NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

Sup peeps? Hope you’re all going well and keeping busy with self-improvement and kicking some serious ass. I’ve been keeping busy with writing (just released Part 4 of my Tinder guide), and have a bunch of new stuff coming now that I’ve got more time at home. If you’re struggling to fill your days with something productive, want to come up with a gameplan to kick ass when everything returns to normal, or just need someone to talk to – hit me up for coaching. Use all your extra free time as an opportunity to kick ass.

And now, allow me to regale you with tales of the tallest girl myself or my girlfriend have ever banged…

Part 1 – The Solo Mission

Earlier this week I matched with this 20yo girl on Tinder:

(Note: If you don’t have much experience, you don’t have to be as forward/sexual as I am. Just use my Tinder guide; it has a much more basic gameplan you can follow).

I kept things brief over text, checking first to make sure she was bisexual (so I could share her with my girlfriend after the first time we bang). I set up a date to meet her, but she was going to flake the day of our date – she wanted to reschedule for next week because she had her period. As I mentioned in my Tinder/Online Dating Guide, waiting a week is usually a death sentence; most girls forget you a week later, even if they seemed pretty into you.

99% of the time when a girl says she’s on her period, she’s really just self-conscious – most girls are worried you’ll think they’re “gross” during their period. As long as you show you’re not that bothered by it, she’ll usually still meet you and make out/fool around at the very least. Just tell her you’ll do other things (makeout, fool around, etc) – or tell her you’ll lay down a towel or have sex in the shower. Here’s what I did:

Or if you don’t want to do anything sexual with her on her period, just meet her for a 30-60 minute date; grab a drink, talk for a bit and then head home. Then just meet up again another time when she’s not on her period to bang. Meeting up, even just for a 30 minute date, makes it much more likely you’ll end up banging her (vs just waiting a week before you meet her – remember, girls are much less likely to meet you if you wait a week before having the first date).

Before I headed out to meet her, I pumped my dick up with my dick pump (I have this one), which is always fun before sex. (I usually do it just before I leave the house, and the effect lasts for long enough that it’s very noticeable when I eventually have sex – my dick is nice and fat). Dick pumps are not mandatory though; buy one if you want something fun to play with (having a big dick is cool as hell). Just don’t feel like you need one.

We meet, and jesus – this girl is tall. 6ft1 in heels, easily the tallest girl I’ve hooked up with. In person she’s even cuter than her pics – very bubbly, very smiley, very cute. I take her by the hand and walk her back to my house, a little thrown off by how tall she is (my brain keeps telling me she’s “too tall”, like girls aren’t supposed to be that high).

We have half a glass of wine each and chat for a bit – she’s ultra cool, very easy to get on with. She’s a nurse so she has some wild stories about psycho patients and dickhead doctors. I mention I do life coaching/dating coaching, she’s hella into it (most girls find it fascinating – as curious as we are abotu the sex lives of women, they’re just as curious about what sex/dating is like for men).

As we keep talking, I gently stroke her thigh, pulling her a little closer to me, before leaning in and kissing her passionately, my hand wrapping around her neck. She moans immediately, calling out “Daddy…” which is like my kryptonite – I can’t resist. I pick her up and carry her into the bedroom (extra fun because she’s so damn tall), rip her clothes off and fuck the shit out of her.

….That’d be pretty lazy storytelling, wouldn’t it? Fine, I’ll give you all the juicy details, you dirty fucking pervs. I spent ages teasing her body, playing with her nipples, teasing her pussy – and holy shit she’s wet. I mean, really wet – wetter than 95% of girls, it completely covers my hand and leaks everywhere all over the bed. As I play with her more I realise she’s also a squirter – she ends up making a massive mess all over my bed as I finger her, the entire time moaning, “Oh Daddy, please let me cum, please let me cum!” Hot.

I keep teasing her for a while, bringing her close to another orgasm but this time backing off at the last second, leaving her panting and desperate for more. I repeat this again, which only makes her even more desperate – she’s grinding her hips, moaning loudly, begging for me to fuck her. I tell her, “You’re going to have to earn that” and continue rubbing her pussy some more, and by this point she’s bucking her hips up and down, completely overtaken by lust.

Her period didn’t seem to be an issue – she wasn’t bleeding at all. (She said it was only spot bleeding (like a drop or two of blood), which some girls get the day before their actual period starts.) I roll her over and start spanking her ass, gently at first, then getting harder, making her moan and cry out in this cute, soft little voice she has. Very innocent and sweet, and oh so sexy.

Finally I can’t take any more, my cock ready to explode, so I roll her onto her back and dive in, the head of my cock pressed against her dripping wet pussy. She’s moaning and begging, her hands on my butt, trying to pull me into her, bucking her hips at the same time. I lean down and whisper in her ear, “Is this what you want?” She moans and nods her head, so I tell her, “Say what you want. Tell me.” She moans louder, begging me to fuck her, but I tell her, “No.”

Girls go absolutely crazy when you tease and deny them like this – especially when you firmly say “No” to them when they desperately want you. I gently grind against her, the head of my cock teasing her, until finally I push in a little – just the head of my cock. She moans again, bucking her hips, trying to get more of me. With a cheeky smile on my face, I say, “Is this all you want? You only wanted a little bit, right?” She moans and pleads, in a sort of helpless little voice, “No… please give me more… please Daddy… I need you…”

I push in a little further, going agonisingly slowly, making her even more desperate to have me. Slowly, gently, barely moving at all, I push in until I’m halfway in. “Surely this is all you want, right? You asked for my cock and now you have it.” She shakes her head, moaning in part frustration, part desperation, tugging at my body, needing it so badly. I pull out, like the asshole I am, and tell her, “There you go. I gave you what you wanted, so you should be satisfied now, right?”

She cries out and grabs me, pleading and begging me to give her what she needs. “Please, please, please, please fuck me” – she can barely talk at this point, a mixture of whimpering, moaning and desperately begging. I slide back inside her, this time all the way, causing her to jump a little in pleasure as she wraps her arms around my back, moaning like crazy.

I thrust hard, in and out, pounding the shit out of her and driving her fucking crazy… Then completely stopping, just holding myself deep inside her, her body shaking as she wraps her legs around me. “More, please, more – I need it. Please” she cries, but I tell her not to be greedy. “Good girls wait.

I continue teasing her like this – alternating between fucking her as hard as I can for 10 seconds, then holding myself completely still for 10 seconds, keeping her in complete torturuous bliss. The entire time whispering the filthiest things I can think of in her ear: “You’re such a filthy fucking whore, aren’t you. Desperate for Daddy’s cock like this. And even when you get it, you still want more – you’ll never be satisfied, will you? Hopelessly craving my cock and never feeling like you’ve gotten enough.

I pound her hard again and she begs me not to stop so I oblige, going as hard and fast as I can. As I pound her I slap her hard across the face, making her cry out in pleasure (don’t do this unless she’s already told you she wants it – this girl told me before we got back to my apartment). I slap her again, harder this time, making her moan even louder as she looks up at me, her eyes completely overcome with lust. Fuck she looks good.

I go harder and faster, fucking the shit out of her. Out of nowhere she tells me she’s about to cum, which surprises me – girls don’t usually cum all that easily, especially not from just sex (I wasn’t touching her clit at all). I feel her pussy squeeze me as she begs me if she can cum and I say yes, her pussy contracting around me, legs squeezing my hips, arms tightly gripping around my back. God damn, it feels good.

I throw her on top and fuck her cowgirl, and she squirts almost immediately, making a huge mess all over my chest and bed. She looks sheepish and apologises, telling me how sorry so is for making a mess on my bed. Too turned on to give a shit, I push her off me, bend her over and start fucking her again, pounding her for a few more seconds until I feel my orgasm approaching.

I flip her over and get her to lay on her back missionary, and grip my cock hard, feeling like I’m already past the point of cumming. (Quick tip: If you’re right on the edge of cumming/already over the edge but want to get into position to aim for her face or something: Grip your cock as HARD as you possibly can – squeeze the shit out of it like you’re trying to kill it. Then as soon as you let go you’ll release, cumming everywhere). I do exactly this and make a mess of her face as she moans even harder, which only turns me on more.

Unable to resist I fuck her a little more, and as god damn sensitive as it is (I hate that sensitive feeling after you cum – it’s damn near impossible to keep going) I push through, going really slow and trying not to bite my lip. I almost never keep fucking a girl after I’ve cum, but god dammit, she was turning me on.

I bang her for a few more minutes, my thrusts starting to become harder and faster, my hand around her neck choking her as she moans, “Oh god, oh god, please fuck me harder Daddy.” I go as hard as I can, and despite the sensitivity, I feel like holy shit – I could cum again. A minute later and I pull out, pulling off the condom as I cum on her face again – though much less this time.

I collapse on the bed next to her, totally exhausted and satisfied, her face all messy and my bed all soaked. We cuddle and talk for a while, and the subject turns to sex – and more importantly, the fact she’s never tried any vibrators or toys. Out of the last 10 girls I’ve banged, she’s the 4th one who’s never tried a vibrator – that’s a weird streak.

So I pull out my massive wand vibrator (this one), turn it on the highest setting (because I’m an asshole, lol) and immediately she screams and yanks my hand away. I laugh – I do this with every girl I introduce it too; I turn it on the highest setting just to see them overreact. The highest setting is way overkill; it’s like a fucking jackhammer.

I put it on the lowest setting and she’s instantly moaning, and I swear to fucking god, she cums within 10 seconds. What the fuck – this girl is really sensitive.

After her orgasm subsides, I hold the vibrator against her nipples which she loves, then slowly move it back down to her clit. Within another minute she begs me if she can cum again and this time I deny her – “No. You have to earn your next orgasm.” I pull the toy away and she curls up in the fetal position, her hand between her legs, so close to orgasm yet so far. I tell her to lay on her back again and put the toy there again, teasing her more, until she begs again – “I’m gonna cum, please let me cum please let me cum”. Again I yank it away and again she’s shaking, curling up into a ball, desperate for more.

I do this a few more times until finally I let her orgasm, watching her face contort in pleasure, her mouth open wide, body arching, yelling out, “Daddy I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” as she shakes and wriths in pleasure. I pull the toy away when she’s done, and go to my cupboard full of toys. I pull out a collar and leash, and gently wrap it around her neck, pulling on it like she’s my pet.

We lie down next to each other and cuddle for a bit, her enjoying the way the collar feels around her neck as we talk, then she tells me she’s still horny… God dammit woman, I’ve already cum twice. I reach down between her legs and feel her wetness (I’m telling you, this girl gets really fucking wet) and that’s more than enough to turn me on.

I tell her to get on her hands and knees and I put on a condom, sliding into her from behind, my cock only half-hard but she doesn’t really seem to care. I fuck her like that, a little half-heartedly (I’m tired by this point, god dammit) but when you’re only half-into it you can cheat by going really slow and pretending you’re “teasing” them – every time they beg you to fuck them harder, just say, “No. I’m having too much fun teasing you.”

I did that for about 5 minutes, asked her if I could take a pic and she giggled and said “Sure”. I grabbed my phone from the side of the bed and we tried to pose for a photo:

We tried to make our poses look sexy, but it looks like I’m just praying to Jesus.

Eventually I’ve had enough of half-hearted sex so I take the collar off, grab her by the hand and lead her into the shower. I leave the lights off (I prefer showers in the dark – it’s romantic or some shit). She’d mentioned earlier she had never tried any sort of anal stuff or buttplugs, so I bring my smallest buttplug and plenty of lube into the shower.

I have plenty of fun lathering her in soap so she’s super slippery, and gently making out with her while caressing her body. Again I’m thrown off by how tall she is, especially as we’re both standing up. I tell her to turn around and I gently tease her ass, putting a little lube on my finger as I very slowly push into her ass.

Pro tip: If you’re doing any anal play with a girl for the first time, do it in the shower, and with the lights off. There’s no mess (you can wash it away), so you’ll both be way more comfortable and able to relax and just explore. And the second rule: go really fucking slow, and use a lot of lube.

I gently push my finger all the way in, going as slow as I possibly can, whispering in her ear, “How does that feel?” She moans and says it feels very different but very good, so I reach around and start playing with her clit with my free hand, making her moan and push back on my finger in her ass. I start very slowly moving in and out (make sure you go very slow if she’s never tried any butt stuff), the whole time rubbing her clit to make her feel even better.

I pull my finger out, washing it with a bit of soap (important – you can give her an infection if you use that same finger inside her pussy) and I grab the small buttplug. I put plenty of lube on it, and plenty on her ass, and gently rub it around the entrance to her ass, teasing her. I ask her if she wants it and she lets out a mousey, “Yes…” so I slide it in very slowly.

The buttplug is nice and small, barely wider than my finger, so it goes in easily and she moans hard, enjoying the feeling. My cock is hard again by this point so I gently push inside her pussy, fucking her very gently as she gets used to the feeling of my cock in her pussy and the plug in her ass. She’s moaning a little softer than before because I’m going so slow, and I ask her if she’s still enjoying it – she says yes.

We continue like that for a bit until I pull out, and gently pull the buttplug out as well. I ask if she wants to try the bigger one and she nods, so I lube that up and gently slide it in. It’s not much bigger so it slides in relatively easily – again, go very slow if she hasn’t done any anal stuff before.

This time she’s really enjoying it and moaning harder, so I slide my cock in her pussy again and fuck her from behind, gently pressing on the buttplug to keep her feeling nice and full. We fuck like that for a bit but I can’t really go too hard because of the angle. I pull out and tell her to get on her knees and tilt her head back. She does, and I grip my cock and aim it at her chest – there was something she’d told me earlier she was really into.

I let out a stream of piss, all over her tits – some girls are absolute freaks for this. She later told me she loved how fucking wrong it was; how taboo, naughty, messed up. Good girl.

We wash off, I slide out the buttplug and clean her (lots of soap) and we get out and go into the bedroom again.

We fuck again – god damn this girl gets me so horny. I end up cumming inside her (in a condom) this time, and congrats – she’s made me cum 3 times in an hour or two. Bloody good effort. We cuddle for a bit and she’s somehow still horny, grinding on me and begging me for more. I tell her she’ll need to do all the work, so she moves down and takes my cock in her mouth, and even though I’m flaccid and tired, she doesn’t really seem to care.

After 5 minutes or so I feel myself getting fully hard, and I flip her over and fuck her missionary for a bit, pounding her, but too tired to make myself cum. I pull out mid-thrust and tell her in a serious voice, “Ok, that’s enough. Let’s get dressed.” She looks up at me in desperation, crying, “No! Please Daddy, please keep fucking me please!” I love stoppping mid-sex and getting dressed and walking girls out – leaving them this horny makes them absolutely fucking desperate to see you again.

I stand up and start getting dressed, telling her, “Come on, hop up – let’s get dressed.” Only, Mr Dominant Andy actually lost for once – she begged in that cute little voice of hers and spread her legs, showing me how fucking wet she still was. She kept begging and pleading and I found my resolve starting to weaken – so much for being a tough guy. I stood there staring at her, trying to make up my mind – but found myself drawn to her, unable to resist.

I jumped on top of her, slid inside and started fucking her with reckless abandon, like an animal possessed – her legs wrapped around me, arms around my neck, my teeth sinking into her shoulder as I bit her hard, feeling myself start to cum a 4th time, completely unable to resist. I thrust all the way inside her and held myself there, my body shaking, struggling to catch my breath as I unloaded one last time, completely spent.

I rolled off and started laughing and she did too, both of us a little delirious at how fucking crazy we’d just gotten. I gave her a little high-five and then closed my eyes, focusing on slowing down my heart rate, trying to catch my breath. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek as I wrapped my arm around her, both of us very satisfied.

After a bit of cuddling we got dressed and I walked her to the train station and said goodbye. The next morning she sent me:

And the best news? She’s very bisexual and down to meet my girlfriend. She’s never fooled around with any girls but she really wants to learn.

Part 2 – My Girlfriend Joins In

She hits me up to meet a few days later – perfect time to get her to meet my girlfriend. I text her:

In the next couple of days leading up to meeting, she texts me a bunch of questions – all sorts of stuff about what my girlfriend is like, how long we’ve been dating, how she likes to be pleased, etc. It’s very obvious she’s nervous, and she says as much:

A bit of reassurance goes a long way.

Fastforward to the night and my girlfriend and I are chilling for a bit until she arrives. She walks in and again I’m struck by how fucking weird it is to have a girl be this damn tall. She comes in, says hi to my girlfriend, then stands in the middle of the loungeroom looking a bit awkward and unsure what to do. Adorable.

I tell her to come sit in between my girlfriend and I – she sits in the middle, with me on one side, my girl on the other. I let them talk for about 5 minutes, and it’s that super-awkward, super-nervous kind of smalltalk where they both know they want something but neither of them know how to actually make a move. I find that stuff fricking hilarious and adorable, so I let them keep feeling awkward for a while, for my own amusement. They’re talking about hobbies, family, friends, the weather – you know, everything except what we’re here to do.

After another 5 minutes I decide to amuse myself by interrupting, “So are you two going to fucking kiss or what?” They both giggle nervously and just look at me, so I stare back at them, until finally they both get the hint and turn towards each other and start kissing, then making out.

If you’re looking to have your first 3some, read my How to Have 3somes Guide.

The start of a 3some is probably my favourite part, especially when one girl has no experience with other girls. The part where they’re both exploring one another, seeing what it’s like to kiss a girl – they’re so gentle and tender as they explore, completely lost in it. It’s really fucking hot.

I let them kiss for a bit, taking one girl’s hand and putting it on the other girl’s tits, my hands reaching down and playing with both of their pussies under their dresses. They both start moaning as they continue to make out, and they’re both very wet already – oh hell yes.

I get them to stop and tell them both to follow me into the bedroom, we all lay down and they start the makeouts again. I’m never going to get over how fucking sexy it is watching two girls makeout – I’ve had a few 3somes and it still never gets old.

I get them both to strip and I let them both explore each other – first, my girlfriend goes down on her, teasing her pussy as I play with her tits. It doesn’t take more than a minute or two before she begs to cum – listen to how hot she sounds when she begs:


They swap, and I teach her how to go down on my girlfriend. She has no idea what to do at first but just tries kissing it, and my girlfriend is very into that – especially because I’m reaching up to play with her tits at the same time, pinching her nipples, pulling on them and twisting them.

After some gentle foreplay and playing with each other (I like to let new girls explore each other for a bit, at their own pace) I tell my girlfriend to go and get the strapon. Tall girl’s eyes light up as she realises she’s about to get fucked. My girl puts it on, straddles her, and rams it in… A bit clumsy, but hey – who am I to judge.

My girl fucks her for a bit, gently at first then getting a little harder, until they’re both moaning while I play with both of their tits, my cock throbbing. There’s nothing hotter than watching two girls completely turned on by each other, lost in passion, knowing it’s because of you. You made this happen, you met both of them, you invited them both over and you strung all this together. I’ve said it a million times before – a 3some is something any guy can set up (I’ll work on my 3some guide soon).

They fuck like that for a while, me getting more and more turned on, until I can’t take anymore and I move in behind my girl, sliding inside her wet little pussy, fucking her from behind as she fucks the other girl – like a human sex centipede. Good times.

At this point they’re both moaning like crazy, and as I swap to the tall girl and start fucking her, my girlfriend moves up to her mouth and they start making out while I pound away. I’m so turned on by them making out I have to keep slowing down, feeling like I could cum after barely even starting.

I swap between their pussies, fucking one girl for a bit while fingering the other, then swapping back to the first, alternating every minute or so. They’re both dripping wet and horny by this point, making out softly, completely lost in each other’s kisses and not stopping to take a break. I pull out and keep gently stroking myself, just watching them kiss – they’re so enraptured by each other they don’t seem to notice I’ve stopped fucking them.

I lay down next to them and chill for a bit, letting them just kiss each other – tall girl is clearly enjoying her first time with a girl, so I let her explore it. After 5 or so minutes they pull apart, both of them looking at me, a smile on both of their faces. Tall girl leans up and kisses me gently, my fingers finding their way between her legs as I feel her wetness, coating my fingers with it. I move it up to my girlfriend’s lips and make her lick it off, which makes tall girl moan and smile even more.

We hangout like that for another 20 minutes, just gently caressing each other, kissing from time to time, cuddling, basking in the energy. I didn’t cum but I don’t mind – my goal with first-time 3somes isn’t my own pleasure; I’m trying to give both girls a chance to explore each other. I already know what sex with a girl is like but tall girl doesn’t; I want to give her some freedom to really explore.

Eventually we get dressed and head out, walking her outside to catch an Uber. Both of them cling onto me in the cold night air, and like always, I wonder if anyone ever thinks I’m banging both girls, or if they’re just my friends or something. Tall girl kisses me goodbye and then turns to face my girlfriend, moving in close to her and pulling her face to hers, the two of them kissing rather passionately given the public setting. That’ll never get old.

After she’s gone, she texts me:

I end up giving her my girlfriend’s number as well, and the two of them start texting each other. My girlfriend can be assertive and dominant when she wants to, and she makes tall girl send her some sexy nudes and videos over the next few days, showing them to me ocassionally.

Tall girl becomes very turned on by the idea of being my whore, as well as my girlfriend’s whore – belonging to both of us. She tells me repeatedly how much she wants to please me and be my slut. She tells me girlfriend the same thing – it’s pretty hot to read the texts my girlfriend shows me.

They’ve both also talked about seeing each other alone, which my girlfriend is nervous about (she’s only had sex with 1 girl by herself in the past), but I encourage her and tell her to give it a go if it’s something she’d enjoy. We’ll see what happens over the next few months.

So, there ends the first part of the tall girl saga. We’ll meet and play with her again – she is very keen to meet up again and play, especially if my girlfriend and I dominate her and make her our little sextoy. Best of all, she’s a kinky girl who seems to be into absolutely everything – it doesn’t seem like she has any limits. Just my type, and my girlfriend’s type.

Toys Used:

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Update many months later: We’re both still seeing her, and still having a lot of fun with her. She’s become “our little toy” – she’s extremely eager to please and she really gets off on the idea of pleasing both of us. You’ll find some girls really love the idea of having sex with a couple.

She’s a sweetie, especially towards my girlfriend – very affectionate to her.

Now it’s your turn – I want YOU to go out there and make a 3some happen for yourself (even if you don’t feel ready – fuck “being ready”. Every guy can have a 3some, if he actually puts in the effort to try, no matter what experience level you’re at).

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Yo, Andy here. I’m an Aussie guy who went from a depressed, suicidal loser to a guy who gets laid regularly, has 3somes & BDSM sex, crushes weights at the gym & loves his life. I killed my inner loser. It's my mission to get you to kill your inner loser too.