NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

As I mentioned in Sexual Apathy, writing a sexual bucketlist is a great way to keep things fresh in the bedroom and ensure you have a solid mission to work on if sex is becoming less fulfilling as time goes on.

You can also use your bucketlist for experiments to learn things you’ve always been curious about. Eg “Is it possible to make most girls squirt?” (hint: it is).
“Are 3somes really as amazing as everyone says they are?” (They’re pretty fucking groovy).
“How long can I keep a girl on the edge without letting her orgasm?” (So long that you’ll need to take a break for lunch).
“What happens if I start tickling a girl while she’s cumming?” (It’ll be the funniest shit you’ve ever seen).

(Heads up, I may get a small commission if you use my links to buy any of the things listed below, at no cost to you.)

How to Build Your List

Building your bucketlist is easy – and a hell of a lot of fun. Sit down with a big sheet of paper or your laptop, and let your imagination run wild. Think of the filthiest, wildest things you’ve always wanted to try – no matter how “out there” or weird they are (obviously: make sure they’re legal).

Here’s a few ideas to get you thinking:


  • “Sir/Master”
  • Nurse/patient
  • Student/teacher
  • Petgirl
  • etc
Having fun with the Daddy fantasy.

Dominant Sex:

  • You dominate the girl
  • Making her orgasm over and over again or teasing/edging her
  • She dominates you/takes the lead, seducing you
  • Calling her dirty names (slut, whore, bitch, etc – but make sure she’s into it first)
  • Femdom (her taking the lead)


Sex toys:


A specific type of girl:

Sex in fun places:

  • Park
  • Beach
  • In the backseat of a car
  • In an alleyway
  • In the back of a cinema
  • In a restaurant
  • In a public toilet
  • (I’m not encouraging you to break the law – use your own judgement)
Sexual Bucketlist

A specific body part:

  • A girl with huge tits
  • Tiny tits
  • Ginger hair
  • Huge ass
  • etc

Girls who can do cool things:

  • A girl who can cum from only touching her nipples (yes, those girls exist)
  • A girl who can multiple orgasm with no effort
  • A girl who can squirt
  • A girl who’s never orgasmed (so you can have fun teaching her how to orgasm)
  • etc

Less-experienced girls:

  • A virgin you can mentor and teach about her own body
  • Shy girls
  • A girl who’s never tried a specific sex act and who’s really excited for you to try it with her

More-experienced girls: These girls are usually much more chilled about sex, won’t play games with you, give you less drama, and make awesome fuckbuddies (because they’re usually cool to hang out with after sex).

Specific sex acts/positions:

Achievements/funny stories:

You can also go watch a bunch of porn to see what’s out there. Here’s a massive list of porn types courtesy of Reddit, including many you’ve probably never even considered:

Get Girls to Write Their Own Lists

A great way to discover new kinks you’ve never considered is to tell every girl you sleep with to write her own bucketlist and share it with you. A lot of them will surprise you with their fantasies – they’ll have fetishes you’d never in a million years have thought of. You’ll get to learn new things & discover different aspects of the human psyche/human sexuality.

Best of all, if you practice doing this with every girl you meet, you’ll become a sort of “gateway” for her to discover her secret desires and fantasies. You’ll be the nonjudgemental, understanding guide who’ll be a safe place for her to try things she’s always wanted to try & let out her inner “slut”. You’ll start seeing yourself as “The Guy who Unleashes Girls’ Deepest Fantasies”.

When you bring up the subject of her writing her own bucketlist, make it very clear you’re not going to judge her for anything on her list. If she’s worried about you thinking she has weird fantasies (girls tend to be way more paranoid about being “perverts” than we are), she’ll never open up to you. Here’s an text message I recently sent to a girl:


Here’s an example list one of my girls replied with:

Exploring a girl’s list with her is a hell of a lot of fun – it’ll be like a project or assignment you get to work through together. Each week when you meet up, you’ll get to explore a little further, go a little deeper, tick more things off the list. Incidentally, you’ll also find girls are much more keen to keep on seeing you for longer periods of time, because you’ll be building something together.

I love telling girls that we’re going to explore one item from her list every time we meet – but that I’m not going to tell her which item it will be. Girls absolutely love the surprise of never knowing what they’re going to get when they see you.

Examples from My Own List

Here’s a small selection of examples from my own bucketlist (this isn’t all of it; my complete list is fucking huge). Some of these I’ve already ticked off; others I’ll have fun ticking off in the future. Feel free to steal some of these for your own list.

  • Make an amateur porn film, with decent production values (use my DSLR camera).
  • Fuck a girl and make her call a friend/family member to have a casual chat, while I’m fucking her (trying to be quiet and not make it obvious she’s having sex).
  • Make a girl sit in front of a full-length mirror, and she masturbates while staring into her own eyes the entire time (I’ve had girls do this, and it’s one of the most intense things you’ll ever do – for you and for her).
  • Tie my main girl up and mke her sit in the corner of the room with a vibrator in her pussy, watching as I fuck another girl in front of her.
  • Cum on a girl while she’s sleeping. Talk to her about this beforehand so you don’t freak her out in the middle of her slumber.
  • A few girls have told me this one, this is in their words: “I want to try and wrestle with you, but you overpower me and eventually tire me out and I have no choice but to stop fighting you and let you take me.”
  • Create a portfolio of high quality BDSM artwork.
  • Cum in a girl’s hands and make her lick it up, like this (NSFW).
  • Play with hot candle wax.
  • Have 2 girls making out with each other while I cum on their faces, & they continue making out afterwards.
  • Make a girl to pee her panties in public, without anybody else noticing.
  • Gag a girl with her own panties, like this (NSFW).
  • While a girl is hanging out with her friends, she secretly has a vibrator in her pussy. Her job is to try to last an hour without anybody noticing she’s acting “weird”.
  • Similar to above – have a vibrator with a wireless remote. She has the vibrator inside her. Go to a restaurant together, I turn the vibrator on/off whenever I want, and she has to keep a straight face and not let anybody notice.
  • Tie a girl up and tie a vibrator to her pussy, so she can’t take it off, like this (NSFW).
  • Have a girl secretly play with herself in public in front of you (eg on a train, in a cafe, etc).
  • Have my girl take the lead during sex (I’m usually the dominant one).
  • Have a 4some (with 3 girls).
  • Take my main girl to a bar, and we seduce another girl together.
  • Rip a girl’s shirt/pantyhose/panties/etc during sex, like this (NSFW).
  • Make a girl scream and beg and go completely wild during sex so I have to muffle her mouth with my hand (this is my favourite type of sex).
  • Cum on a girl’s face, then immediately start banging her again, like this (NSFW).
  • Cum on her shirt/dress, and make her go back home without cleaning it off.
  • Get girls to write dirty things on themselves in marker pen, like this (NSFW).
  • Bang a super-fit gym bunny.
  • Bang a hippy girl at a festival.
  • Play drunken truth or dare with 2 girls (in a 3some).
  • Hold a girl up in the air and eat her pussy while she gives me a blowjob, like this (NSFW).
  • Bang a goth girl.
  • (And about 100 other things…)

The Takeaway

Go out there and have fun – explore your sexuality. There’s a million billion ways you can have sex – it doesn’t always have to be vanilla.
(Obvious disclaimer: make sure the girl is cool with any of the stuff you try before you do it.)

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