NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

Chapter 1 – Installing Tinder and Other Apps

1.1 – Install all the Apps

Welcome back, ya sexy bitch! In Part 1, we covered everything from working on your looks, losing weight, gaining muscle, dressing yourself like a fashion boy and taking killer photos. Now let’s get down to business and install the damn apps.

As I said in Part 1, if you’re serious about getting laid/getting a girlfriend, install as many dating apps as you possibly can. Tinder, Bumble and Hinge are the main ones. You can (and should) also try all the other dating apps as well, if having more sex is your #1 goal.

Using multiple dating apps will also make you feel more like a man with options. If Tinder isn’t going so well, you won’t mind as much because you’ll also have Bumble, etc. Sometimes my coaching clients will go through “slumps” where they don’t get laid on Tinder for a while, but they’ll be getting laid 2 times a week from the other apps – so they don’t even notice that Tinder’s currently sucking. If you only have Tinder and nothing else, you’ll get extremely frustrated and feel down if you go through a slump. You’ll feel like you have no other options.

Apps to try:

  • Tinder
  • Hinge
  • Bumble
  • TanTan (especially in Asia)
  • Badoo (especially in Asia & Europe)
  • CoffeeMeetsBagel
  • Feeld (for kinks/BDSM/3somes/etc)
  • Fetlife (for kinks/BDSM/3somes/etc)
  • Taimi (Especially if you’re looking for bisexual girls for 3somes)
  • Happn
  • Hily
  • SeekingArrangements (only if you have money & are happy to buy girls a drink – you don’t have to pay for anything more than 1 drink)
  • Skout
  • OkCupid
  • Plenty of Fish/POF
  • Paktor (in Asia)
  • (Any others that are popular in your country)

They all have their own quirks, and you’ll get slightly different types of girls on each one. For instance, most of my coaching clients have found that on Hinge the girls seem to be a lot more ready to meet up vs Tinder – there’s less time-wasters.

Bumble requires girls to message guys first – and if they don’t message within 24 hours, you’ll lose that match. So expect a lot of matches that don’t go anywhere, because most girls are too shy to send the first message. It’s a really retarded concept. But hey, I’ve shoved my sausage in plenty of girls’ love tunnels thanks to Bumble, so who am I to complain.

OkCupid and POF tend to have more “serious” women – as in, most of the userbase are older women (30+) looking for boyfriends. But you can still get laid on Tinder (or anywhere else) if you’re willing to weed through the boyfriend-hunters and find the Down To Fuck (DTF) girls. You may just have to go on one or two extra dates with the girls before you’ll have sex. I started out using POF/OkCupid; a good 30-40 (roughly) lays came from those two platforms. Mind you, this was back in 2016; I don’t use them these days.

There’s other idiosyncrasies between all the dating apps, so play around with them and experiment. If you have any questions about a particular app, ask me in the comments at the bottom.

We’ll be putting the most effort into Tinder, but you definitely need to use all the other apps as well – more apps means more girls to pick from. Which means more opportunities to slide your pork sword into her squeezebox.

We’ll cover signing up for Tinder first, and then all the other apps after that.

1.2 – Web Tinder vs App

There’s two ways you can log into Tinder: via the app (iOS/Android) & also via the website (www.tinder.com). You can make an account on either platform and then log-in using either method (you can even be logged into your phone + the website at the same time). You’re not restricted to one or the other.

You should log into both when you first sign up, because one will usually be cheaper when you buy Boosts, Tinder Platinum & every other purchase. For two of my clients, boosts are cheaper via the phone app. For me, they’re cheaper via the web. So experiment and see which one is cheaper for you, and always buy through that version.

I personally stick to the web version even after I’ve made my new account. Not only is everything a little cheaper, but the web version also has this going for it:

  1. The web version stops me mindlessly, neurotically flicking through Tinder throughout the day. If I only use the web version of Tinder on my PC, I have to wait until I come home from work before I can use it, so it’s not a distraction. It means I’m not constantly checking the app, waiting on a girl to reply to me. This gives me a hell of a lot more free time & mental energy to focus on work, writing, enjoying the day, etc.
  2. Typing, and copy-pasting the template I’m going to give you will be much easier on the computer. It’s slightly annoying highlighting text from the template on your phone, copy it, paste it into the Tinder app, etc. Ctrl-C & Ctrl-V on the computer is so much easier.
  3. Because you’re using the website on a big screen, it’s easier to navigate, see all your messages at once, etc.
  4. If you happen to have your account banned for whatever reason (it’s unlikely unless you upload nudes or say something really offensive to a bunch of girls), you may get an automatic refund of any unused Boosts or Super Like purchases. I’ve personally had an automatic refund (I uploaded a far-too-raunchy BDSM photo, it was deleted, I tried re-uploading it again like an idiot & I was banned. Got a full refund of all my unused Boosts. On the phone app, I will lose any unused Boosts if my account is ever deleted.)
  5. The web version doesn’t have annoying notifications for stuff you don’t care about. Annoying shit like “top picks” – features that are entirely useless for our purposes of getting laid/finding a kickass girlfriend.

Especially on point #1 – guys can get caught up in constantly checking their phone, replying to every message as soon as it comes in, getting frustrated any time a girl doesn’t reply, etc. Tinder/other dating apps on your phone can become a neurotic addiction, sapping away your precious free time & mental energy. If you find yourself wasting too much time, or caring too much when girls don’t reply to you, uninstall the app from your phone and stick to the web version.

But again, pick whichever one you like best (or log in to both at the same time if you want).

1.3 – Choose Bisexual (even if You’re Straight)

When you’re going through the Tinder signup process:

  1. Choose Bisexual as your Sexual Orientation (and make sure “Show my orientation on my profile” is NOT ticked).
  2. Then TICK “Show me people of the same orientation first”.

Trust me on this; pick it even if you’re straight. (Don’t worry, nobody will be able to see that you’ve selected ‘bisexual’).

Why? Choosing this this option will show us bisexual girls as first priority, and will show our profile to bisexual girls first as well. Bisexual girls tend to be the most open-minded & more sexually-available; exactly what we’re looking for. Plus, if you ever want to organise a 3some later on down the track, you’ll already have one foot in the door because you’ll be dating bi girls.

1.4 – If You’re Over 30 but Want Younger Women…

Update Nov 2023: Tinder now has a wider default age range, so the section below is no longer needed; you can ignore it. I’m leaving it here in-case you’re curious what Tinder default age ranges used to be like.

If you’re 30 or older, and you really want to go for the 18-25yo age range: When you sign up for Tinder, set your age as 24. Then when you pay for Tinder Platinum (more on that below), click the “Don’t Show my age” option so you’re not lying to girls about your age.

If you’re looking for specifically 18-19 year old chicks, set your age to 19 (and then click “Don’t Show my Age”). Only do this if you’re already getting laid and have plenty of options; setting your age to 19 will give you significantly less matches, because the older girls won’t match with you.

Why do we do this? 38% of Tinder users are 18-25. Most of them don’t bother to change their age search preference after they sign up – they just tend to leave it on the default setting. By default, Tinder will only show them guys in the same age range (18-25), so if you’re a 30+ year old man, these girls will never have a chance to see your profile. Setting your age as 24 (and then hiding it) means all these girls will see you by default, and you’ll match with far more 18-25yo girls as a result.

On Hinge/Bumble, there’s no “Don’t Show my Age” function. So just set your age to 24 (or 19 if you want mostly 18-19yo girls), then in your bio write, “I’m actually [your age]”.

If you’re worried this feels a little deceitful: I’m absolutely not advocating that you lie. On Tinder, hide your age. On the other apps, make it clear in your bio “I’m actually [your age]”. If any girls ask your age, tell them the truth. We’re not lying; we’re gaming the system and making the apps work for us. 18-19yo girls want to meet up with us (most of my lays have been 18-21yo); they’re just not seeing us by default. Here’s how the conversation will usually go:

Note that none of this age stuff is mandatory: If you prefer girls older than 25, just use your real age. This is only for if you prefer 18-25yo girls.

1.5 – Uploading Your Photos

Once you’ve made your account, you’ll need to upload your photos. If you followed everything I said in Part 1, you should have at least a couple of decent photos by this point. Again, they don’t need to be amazing if you’re a newbie (your first round of photos likely won’t be) – just start with what you’ve got and keep continually upgrading your photos over time.

Make sure each photo you upload is worth uploading – don’t just aim to fill up all 9 slots with shitty photos. 3 great photos is better than 9 crappy ones. We want you looking like a sexy boy, not an average pleb.

As a reminder, here’s my main Tinder pic:

Again, you don’t need to have sexually-themed photos; but they definitely help you get laid quicker & with less effort. Just make sure they’re not nudes or photos of you actually having sex, and you should be fine. If a photo does get deleted, don’t reupload the same photo or your account may be banned.

1.6 – Smart Photos

Tinder has a feature called Smart Photos – it will cycle through your photos, putting each one as your main photo to see which one gets the most likes. Whichever photo performs the best will then stay in that first slot, for as long as you keep Smart Photos enabled.

Whether or not you use the feature is largely a matter of experimentation (as with most of getting laid – it’ll take you some trial and error to become efficient at it). What works for me might be slightly different to what works for you; experiment and find out for yourself.

If you have one photo that’s clearly head and shoulders above the rest of your photos, then try putting that as your first photo and turn off Smart Photos. See how many matches you get over a 2 week period. Then turn on Smart Photos and see if that gets you more matches. For myself, and a few of my clients, we get more matches with Smart Photos on. Some of my other clients get more results with it off. Again, experiment and see what works for you – this whole getting laid thing is all just a big experiment.

If you’re not sure whether you should put it on or off, just turn it on and don’t worry about it. I don’t want you wasting too much time on the order of your photos when there’s better uses of your time. You should be focusing more on improving your looks, upgrading your style, losing fat, taking better photos – the things that’ll most improve your results.

The other dating apps (Bumble, Hinge, etc) don’t have a Smart Photos feature, so on those apps just choose the order you think fits best. You can change it every two weeks and see if you get more or less matches.

1.7 – Bio

The Mount Rushmore of boobies.

Your bio isn’t quite as important as your photos, but it does still give a sense of your overall vibe. It’s best to give off a cool vibe – and show that you’re up for something fairly casual/sexual (even if you’re hoping for something that’ll eventually develop into a relationship). You’re just trying to communicate that you’re reasonably cool, normal & honest. A little sexual innuendo helps too (as long as it’s not crass/blunt).

Here’s some I’ve written for you – feel free to use any of them.

  1. Looking for a cool girl to chill with.
  2. When I was little, girls hated when I pulled their hair. Funny how some things change.
  3. Girls with Daddy issues can skip ahead to the front of the line.
  4. Send me a message and say hey. I’ll take care of the rest.
  5. A firm hand a day keeps the brattiness away.
  6. My mum made me sign up for this.
  7. I’m cute, you’re cute, let’s grab a drink.
  8. Only nerds read the Tinder bios.
  9. Come with me, I’ll ruin your life, it’ll be fun [[Andy’s note: taken from Dan Bilzerian]]
  10. Hey. You. Yeah, you. You’re hot.
  11. I can keep a secret 😉
  12. Not looking for anything super-serious.
  13. Firm, but fair.
  14. Do you trust me?
  15. Elon Musk is my spirit animal.
  16. Voted Most Eligible Bachelor in Grade 3.
  17. Insert witty bio here.
  18. I get a kick out of dopamine.
  19. King of whispering sweet nothings. [[Andy’s note: this one is inspired by Red Pill Dad]].

If you’re 6ft or taller, add your height in at the end of your bio as well. If you’re close enough to 6ft (eg 5ft8 or over), buy these height-increasing shoes/insoles (they add up to 3.5 inches to your height) & then you can call yourself 6ft. If you’re shorter than 5ft8, don’t stress – just don’t put it in your bio.

If there’s any interesting little things about yourself you can add in – such as “I love cooking” or “Avid rockclimber” or “Love tennis”, add those in to the end of your bio. Same goes for if you’re foreign – girls love foreigners, so add, “German dude” or “Traveling French guy” etc.

You can see in all of these bios I haven’t spent too much time over-thinking it; I threw this list together pretty quickly. You don’t need to spend days trying to come up with the perfect bio. Just use one of the ones I’ve given you above and get started on your quest for poon sandwich.

It’s very easy to procrastinate getting laid, because you think you need to come up with the perfect unique bio, the perfect pictures, the perfect conversation openers. It’s too easy to sit around saying, “I’m not perfect yet, and I can’t get started until I am.” But you’ll never get laid if you sit around waiting for things to be perfect; you need to just start, even if it means you suck at first.

Job Title, School, etc:

If you want to, you can fill out all the other info below your bio (in the Edit Profile/Edit Info section). However, they’re not mandatory – I usually just add my job title. I ignore Company, School, My Anthem and Living In.

Sexual Orientation:

As I stated above, make sure you’ve chosen Bisexual and unticked Show my orientation on my profile.

1.8 – Connecting your Instagram & Spotify

You can connect your Instagram to Tinder, so your IG (look at me using acronyms) photos show up down the bottom of your profile. It makes your profile look a little more “real” – if you have really high-quality photos on your Tinder profile, girls will sometimes ask if your profile is fake. Having your Instagram linked makes you look less like a “bot” and more like a real live boy.

It’s not mandatory though – do it if you have great Instagram photos, don’t do it if your Instagram photos look like ass. Again, don’t overthink it.

Same thing applies to linking your Spotify account – you can connect it to help you look more like a legit account. Again, not absolutely mandatory.

1.9 – Tinder Platinum

Tinder Platinum IS mandatory (not Tinder Plus or Gold – they don’t have all the features we want. Get Tinder Platinum). It’s found in the Settings menu.

Half of the features we’ll be using to get laid require Tinder Platinum. You’re severely crippling yourself if you don’t pony up and pay for it; don’t read any further in this guide until you’ve activated it. (Remember to check whether the web version or app version is cheaper).

Platinum gives you:

  • See Who Likes You.
  • A few Super Likes you can use each week
  • Don’t Show my Age
  • 1 Free Boost each month.
  • Rewind Swipes (if you accidentally swipe “no” on a girl, you can undo it).
  • Unlimited Swipes (not super useful – we won’t be swiping a whole lot anyway).
  • Change Your Location (if you plan on travelling and want to set up dates with girls in that city ahead of time).
  • Control Who Sees You (only show yourself to girls you’ve swiped right on, for privacy)
  • No ads.

The most useful feature is the ability to see who’s already liked you (swiped right on you). Normally you and the girl both have to swipe right on each other before you can talk; this feature lets you see which girls have swiped right on you so you can match with them immediately. If you don’t pay for this feature, you’ll have to swipe for days before you’ll end up matching with the girls who’ve liked you (and often you won’t match at all because there’s too many other random girls to get through).

You get a discount on Platinum if you pay for 12 months upfront – but if you’re unsure, just pay for 1 month at first. I personally never pay for 12 months upfront; my accounts tend to get banned after a few months (because I have a pretty hardcore profile with (non-nude) BDSM pictures on it, and I have to then make a new account).

Tinder and Hinge are the apps you need to pay for you can get away with only using the free features on all the other apps and you’ll still get enough matches.

Yep – my massive video course covering EVERYTHING I’ve learned over the last 15 years is yours for whatever you wish to pay me (even if that’s $1). It’s all the cheatcodes I’ve learned going from depressed and suicidal to living a life of abundance and joy, all laid out in explicit step-by-step detail so you can change your life, just like I did. Grab it here: PlayToWinMindset.com.

1.10 – Age Range Preference

Click into the Settings menu (not “Edit Info“) to find your age preferences.

I set my age range to 18-55+ (I’m 33 as of 2020). But the girls I like the best are younger girls, so I use most of my Super Likes on them (more on Super Likes below). Often I’ll go through a period where I only want younger girls, so I’ll set my age range to 18-21.

Younger chicks are the most spontaneous and the most likely to meet up with you for a bit of the old bam-bam in the ham, so chances are you’ll end up with a lot of girls in the 18-25yo age range. Younger chicks also tend to be sexier and more fun/laid-back in general – but older women can be fun too.

If you’re worried about younger women being “too young” for you, delete that nonsense from your sexy little head. Age doesn’t matter. At all. The vast majority of my lays have been 18-23 year olds and they all love me being older. My older (40yo+) coaching clients also get their fair share of action with under-21 year olds.

Some dudes prefer women older than 25, which is cool – just bear in mind you’re severely limiting your options if you ONLY target older women. 38% of Tinder users are 18-25, so you’ll get far less matches if you completely exclude them. (It’s probably roughly the same on other apps – apart from OkC/POF which skew older). So I wouldn’t advise cutting them out – set a wide age-range like I do, and you’ll meet more girls for some crashing of the custard truck.

1.11 – Don’t Show My Age

Click into Tinder Platinum settings > Don’t Show My Age.

If you’re over 30 and signed up with your age set to 24 (to get more 18-25yo girls, as I explained above), then turn on the Don’t Show My Age setting.

If any girls ask you what your age is, tell them the truth – there’s no reason to lie. Some girls won’t like you being older, some will love the fact you’re older, and some won’t really care one way or another. I’ve said before age doesn’t matter – it’s only a big deal if you make it a big deal.

1.12 – Distance Preference

Distance settings – I have mine set to 21km/13 miles. I live in the very centre of my city (literally on the main street) – a huge city with 5 million people. So I can afford to be a picky boy and only match with girls that are fairly close to me.

I also personally never travel to meet girls – I get them to meet me somewhere within 5minutes walking distance of my apartment. If they’re not able to travel to me, I don’t meet them at all. Whenever I already have a few fuckbuddies in my life, I’ll be even more fussy and change this distance setting to even closer (5km/3miles).

Girls that are closer are much easier to meet up with – the further away a girl, the more it’s a hassle for her to drive to you or you to drive to her. But if you live in a smaller city, you may have to set your distance preference to further away to get more matches.

1.13 – Show Me People of the Same Orientation

If you didn’t select, “Bisexual” during the signup process, change it now:
Click into “Edit Info”.
Scroll down to “Sexual Orientation” and select Bisexual.
Also untick “Show my orientation on my profile”.

Once you’ve done that, go back out.
Go into “Settings”.
Scroll down to “Show Me” and click on it.

Make sure “Show me people of the same orientation first” is ticked.

As I said before, this will show bisexual girls to us first, and will show our profile to bisexual girls first. Those girls tend to be the most open-minded, the most fun, and a little less constricted when it comes to sex; they’ll be (generally speaking) easier to get into bed.

1.14 – Notifications

(Found in Settings > scroll down to App Settings/Notifications.)

I turn notifications completely off (on Tinder and all other apps), and then check all my messages once a day – usually around 7pm weeknights and early morning Saturday+Sunday. I find if I have the notifications on, I get too distracted from my main goals – Tinder/dating apps really can be a time sink.

1.15 – Travelling Overseas? Passport to Any Location

(This setting is found in the “My Tinder Platinum” menu).

If you plan on travelling to another city/country and want to have some girls in the pipeline for when you arrive, use this setting. You can start collecting a bunch of matches, message with them and tell them you’ll be visiting their city soon, and organise a bunch of dates for when you arrive.

If you’re using the web version of Tinder (tinder.com) you can also use a browser addon like Change Geolocation (Chrome | Firefox). It accomplishes the exact same thing.

1.16 – Value Your Privacy & Need to be Discreet? “Only Show Me to People I’ve Liked”

(This setting is found in “My Tinder Platinum”).

If you’re a private motherfucker/don’t want people at your workplace or your family members knowing you’re on Tinder, use this setting. You’ll get significantly less matches (since you’ll ONLY be shown to people you’ve already swiped on), and you’ll have to do quite a bit of daily swiping to actually get any matches. But if you don’t want people knowing you’re trying to get your pork sword sheathed, this option will allow you to get laid discretely.

1.17 – Other Settings

Swipe Surge: Turn it on. I have no idea if it’s ever helped me, but it doesn’t hurt to have it on.

Super Likeables (not to be confused with Super Likes) – pop up every now and then. It’s basically just a free Super Like you can use sometimes.

You can pretty much ignore these settings/leave them on default:

  • Recommended Sort (this setting is found in settings). Make sure it’s turned ON (it should be on by default).
  • Control Who You See (found in “My Tinder Platinum”). There’s two options: Balanced Recommendations & Recently Active. I’ve experimented with both, and so have all my clients; none of us have really found it makes much of a difference. Rather than worrying about this, your time is better spent improving your looks, taking better photos, going to the gym, etc.
  • Top Picks is entirely stupid; completely ignore it.
  • Read Receipts. They cost money and are entirely useless. Why do you care if a girl read your message if she doesn’t reply to it? If a girl doesn’t reply to you, she’s not interested/is too busy/etc. Move on and talk to more girls.
  • Make my Distance Invisible (found in “My Tinder Platinum”). I can’t think of a use for this; ignore it.
  • Web Profile/Username: Ignore it.

1.18 – Sign up for All the Other Apps

Once you’ve signed up for Tinder, sign up for all the other apps too. More apps equals more opportunities to do squat thrusts in her cucumber patch.

The process will be pretty much the same as Tinder; the other apps will just be missing some of the features we covered above, and will have some of their own unique features. As I stated at the top, some apps (Bumble) don’t let you upload anything risque or even some topless photos.

I’ll cover each individual app in more detail below.

Chapter 2 – Getting Matches

We’ll go over getting matches on Tinder first, and then we’ll cover the other apps.

2.1 – Getting Matches on Tinder

On Tinder, we’ll do a bit of swiping every day, but will mostly stick to the “Girls who’ve already liked you” feature that comes with Tinder Platinum. It’s found on the “Messages” page > Click the “[] Likes” button.

Once you’re on the “Girls who’ve already liked you” page, decide which girls you want to swipe right on and match with. I use my patented Boner Test™:

  1. I look at her first picture (and maybe her other pictures) and try to imagine myself having sex with her (or just going on a date with her and getting to know her better). If I can imagine myself doing that with her, then I match with her.
  2. If she’s absolutely not even remotely attractive to me and I couldn’t imagine getting a boner – even if I was horny and had some alcohol in me – then I swipe left and don’t match with her.
  3. If I’m on the fence, I just swipe right, without wasting much more time thinking about it. Half the girs you match with won’t even reply to your opening message, so it’s not worth wasting too much time trying to decide if you want to bone her – just match and see what happens. If she replies to you, then you can take the time to stop being on the fence and decide if she’s attractive enough or unattractive.
    It’s usually worth keeping an open mind though – I’ve had a tonne of amazing experiences when I kept an open mind. (I don’t spend more than 30 seconds deciding though; don’t overthink this).

When you’re already having a lot of sex/or have a friends-with-benefits or two already, you can raise your standards if you like – but if you’re a newbie, you really should be doing everything it takes to get laid. That includes not having unrealistically-high standards – if you aren’t getting much action, you’re better off lowering your standards, getting a few dates/banging a few girls, so you’re more confident and in a position to raise your standards. Remember, you don’t have to have sex with the girls you match with – just meet them for a date to get some practice going on dates.

When you’re finished swiping, go through and message all your new matches – in Part 3 I give you an opening line you can just copy-paste.

Side-note: When you first sign up to Tinder, you’ll get a hell of a lot more matches in your first 24 hours. Tinder seems to show you to way more girls than normal during your first day, then it massively drops off after that. It’s like giving crack out for free the first time, to get you hooked 😉

Speaking of hooked – one of my coaching clients followed the advice in this Tinder guide and slept with 10 women in 12 weeks – absolute BEAST:

You can follow in his footsteps and throw yourself into my coaching program, with on-demand help from myself AND my fellow-coach Cam (Radical), and additionally, get access to private content I make ONLY for my coaching clients.
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2.2 – Boosts & Super Boosts

You’ll get the vast majority of your matches on Tinder using Boosts.

What are Boosts? They bump your profile to the top of the pile for 30 minutes, so more girls will see your sexy little face compared to normal. The vast majority of matches you get will come from Boosts.

Boosts cost money, but they’re absolutely mandatory. Tinder really has become pay-to-win; you aren’t going to slide your pants python into many flesh sockets if you’re not willing to buy at least 1 or 2 Boosts a week (and pay for Tinder Platinum so you can see which girls have liked you).

Some of the other apps have a similar feature, but we won’t be using it on those apps (you’ll get more than enough matches on the other apps without boosting).

Remember to check both the web version and the app to see which one has cheaper Boosts.

You don’t need to go crazy with Boosts if you don’t have a lot of money to spare. Buy 1 Boost & use it on a Saturday night anywhere between 10pm-1am. (Around midnight has always worked great for me). Saturday nights have always given myself and my clients the most number of matches.

If you have extra money you want to spend (but don’t feel like you have to – 1 Boost a week is enough to get you some matches), you can also Boost during these times:

  1. After you use your first Boost on a Saturday night, you can use a second one Sunday any time from (roughly) 8am to 3pm.
  2. Friday night 10pm-1am.
  3. Any weekdays from about 5pm to 8pm (aim to invite them out for a drink that same night).

All of these times are what’s worked best for me and my clients. As with everything, I encourage you to do your own experimenting and find out what works for you. I don’t claim to have all the answers; I’m just here to share the things that have helped me indulge in plenty of vagina spelunking.

If you’re getting absolutely no matches from boosting at the peak times (Saturday night, Sunday morning), don’t keep wasting your money though. Scroll down to the “If You don’t get Many Matches” section below.

Boosts are cheaper if you buy the 10-pack; just resist the urge to waste them all at once. Save them for the peak times listed above.

Late Saturday nights have always worked best for myself and all my clients/friends – it’s the weekend so girls are less stressed about work/study and more interested in having fun. There’s plenty of slightly-drunk girls who are feeling a little more fun and flirty. Doubly so if you have a sexually-focused Tinder profile like mine (or even if you just have a good body and show it off with some topless pics + a bio with a bit of sexual-innuendo in it). Saturday nights usually get me 3-5 phone numbers within the 30 minute Boost.

Everyone feels a little naughty at midnight on a Saturday night; there just seems to be something electric in the air. Some of my best lays have come from Saturday nights when I message a girl, get her number, meet up with her straight away, take her back to mine and fill her out like an application.

If you don’t want to stay up late, just hit the Boost button and go to bed – you don’t have to message all the girls the same night. Just message them all the next day or whenever you get time (but generally speaking, the sooner the better).

The biggest benefit of sticking to Boosts on a Saturday night/Sunday morning is you only need to use Tinder on Sat + Sun, and maybe check your phone each night to reply to any messages you get. This will free up your days to work on your self-improvement; you won’t be wasting hours a day messaging girls on Tinder, trying to get matches, etc. You absolutely need to focus the vast majority of your time and energy on building yourself into a sexy boy – doing everything we talked about in Part 1.

Improving your looks and taking better pics are the foundation of getting laid a lot on Tinder (or finding the world’s coolest girlfriend). You’ll get far more matches and far more dates/lays the hotter you become, vs spending all day swiping or buying 20 Boosts if you look like crap. Losing fat, adding muscle, upping your fashion/style and practising your photography/modelling skills will net your big ol’ dirty dick far more action than anything else you could do.

If you have a long way to go in terms of looks/good pictures, then spend your money on a personal trainer, a good hairdresser, getting your teeth whitened, a stylist who can help you choose better outfits, paying me for coaching so I can yell at you and kick your butt into gear, etc. Again, if you have a long way to go with your looks, buying 20 Boosts & getting no matches isn’t going to be the best use of your money/time. Get yourself looking a little better, and then go all-out with the Boosts.

Super Boosts:

Super Boosts get you even more matches than a regular Boost and last for 3 hours, rather than 30 minutes. Some nights I’ve gotten 50 matches from one Super Boost. But holy Christ on a stick, they’re expensive – 6.8x the cost of a single Boost where I live.

Because they’re expensive, I wouldn’t recommend you spend money on one until you already get matches with a normal boost. Try using a normal Boost on a Saturday night at 11pm – if you don’t get at least 5 matches, a Superboost is probably a waste of money (unless you’re ridiculously rich and really don’t give a fuck). Improve your appearance, upgrade your pics, and then try again.

But you know what isn’t a waste of money? My video course + book detailing how I conquered Tinder and built an elite sex life the average guy can only dream of. Here’s all the mindset hacks I learned along the way:

How I Built a Winner’s Mindset (everything I learned going from depressed & suicidal to living a life of abundance and joy):

2.3 – Super Likes

Super Likes put you on the top of the pile of all the guys who’ve liked a girl, meaning she’s more likely to see you and swipe right on you too. It also shows a big blue star icon on your profile, so she can see you’ve Super Liked her.

You get 5 free ones every day with your Tinder Platinum subscription. Rough estimate: every 15-20 Super Likes I use net me 1 match (matches will show a little blue star next to them so you’ll also know it was because of the Super Like).

Use them on whomever you like – I personally have the most luck shooting for 18yo girls, so I use all my Super Likes on 18yos only. They’re the most open-minded, the most DTF, the most spontaneous and the easiest to have sex with, with the least hassle. They also seem to like older guys more than any other age group, and I enjoy mentoring them, teaching them about life, helping them become better people, etc – 18 year olds seem to be the most open to life advice.

I also prefer to use mine on “cute” girls, rather than super hot girls – I get much more matches doing this. Hot girls tend to get a shitload of Super Likes, so you’ll be somewhat lost among the rest of the cloud. Using it on cute girls – who get less Super Likes – works better for me.

The 5 free daily Super Likes are a nice freebie to have, and you may as well use them up each day – but they’re not so amazing as to be worth buying extra ones. A couple of times I’ve experimented with buying a big bunch of them – two times I bought the 60-pack for $61 Australian Dollars. Both times I only got 3-5 matches from it; a complete and utter waste of my money. A Super Boost costs the same and gets me significantly more matches – sometimes up to 50 matches on a Saturday night. That’s more than enough matches to get my big ol’ dirty dick wet.

Other apps have similar features (eg on Bumble they’re called “SuperSwipes”) – but I don’t bother with them. They cost too much money & have never gotten me many more matches at all. They just seem to be a waste, at least for me & my clients who’ve also tried them.

2.4 – Getting Matches on Other Dating Apps

I’ll say it again: getting laid is a numbers game. Our aim is to be getting as many matches as possible every week, so you have the most opportunities for dates and sexy sex. More matches also make you feel good about yourself, which is super important at the start – you need all the validation and motivation you can possibly get if you’re nervous and inexperienced. (If you’re inexperienced/really nervous and want even more handholding – grab this guide we wrote specifically with YOU in mind.)

If you don’t swipe on the dating apps a little each day, you won’t get matches. All the apps seem to slightly “punish” you for not swiping – they count you as an inactive user and won’t show your profile to as many girls. Just do a few swipes a day and you’ll find yourself getting more matches.

I go through all the apps and swipe/message girls around 7pm every weeknight, as well as early morning saturday and early morning sunday. It’s much easier doing this once a day in the evening, setting aside 30-60 minutes to reply to all your messages, swipe a bit, get phone numbers and set up dates. Night works the best for me; that’s when most girls are online and more likely to reply.

For the most part, you should not be reading girls’ bios until after you match with them. You need to really hit the numbers game hard – you need to message thousands of girls. You can’t do that if you’re pausing to read every girl’s bio before you’ve even matched with them – that’s a total waste of time.

Just spam likes/swipes/opening lines, and once you match with a girl, then you can read her bio.

Quick reminder: you’re usually best to turn off all the reminders on all the apps, so you’re not constantly distracted during the day. You want to have your own life going on; you want to keep busy with your self-improvement, rather than getting bogged down with neurotically checking your phone.

2.5 – Hinge

Hinge gets me a lot of matches (some weeks more than I will get on Tinder!), and due to the fact everyone only has a limited amount of matches each day, 90% of girls I match with will reply to me (on Tinder, a tonne of girls are only looking to collect a likes/matches for validation, and they’ll never bother actually replying).

On Hinge, you can message 10 girls a day with a free account. I pay for the “Preferred Membership”, so I can message infinite girls.

After you click the Like button on a girl, send her a message as well (don’t just click the Like button) – use the texting template I give you in Part 3 of this guide.

Hinge seems to be very kink-friendly – lots of girls will put in their bio, “I want to be tied up” or “Looking to explore my kinks” etc – a lot of my coaching clients are into BDSM 😉 If you’re not a kinky bastard yet, don’t stress; there’s plenty of less-kinky girls on there too.

As I said, I pay for the membership (called “Preferred Members”) – it lets you message as many girls as you want. Use it to message 50-100 girls a day with the copy-paste opening line, and get a tonne of dates. It’s located down the bottom of the Settings page.

Because you can message anyone (not just girls who’ve matched with you, as is the case on Tinder), you’ll get far more matches – a message is far more likely to get her interest than just a like. Hinge also nets me hotter girls than Tinder – since you can message anyone, you’ll be able to message hot girls you’d likely never match with on Tinder.

Hinge is also fucking awesome because it gives you a good idea of the level you’re currently at. Because you can message a tonne of women (eg 500 in a week), you can use that to determine where you’re at in terms of looks, pics, etc. If you send 500 messages and get a bunch of matches, you’ll know, “Awesome, I’m on the right track. I’ll keep pushing and get even more matches.” If you don’t get many (or any) matches, you’ll know you need to double-down on your self-improvement efforts (read Part 1 of this guide) and kick some more ass.

2.6 – Bumble

When you sign up for Bumble, it’ll ask you if you want to enter a bunch of extra details (what you’re looking for (“something casual”/”a relationship”/etc), your political leanings, etc). I don’t fill any of this out – you’re only adding additional reasons for a girl to say no. Generally speaking with online dating, the less you say, the better. Don’t give her arbitrary reasons to say no. Besides, you’ll be able to get to know each other better when you’re actually out on the date – then you call tell her all about your “political leanings”/etc.

Whichever bio you end up using, add this to the end of it: “Send me a message and say hey. I’ll take care of the rest”. Girls have to message first on Bumble, but most of them are too scared to do so. Adding this line to the end of your bio drastically increases how many girls message you.

You will absolutely need to do a bit of swiping on Bumble each day – if I don’t swipe, I get absolutely zero matches. If I spend 10 minutes swiping, I’ll get (roughly) 3 or so matches a day. More time swiping obviously means more matches, but you need to strike a balance between swiping enough vs still keeping busy with your self-improvement efforts.

Remember on Bumble, girls have to message you first – and a lot of girls are way too shy to send the first message. Matches expire after 24 hours if she doesn’t message, so expect a lot of that. Don’t be disheartened; it’s part of the (admittedly goofy) game on Bumble.

Update Jan 2020: Bumble just introduced a daily swipe limit:

Just swipe until you use up your daily limit, then do some more swiping the next day.

2.7 – OkCupid & Plenty of Fish (POF)

OkCupid and POF used to absolutely kick ass for getting laid about 5-10 years ago before Tinder came along; I got the majority of my early lays with these two sites, but I don’t use them anymore. Nowadays Tinder/Hinge/Bumble are the more popular apps, so OkCupid & POF aren’t as popular. It’s still possible to get laid (and if you’re all-in, you should definitely try) – just don’t be disheartened if you only get laid once or twice; nor if those lays take a little more time/effort than the other apps.

The one thing they have going for them is they both let you message girls before you’ve matched with them, so you can just copy-paste the same opening line. They both have limits (POF is 25 per day, OkCupid is about 10), so use up those copy-pastes each day.

(Sidenote: Back in the good ol’ day OkCupid and POF had no limit to how many girls you could message. This is exactly how I got laid so much early on; I’d spam 200 women a night, and get laid a couple times a week. If my account ever got reported for spam and deleted, I’d just make a new account (using a free VPN to change my IP address) and pick up where I left off.)

2.8 – CoffeeMeetsBagel (CMB)

CoffeeMeetsBagel is similar to Hinge: you have a certain number of messages you can send each day. Use them all up, message girls with the copy-paste opening line, and get some puss.

2.9 – Other Apps/Sites

I’ve only had a handful of lays from all the other apps I’ve tried – so do your own experimenting, have a go, and drop a comment if you get laid and tell us about it.

One of my mates has gotten laid a few times off the new Facebook Dating app – I haven’t tried it myself (it’s not available in my country).

I also have a couple mates who’ve had some success messaging random girls on Instagram (by searching for location tags in their city, and just messaging any cute girls in the area). Again, I haven’t tried that myself – feel free to experiment yourself.

2.10 – “I Don’t Want to Spend Money”

I realise some guys are going to throw out the excuse of, “I don’t have money to spend on Tinder Platinum/Boosts or memberships on the other apps”, or “I’m too good to pay for pussy!”

I understand being hesitant to spend cash; I’m a tight-ass myself. One of my mates used to jokingly call me “financially-anorexic”. It’s painful parting with your precious paper, but proper priorities are a precondition for plentiful pussy. (Note to self: I’m a fucking wordsmith.)

I went a few years without ever spending a dime on Tinder, and guess what happened? I got barely any results, my beautiful little balls turned blue… but I continued to cling on to my precious frugality, telling myself, “I’m too good to spend money on this”. At some point I had to ask myself what was more important to me – my ego, or getting my dick sucked?

After some soul-searching, I decided to drop the bullshit, went all-in and did absolutely everything I could to get laid. I bought a bunch of Boosts, and I started getting laid the very next week.

The majority of my lays have come from Boosts on Tinder. I’ll make this clear: I would not have gotten laid 100+ times online without using tonnes of Tinder Boosts. I’d love to not have to spend any money on dating apps, but a few bucks a week for Tinder Platinum + 1 Boost doesn’t kill me and means I get to have easy, often-mind-blowingly-good sex with no drama and (usually) next to no effort.

On the other dating apps, you can use them without paying anything – but on Tinder, Boosts and Tinder Platinum are not optional. If the idea of having to pay to increase your odds of getting laid is unappealing to you – and you can’t even buy 1 Boost a week – then you’re just not that serious about getting laid/finding a girlfriend.

If you seriously can’t afford Platinum + 1 Boost + membership on any of the other apps, then get a casual job for a couple hours a week, or cut down on spending. You’re most likely buying alcohol you don’t need, food you could find cheaper somewhere else, wasting money on nights out, putting fuel in your car when you could probably take public transport, etc. Funnel some of that money into your dating apps instead.

If you still don’t want to pay for online dating, then that’s ok – I’d advise you to instead go outside and approach a ton of women (aim for 20 a week minimum). But if you’re keen on doing online dating, just bite the bullet and throw money at the problem (along with the obvious “improve your looks and your pictures along the way” advice).

Besides, getting laid has always cost money (and time) for guys – that’s just the way it is. We’re not women; we can’t just exist and get sex (unless you’re a celebrity, or you really go all-in with your self-improvement and make yourself look amazing). You’ll always be “paying” for sex in some form or another:

  • Paying for Tinder/other apps.
  • Buying nice clothes that are in-style so girls take notice of you.
  • Buying accessories, tattoos, piercings, a watch, rings, a necklace, etc – again, so girls notice you.
  • Paying for a gym membership so, you guessed it, girls notice you.
  • Buying fancy shit like a cool apartment, lava lamps, a nice car, etc – stuff we say is for “us”, but is really 50% for us and 50% to impress women.
  • Buying drinks for girls on dates if you’re into that (I personally never do, but each to their own).
  • etc.

Getting laid costs money; it’s just a fact, so stop fighting it and just deal with it. “I’m not getting laid” is something you can directly solve with money, and the more money you’re willing to throw at the problem, the more you’ll get laid. (Assuming, as always, you look good and have good pics. If not, use your money to improve those things as the top priority).

Don’t hold back. Go all-in. You deserve to get laid; don’t sabotage yourself by being needlessly-frugal.

2.11 – If You don’t get Many Matches

Here’s a checklist to go over if you’re getting very few matches:

  • Did you set your “Maximum Distance” at a reasonable distance? If it’s super close (eg 5miles) and you live in a smaller city, you may not get many matches. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used a Boost, gotten only 1 or 2 matches and gone, “What the fuck?”… Only to later realise I had my distance settings set to only 2km. I’ll change it to 20km, try another Boost, and instantly get a tonne more matches.
  • Have you set your age range to a wide range? I have mine set to “18-55+” If you set your age high like 30-35, expect a lot less matches – most of the girls on dating apps are 18-25, so you’re selling yourself short if you exclude the biggest potential dating pool. Same goes if you have a very narrow range (eg “18-19”) – you’re going to get less matches vs if you widen the search.
  • Tinder: Are you using Boosts, particularly late on a Saturday night (10pm-1am – midnight works best for me)?
  • Hinge: Are you paying for a Preferred Membership so you can message 50-100 girls a day?
  • On all the apps, are you swiping and messaging girls proactively each day?
  • Have you installed at least Tinder, Bumble, Hinge – and possibly experimented with the other apps too?
  • Have you clicked “Show me on Tinder”? If you untick this, Tinder will hide your profile.
  • Are you using the “Only show me to people I’ve swiped” setting? If you are, expect almost no matches until you start doing a tonne of swiping.
  • If none of the above increases your matches, go back through Part 1 and keep working on upgrading your appearance & your photos.

If you’re not getting many matches, don’t stress; it’s fixable. When I first started using Tinder/other dating apps, I got 0 matches. Yep, quite literally zero matches. I had awful pics (bedroom selfies), I looked like shit, and if I’m honest I have to admit I wasn’t really all that serious about getting laid. I think I wanted zero matches, because it’d mean I didn’t have to invite girls out on dates and risk rejection.

But over time I kept improving my looks, my body and my pics, and got myself to a point where I now get laid pretty regularly without too much fuss. If I can go from zero matches to more than enough matches, you can too.

And look, I know it fucking hurts to get very few (or no) matches when you use a few Boosts. It sucks, it bruises your ego, it makes you think, “But I put in all this effort with my self-improvement and my photos, and it was all for nothing. What the hell was even the point?”

You just have to remind yourself that as long as you focus on improving yourself just a little each day, you’re making progress. Yes, getting very few matches sucks donkey dick, but you’ll dig deep, work harder, kick some fucking ass and keep improving yourself until you get to a point where you get as many matches as me (hopefully even more than me).

If you’re getting few matches, that is absolutely fixable. It’s a GOOD thing. It’s a chance to improve yourself, to become a better man; a man that women – and people in general – will take notice of and pay attention to. Getting few (or no) matches is just a hurdle you will overcome; use it as fuel to push yourself.

At the start of your self-improvement/online dating journey you have to be ok with getting very few matches, because there’s a very good chance that’ll happen. Especially if you’re very new to taking photos of yourself, or are particularly uncomfortable with being in front of a camera. Even more so if your appearance isn’t yet where you want it to be. You have to be willing to risk feeling that disappointment, and you have to be willing to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and have another crack at improving yourself/your pics a little more.

One of the best ways to improve yourself – and to get support/motivation from other people going through the same shit as you – is to be in a group of other dudes who are working on the same mission as you. Join our coaching program – everyone is incredibly focused on improving themselves, very welcoming to new guys, and ready to help you dominate your goals.

Sign up, let the group and myself know you want help with getting laid, and we’ll give you all the help you need.

It’s very important you have realistic expectations. If you live in a tiny town, or in a very conservative country, or in a city with less young people (especially less university students), or you live on the very outskirts of your city: you have to expect that you’ll get less matches. I live in the most liberal, sex-positive city in Australia – a city with 5 million+ people. It’s incredibly easy for me to get laid here. If you live in a small town in the deep-south of America, you’re going to get less matches than me (and especially less sexually-open, DTF girls).

I’ve lost count of the number of guys who say they can’t get laid… then you find out they live in a rural town with less than 50,000 people. As The Red Quest pointed out, if you’re wondering where the chicks are – they’re in the big cities. If you’re serious about going all-in with getting laid, and you live in a tiny town, my advice is to move right this fucking second. You aren’t going to sort out your sex life if there’s no girls around you.

Don’t compare your results to other people either. The size of your city, how sexually-open girls are where you live, etc – are all going to have a huge impact on your matches/lay-rate. I especially don’t want you comparing yourself to me; I’ve been at this for a long time, I’ve spent literally thousands of hours improving myself and thousands of dollars on Boosts. I’ve gotten laid a lot not because I’m anything special; but solely because I worked really fucking hard, over quite a long period of time. You can work really fucking hard too.

You can give yourself some motivation if you like, by running a test with a guy who has elite pictures. Download some photos from Magic Fox on Instagram – he’s absolutely ridiculously attractive, cool and masculine. (Yeah, I have a man-crush on him, no homo.) Make a new Tinder account using a few of his pics, and see how many matches you’d get if you looked as good as he does.

I’ve run this test before, and it absolutely blew my mind how many matches his pics got. Hundreds and hundreds of matches within about 15 minutes, until the account was reported and banned for being obviously fake. (If you run a similar test, your account will probably be banned too and you’ll have to sign up again using a new phone number – keep that in mind).

It’s still worth doing if you’re feeling a little down or lacking in motivation. It’s mind-blowing to see how many matches you could be getting if you looked that good. Yes he’s absolutely elite, but if you can make yourself even one-tenth as attractive and cool as he is, you’ll get more matches than you can possibly message each day. Even more if you can get yourself to his level, which is perfectly doable if you’re willing to put in the work over a few years.

I’m personally nowhere near his level yet; I’m still very much a work in progress. I’ve still had a tonne of lays, so I don’t want you to think you need to look like a god before you can get laid; you don’t. (But looking elite should be your ultimate goal.)

Bottom line is: keep working on yourself. If you’re not getting matches now, remind yourself: “I’ll get plenty of matches in the future as I improve myself and take better pics. If a loser like Andy can do this, I sure as hell can too.

2.12 – Resetting Your Account

Guys ask me about this quite a lot, usually because they think resetting their account will fix their lack of matches. If you’re not getting matches, it’s because your pictures need improving or you’re not using Boosts at the right time (10pm-2am, Sat + Fri nights).

Go through this guide for a list of mistakes you may be making with your pics. Then read this guide for inspiration on what you should ultimately be aiming for with your pics. Improve your appearance, improve your pics, and you’ll naturally get more matches.

For the most part, resetting your account isn’t something you need to worry about. I don’t really do it with my account, and a lot (most) of my clients don’t bother either.

If you do decide to reset your account (eg if you do a complete overhaul of all your pictures & want to start fresh), I wouldn’t reset any more than every 4 months; there’s some (anecdotal, unverified) reports that resetting it too often could cause Tinder to “shadow ban” you, meaning you would get no matches at all. I can’t comment on this as myself/my clients haven’t experienced it, so it’s up to you if you want to do your own experiments and try to get yourself shadow-banned 😉

Any unused Boosts are non-transferable if you delete your account, so use them up first.

Again, worry more about handling the important fundamentals (looks, muscle, style, grooming & photos) rather than stressing so much about exactly how many milliseconds you should wait before resetting your account.

Chapter 3 – Key Takeaways

1. Installing Tinder & Other Apps

  1. Install every app; not just Tinder. You need to play the numbers game in order to get laid a tonne.
  2. Sign up for Tinder. Check whether the web version (tinder.com) or the app is cheaper for you. Always pay for Boosts using the cheaper version.
  3. Choose bisexual, and select “Show me people of the same orientation first”.
  4. Bio; don’t overthink it. Just use one of mine. Instagram/Spotify: link them to make your profile look more “real”.
  5. Pay for Tinder Platinum.
  6. 18-55+ works best for your age preference.
  7. Turn off notifications on all the apps, so you’re not neurotically checking constantly.

2. Getting Matches

  1. On Tinder, swipe a bit, but also focus on the girls who’ve already liked you feature.
  2. On other apps, you’ll also need to proactively swipe/message girls.
  3. On Tinder, Boosts are mandatory.
  4. Saturday late night works best for Boosts, followed by Sunday morning, followed by late Friday night, followed by other nights of the week. Remember, these are what has worked for me – feel free to experiment on your own.
  5. Use your 5 Super Likes each day, but don’t buy any extra ones.
  6. On Tinder, spending money is mandatory; find a way to scrounge together some coin any way you possibly can. Do whatever it takes to get laid.
  7. On other apps, spending money is far less important; you can easily get laid without spending anything.
  8. If you don’t get many matches, don’t stress. Just go back to Part 1 and keep working on your self-improvement/taking better photos. I got no matches at the start and now I get laid plenty; if I can do it, you sure as hell can too.
  9. If you want to speedrun your success (effectively just paying to win), sign up for coaching.

If this guide has helped you so far, grab my even-more-advanced course: How I Built a Winner’s Mindset! It’s yours for whatever you wish to pay (even if that’s literally just $1). Every purchase helps me out and allows me to keep producing content like this Tinder guide. I poured everything I have into this video course – it’s everything I’ve learned going from depressed and suicidal to living a life of abundance and joy. Grab it here.

Any questions about dating apps/getting laid (or anything else)? Ask them on my YouTube channel, no matter how big or small the question. I’m here to help.

In Part 3, we go through messaging girls you’ve matched with, getting their number, and setting up dates. Click here to read Part 3.

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Yo, Andy here. I’m an Aussie guy who went from a depressed, suicidal loser to a guy who gets laid regularly, has 3somes & BDSM sex, crushes weights at the gym & loves his life. I killed my inner loser. It's my mission to get you to kill your inner loser too.