Something more lighthearted and fun today, inspired by a reader, Jorge:

We’ll have a bit of fun watching some goofy videos about pickup artists, getting laid, hitting on chicks, etc.

First on the list: hands-down the funniest parody I’ve ever seen of pickup artists, mocking everything from self-proclaiming gurus, peacocking, negging and being an alpha male:

This is what a tonne of guys into pickup are like – talking and planning and theorising, but never taking action:

If you see parts of yourself in that vid – then get off your computer and go take some action. Give yourself permission to suck, and just get started right fucking now.

Just watch this next one from 1:35 onwards, mocking people who pay several thousands of dollars for “bootcamps” and “dating seminars”, instead of going outside and talking to girls:

I’ve written in the past about pickup artists scamming students: Pickup Artists are Theatrical Wizards.

The most accurate video I’ve ever seen on what it’s actually like hitting on chicks and getting laid. (Apart from the over-the-top reactions from the women; girls in real life will be pretty damn sweet to you for the most part. Negative reactions are rare). It’s literally just a numbers game – if one girl rejects you, go talk to the next girl:

The two videos Jorge himself shared:

And last but not least, the strangest “picking up chicks” video I’ve ever seen:

Got your own PUA/getting laid/dating/etc skit video you wanna share? Comment below, I’ll add it to this list.

Update: Mark shared this (Watch from 1min23s):

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