, “Please, please, please…” Begging for permission to cum. If you don’t say yes, she’ll just keep pleading, until the moment you nod your head or say yes, and then she’ll close her eyes and cum hard. And when she cums, she cums hard – so hard you worry her pussy is going to break your finger or your dick as she squeezes, her orgasm causing her pussy to clamp down like a vice. It’s hot as hell.

Turns out my girlfriend is on her period, which kinda sucks – it means I can’t really fuck her. (We all just worked around it and had a hell of a lot of fun, so it didn’t end up mattering too much). Miss Switch arrives and since the other 3 of us are already pretty horny, we attack Switch the second she walks in the door. I pull off her top, the other two girls are hesitant but I tell them to come over and they start kissing her, and it’s game on immediately. (Heads up: If you’re having your very first 3some and have no idea how the hell to get things started, just start taking one girl’s top off, or start kissing one of them. It doesn’t have to be smooth.)

We’re juggling trying to make out with her and trying to take off her clothes, and as one of the girls pulls Switch’s jeans down, they get stuck on her shoes. Rather than wait for her to bend down and untie her own shoelaces, I just pick her up in the air (much to her delight) and tell the other girls to rip her shoes off. No time to waste, after all.

We all get naked… Well, I keep my socks on, which all 3 girls point out several times. (Anyone else keep their socks on during sex – leave a comment below). My girl is giving me a blowjob while Switch and Cum-a-Lot are making out, watching us. I knew Switch was fairly confident and is starting to explore her more-dominant side, so in the leadup to this foursome I’d told her she could spend most of it playing with Cum-a-Lot and dominating her.

It’s definitely working out; she takes complete control and starts fingering Cum-a-Lot like crazy. Within 15 seconds she’s cumming, her second orgasm of the day and we’ve barely even started. Quick side-note: I’d previously told Switch that Cum-a-Lot had once orgasmed 10 times with my girlfriend and I. As soon as I told Switch this, she immediately told me, very directly, “I’m going to beat your record.” And she sure as shit wasn’t kidding; as I wrote above, Cum-a-Lot ended up having over 30 orgasms (we all stopped counting at some point). It really did feel like she was orgasming nonstop the entire time we were playing.

Back to the story: Rather than doing a play-by-play like I usually do, I’m instead going to write about a few of my favourite parts; the bits I remember most. There was a hell of a lot going on and I was so caught up in it all that it’s kind of a blur; I can’t remember the exact order of things. It’s hard to keep track of what’s happening when every single second someone’s orgasming, someone is giving you a blowjob, two people are making out next to you someone is screaming, “Oh fuck I’m cumming!” All your brain remembers is, “Holy shit this is hot, holy shit this is hot, holy shit this is hot.”

And the orgasms – jesus christ, the orgasms. We all spent so much time going down on each other, fucking each other, using strapons (this is the one I own) that we all lost count of each other’s orgasms. Obviously Cum-a-Lot came, well, a lot.

But Switch also orgasms pretty easily, and just from sex (she doesn’t even need her clit to be rubbed). A couple times while she was dominating Cum-a-Lot, I’d come up behind Switch and start fucking her (without her realising I was behind her). She’d immediately lose focus and completely drop all signs of being dominant, completely submitting to me. She cums very easily herself; 30 seconds of hard fucking is more than enough to make her orgasm. And when you’ve got 2 other girls in front of you making out with each other, it’s really god damn hard to hold off cumming yourself. I had to take a tonne of breaks.

We intended to take a lot of photos and videos (all 4 of us had previously brainstormed a bunch of photos we wanted to do), but we kinda just forgot about it in the moment. We were all too wrapped up in having fun; this really was fucking hot. I did remember to shoot a few though:

The pics don’t do it justice. It is so much hotter in person – hearing 3 separate girls moan, watching them all making out, hearing orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, the air thick with sex and pleasure. There’s no end to it; even if you pause and go take a quick piss, you can hear the other 3 of them moaning and cumming, and you race back so you don’t miss out on too much.

I had plenty of fun fucking two of them (I couldn’t fuck my girl because of her period). We tried every position we could think of, but missionary was my favourite. At one point I was fucking Cum-a-Lot missionary, while Switch was lying next to her, and my girlfriend was sitting up next to me so I could kiss her.

So imagine yourself fucking one girl really hard missionary, your hand around her neck (which only makes her moan harder) while she’s moaning, “Daddy, please fuck me harder, please make me cum!” Your other hand is wrapped around the second girl’s neck, her mouth wide open in pleasure as she furiously rubs her pussy for you, both girls staring straight into your eyes. And imagine your girlfriend sitting up next to you, moaning in your ear, her tits pressed against your arm as she whispers all sorts of dirty shit in your ear… “I want you to fuck her hard. Fuck her little pussy for me, make her cum… she’s so desperate for it. Make her cum on your dick.”

And that’s only one moment – there were 30 moments just as hot as that one. Watching the look of complete fucking lust on Switch’s face as she fingers Cum-a-Lot’s pussy as hard as she can, bringing her to orgasm 30-something. Both girls seemed addicted to each other; my girlfriend and I could barely pry them apart. Neither girl had ever played with another girl before meeting me, and at one point Switch loudly declared, “Oh my god I think you’ve turned me gay.”

Cum-a-Lot was having a lot of fun too, obviously. She’s very cute and shy and “girly” – very submissive. She blushes a lot and gets very shy around the topic of sex, and for most of it she had her eyes closed, wrapped up in her own orgasms and not really paying attention to the rest of us. Every time she got close to orgasm she’d do that little pleading thing: “Please, please… please…” before exploding in a huge orgasm, her pussy clenching around whoever’s finger or dick or strapon dildo was inside her. Each orgasm seemed more intense than the last – by the time we were done, she couldn’t really move.

Another fun moment was her (Cum-a-Lot) hopping on top of my dick and riding me gently, smiling and being shy when the other 3 of us stared at her and watched her. She put her hand over her eyes, a little embarrassed by the direct attention. She was grinding slowly while the 3 of us just lay next to each other, watching her. I was barely even moving, but 30 seconds later she had a big orgasm (she cums so freaking easily – at one point we told her she has a superpower).

At some point we decided to pose for the moneyshot too:

How fucking cool is that?

We switched positions and my girl gave me a blowjob while I lay down on my back. Switch lay next to me, and Cum-a-Lot went down on her. It was fucking awesome laying next to Switch, the two of us being dominant while our two “subs” went down on us. It was like some swingers thing, only everyone in that room was my girl – they were all only there because I organised it. Life is good; I’ve come a hell of a long way from the guy who never ever thought he could get laid.

My girlfriend had a lot of fun putting on the strapon and going to town on Switch. She did a pretty good job – she’s a strapon expert now. I still remember how badly she sucked at it the first few times she tried. Girls generally take a bit of practice to learn how to use a strapon; it sounds weird, but every girl I have ever met will put it on and then have no fucking idea how to thrust their hips. They do this weird “grinding” motion instead of thrusting or fucking. Whereas every guy just intiuitively knows how to thrust his hips; hell, even then dumbest of animals know how to thrust their hips. It’s probably biologically-programmed into the males of every species.

But girls? They’re hopeless the first few times, which is always fucking adorable to watch. Once you teach them how to do it, they’re pretty good at it – and at this point, my girlfriend looks really sexy as she’s pounding another girl. There’s an incredible hotness to a girl dominating another girl; they’re still “feminine” while they do it. Even while they’re taking charge and being dominant, they’re still really nice about it; they’re gentle, and almost “loving”, like they never truly want to hurt anyone, even when they’re meant to be being rough and aggressive. Girls are nice.

I’m older than all the girls (I’m 33, they’re 20, 20, and 21) so I have a lot of fun playing with that. Not just in a sexual sense; I love when girls call me Daddy (my girlfriend and Cum-a-Lot both love calling me that; Switch just calls me “Sir” or sometimes “Hey you” when she’s feeling bratty). But I deliberately tell them “dad jokes” or try and annoy them in ways that make them call me a “boomer” or “old man”. I make references to 90’s cartoons and 90’s nostalgia and then laugh at their confused faces when they say, “What the hell are Power Rangers?”

It’s funny; I used to be paranoid that girls would never want to date a guy in his 30’s. I know a lot of guys worry about “being too old”, especially when it comes to younger (18-21yo) girls. The thing you’ll find is a tonne of girls could not give a shit about age. As long as you look your best and are working on having your shit together, there are millions of girls out there who’ll love the fact you’re an old man. I promise. It’s a million billion trillion times easier for me to get laid now that I’m 33 than it ever was in my 20’s; because I’ve worked on building myself into a better person each day. You don’t have to be anything special; just take baby steps toward self-improvement every day.

I also “annoyed” the girls as much as I could by constantly saying, “Oh wow, that is so artsy” every time I took a photo. “Wow you guys look artsy, I’m such an artsy photographer. This angle is so artsy. That pose is so artsy.” At one point the normally-shy Cum-a-Lot said, “I’ll hit you if you say “artsy” one more time.” Never one to back down from a challenge, I kept saying artsy for the entire rest of the day. And yes, she did hit me… little brat.

But you guys don’t want boomer jokes, you want sex stuff. You know what the hottest part of all was? There was a moment where I was fucking Switch doggystyle, while she was fingering Cum-a-Lot and my girlfriend was playing with a vibrator (this one). The three of them looked so damn hot, and Switch’s pussy felt so damn good, but I told myself I wasn’t going to cum. I was really close, but I was going super gentle, and just enjoying the sight in front of me.

Everything was going great, and then my girlfriend (playing with the vibrator) loudly announced out of nowhere, “I think I’m going to cum soon.” I thought to myself, “Ahh shit, don’t say that – I’m trying not to cum here, woman.” I slowed down my thrusts inside Switch even more, barely moving at this point. Cum-a-Lot said, “I might cum soon too”, and I laughed and made a joke: “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if everyone came at the same time? Ahh fuck, we should have actually planned that, we could have worked really hard to time it perfectly. Would have been hot as hell.”

Switch looked back at me and said, with lust in her eyes, half-moaning: “If you want me to, I could cum right now…” Before I even had a chance to think, the next thing I know my girlfriend was loudly screaming, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” Cum-a-Lot started moaning, “Oh please, please, please” as she started having an orgasm. Lust takes over and I started fucking Switch, and she orgasmed immediately while the other two girls were still in the throes of orgasm. Imagine being me in the middle of this, trying desperately not to cum; do you think you could hold off?

As the three of them are there moaning and making all sorts of noise, I’m thinking to myself, “Oh fuck, don’t cum, don’t cum, don’t cum, this is too much fun and I want to keep enjoying this.” Turns out it is scientifically impossible not to cum when 3 girls are cumming right in front of you – I bust immediately. I cum a little in Switch, and then my girlfriend basically launches herself at me as I pull out, the last drop of cum hitting her on the face.


I grabbed the camera and told the other two girls they had to lick my cum off her face. Amazing.

This was by far the hottest thing I’ve ever done. Like some once-in-a-lifetime shit. The best part is we can all do it again, as much as we want to.

I know it sounds like I’m totally making the mutual-orgasm bit up – how the fuck do 4 people manage to cum at exactly the same time? Proof:

Cum-a-Lot had a couple more orgasms, then she was pretty much done. We all started winding down a bit, and just lay together and cuddled. The afterglow was really nice. I’ve already played with all the girls a few times (and obviously I’ve dated my girlfriend for several years), so it was all pretty comfortable. I really do like doing 3somes/4somes this way; introducing girls you’re already dating to each other. There’s no awkwardness, you already like them all, and they’re all already comfortable with you. Everyone’s affectionate to each other, everyone’s nice to each other – it’s intimate.

Toys Used

We actually didn’t end up using many toys; we were all a bit distracted…

(These are affiliate links – I earn a small commission if you buy, which really helps me out).

Afterwards, we all said our goodbyes and went on our merry ways.

Girl 1.
Girl 2.
Another satisfied customer.

Are we going to do this again? You bet your fucking ass we are. This was a million times hotter in person than I could ever explain in a post. All the pics and vids in the world can’t even remotely compare to what it’s like to experience it for real; to have 3 girls be into you, and into each other. It’s like watching 3 different porn videos in 3 different tabs, all playing at the same time, and all 3 of them are moaning your name. Holy fuck.

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Any questions, or comments, or wanna tell me what you thought of this story? Drop a message below.

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