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Here’s a story from May 2018.

Back in the day, OkCupid and POF used to be pretty damn decent for getting laid, once you weeded out the girls looking for boyfriends. Both platforms aren’t all that great these days if you’re looking to get laid.

This was one of the first few girls I had BDSM sex with – she was the 4th girl I’d actively hunted for to try BDSM with. I was a bit of a newbie at it – didn’t have many toys, didn’t really know what I was doing – and I was learning as I went. If you’d like to try BDSM but have no idea where to start, just start with:

This girl was cute in her pics but nothing more than that. I kept an open mind and met her, and she ended up being a totally wild thing in bed – awesome.

I originally posted this in May 2018 on the Good Looking Loser Forums. As always, any parts in blue are direct quotes from the old post I initially wrote.

GOT LAID, bitches!

OK SO the chick I just shagged, she’s my 4th girl since trying this direct BDSM line. Just the usual convo:

Texted her, and out of nowhere she called me Daddy. (I didn’t prompt it, or ask for it). My kinda girl (i’m hugely into the “Daddy” roleplay thing):

Met her near my place, walked straight to my apartment and fucked within 10mins. HERE’S MY DICK (also featuring her face, but you know you only want to see my ding dong):

She actually got really horny and happy when I said I wanted to take a photo of her sucking my dick. Posed for me with a big smile and everything.

Sex with her was truly fucking EPIC. I’m still wrapping my head around it all. Sometimes you just really fucking click with a girl and it’s the most insane sex of your life, more addictive than cocaine. I made her squirt in about 15 seconds (she’s never squirted before), she came like a billion times (maybe a trillion (slight exaggeration)), she gave amazing head, her pussy was tight and insanely wet.

She kept looking at me with this insanely lustful look, like a fucking whore, and she had this evil cheeky grin on her face because she knew exactly how to turn me on and drive me crazy. She did the classic cute innocent little girl voice, “Daddy… please fuck my little pussy…” I couldn’t resist her. Had great tits too. She’s slightly curvy but not anywhere near chubby, and her tits are big for her size.

Didn’t use any bondage shit, i actually forgot… we were so caught up in fucking each other’s brains out we didn’t think to get out the toys. we shagged for a good 3 hours (with breaks here and there).

She’s also interesting as fuck, pretty damn intelligent and great company. I like her quite a bit.

10/10 A++++++++

Pretty wild sex. Like I said, from her pics on OkCupid, you never would have guessed that the sex would be all that mind-blowing. She was cute, but nothing amazing. The sex, however, was fucking insane; one of the best lays of my life. This is a good lesson in keeping an open mind – even if a girl is only “cute” in her pics, it’s often worth meeting her to see what she’s like in person. Many many many times I’ve been blown away by how amazing a girl is; like she’s a sleeper hit.

Unfortunately we didn’t bang again – she texted later to say, “I had so much fun and that was amazing, but I’m not sure I can handle more rough sex/BDSM. It was very intense.” I offered to be more gentle next time, but she wasn’t up for it.

If you’re having rough/kinky sex, that’ll happen with one in about 20 or 30 girls – it’ll be a bit too much for them, no matter how much you cuddle them afterwards & make sure they had fun (this is known as aftercare). I’ve even had gentle BDSM sex with a couple of girls (as in, I just tie them up, blindfold them, and spend an hour gently teasing them and making them feel good before fucking them slowly) – and even that has been “too intense” for some girls.

If you’re into BDSM/kinky sex and it happens to you, don’t stress – you didn’t do anything wrong (assuming you were nice to her after sex). Some girls just won’t want what you have to offer; kinky sex isn’t for them. The solution, as always, is to go hit on more girls.

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