Buy Stuff I Recommend

I earn a small commission if you buy anything listed here – it really helps me out. I only recommend stuff I personally use and love; stuff that’s genuinely changed my life. I know everything below will improve your life too.


1. You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought

This should be the first book you ever buy if you’re serious about overcoming depression, working through negative thoughts, are struggling to be consistent with your goals/habits, or just need a kick of motivation. I talk about this book all the time; here’s a step-by-step walkthrough I did, guiding you through a couple of the exercises from the book.

2. Magic Wand Vibrator

If you want the cheat code to giving girls orgasms, BUY THIS. It’ll blow your mind how easy it makes it to make your girl cum – you literally just switch it on, hold it against her pussy, and she’ll be catapulted to the moon. She’ll love you for it. Here’s my in-depth guide on giving girls crazy orgasms using this toy. We’ve also covered it in a full podcast episode.

3. The Slight Edge

The go-to manual for achieving your goals, this book has been the reason I’ve achieved everything I’ve ever achieved. You absolutely must buy this book; the methods in it are legitimately life-changing. I wrote a MASSIVE 12,000 word guide to using the book which expands on all the concepts from the book, and I give you a bunch of lifehacks and productivity hacks as well. 

4. Bathmate Penis Pump

I use this pretty much every time I have sex now, to pump my dick up and make it way bigger than normal. If you can’t help but feel a little insecure about your dick size, grab this – it’ll instantly help.
Here’s a guide I wrote on getting the most out of your Bathmate.

5. DSLR Camera + Lens (Canon EOS RP + 50mm Lens)

Absolutely mandatory if you want a killer Tinder profile to get you laid a tonne, as I talked about in my Tinder Guide. Smartphone photos simply won’t cut it – if you want to stand out like I do in my Tinder profile, you need a proper DSLR. Don’t take my word for it – plenty of other guys have said a DSLR is mandatory for them getting laid a lot on Tinder.

6. Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses (Orange Glasses)

If you’ve never tried these orange glasses, I’m about to blow your mind. They stop the blue light from your phone/PC/household lighting from keeping you awake at night. Put them on 1-2hrs before you want to fall asleep, and you’ll find yourself getting drowsy, even while staring at a phone screen. They cost basically nothing, and they’ll legitimately change your life, especially if you’ve always struggled to fall asleep because of too much screen-time.
Everyone I’ve ever recommended these two has told me, “Holy shit, these things make me fall asleep hours earlier than usual!”


First, make sure you grab You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought and The Slight Edge I mentioned above. Both books are mandatory to get the most out of life and kick ass with your goals.

I also highly recommend:

  • No More Mr Nice Guy by Robert Glover
    Buy this if you find yourself being walked all over, being a people-pleaser, and not being able to stand up for yourself.
  • The 5-Minute Meditator by Eric Harrison
    The go-to book on meditation, it makes meditating so simple literally anyone can do it at any time during the day.
  • How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World by Harry Browne
    Brilliant book on not letting other people dictate your happiness or success.
  • Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink
    Same as above – Jocko’s an absolute badass and he teaches you to take responsibility for everything in your life, instead of blaming others.
  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff (And It’s All Small Stuff) by Richard Carlson
    Brilliant book at giving you some perspective and helping you overcome negative thoughts.
  • Instant Calm by Paul Wilson
    Great book for people who tend to overthink things, or anyone with anxiety.
  • 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson
    Similar to “The Slight Edge”, Peterson’s book gives simple, actionable advice to start changing your life.
  • The Little Book of Calm by Paul Wilson
    Another brilliant book for dealing with overthinking/overworrying & stress.
  • Mini Habits by Stephen Guise
    The companion book to “The Slight Edge”, Guise gives another perspective on taking baby steps towards your goals.

Sex/BDSM Toys

First, make sure you grab the Magic Wand Vibrator and the Bathmate I listed above. Both will make you a sex god.

BDSM Starter Kit  

If you want to get started with BDSM, I honestly recommend just getting this kickass bondage kit – it’s what I started with. Comes with absolutely everything you’ll need: handcuffs, blindfold, soft rope, gag, collar + leash, whip, and clips to tie them all to each other (so you can bind her arms + legs together). Comes in purple or pink. This kit is a great starting point, and then you can add some of the extra toys below (make sure you grab the magic wand too).

Satisfyer Pro

My girlfriend Imogen loves this toy even more than the Magic Wand, and every girl we’ve tried it on loves it too. Here’s a video of us using it with another girl. It creates a “sucking” sensation on her clit, and is far more of a slow build-up vs the magic wand. Grab this toy as well as the magic wand so you can mix it up – hard and intense with the magic wand, then slow it down for a few minutes with the Satisfyer. You’ll drive her wild and have her screaming like a banshee. Rechargeable battery means no cords, and it’s even waterproof so you can use it in the shower. We discussed this toy in this podcast episode.

Rope (for bondage/tying/Shibari)

Great for tying your girl up and doing whatever you want to her – she’ll love it. This rope also comes in purple and black (using the same link). I own 5 ropes myself (I’m very into bondage). Here’s a rope-tying (Shibari) tutorial I did – and here’s another.

Paddle (for Spanking)

A must-have for the BDSM connoisseur; girls absolutely love being put over your knee and spanked with one of these. Here’s a story where I used it with a cute Asian girl I was seeing. 


Though it looks intimidating as hell, this tiny little spikey roller is a hell of a lot of fun. Don’t worry; it doesn’t pierce the skin & it doesn’t hurt at all. You gently roll it over her skin to cause an incredible tingling sensation – every girl I’ve tried it on says it feels like electricity flowing throughout her body. Combine it with a blindfold and she’ll be on cloud 9.

Nipple Clamps

Put these on your girl’s nipples for increased sensitivity, and you’ll have her moaning like a banshee.

Candles (for Wax-Play)

Note: Do not use regular cheap candles – make sure you buy these specific wax-play candles, as they burn at a lower temperature and won’t burn your skin.
Wax play is a huge part of BDSM – there’s nothing more erotic than the heat of dripping wax on a girl’s skin. Start out on a non-sensitive area like her legs, and eventually work your way up to her nipples; she’ll be writhing in pleasure. You get to paint her like a canvas, while she gets off on your creative process.

Costumes (for Roleplay)

I’ve got several costumes I get girls to wear during sex to spice things up – the “bunnygirl outfit” is my favourite. Chicks love diving into a bit of roleplay with you; make it a fun thing you do together.

Buttplug Kit

As I mentioned in my How to Have Anal Sex guide, a buttplug kit makes anal sex 10 billion times easier. Make sure you grab lots of lube (this one is good) before you play with her dirt road.

3some Strapon Dildo  

Plan on having a 3some with two girls? A strapon is a must – makes 3somes ten times more fun. There’s nothing hotter than watching one of your girls pound away at the other one while you sit and enjoy the show.

Improve Your Looks

First, make sure you grab the DSLR Camera I listed above. A good camera is basically a requirement if you want to get laid a lot on Tinder/Bumble/etc – no point going to all the effort to improve your looks if you’re not going to use a proper camera to take high-quality pics.

Height-Increasing Inserts/Shoes

The shoe inserts go inside any of your current pair of shoes to make you a few inches taller – awesome. I also list a few height-increasing shoes you can buy to give yourself a little more verticality. I’ve got a guide to using them properly here.

Facial Hair/Beard Trimmer

I use this daily to trim my facial hair, shave underneath my chin, and even shave my chest hair. Makes grooming a super simple process that only takes a couple minutes – it’s saved me a TONNE of time.

Productivity Hacks

First, make sure you grab the blue-light blocking glasses I mentioned above.

Wakelight (Alarm)

Find yourself waking up groggy, tired and miserable? This thing is a gamechanger. This wakelight slowly ramps up the brightness over a period of 20-30 minutes, simulating the sun rising naturally. It also plays soft nature sounds to wake you up (but also has a normal backup loud alarm if you’re a heavy sleeper). You wake up MUCH more gently compared to that horrible jarring alarm sound we all hate. It’s legitimately improved how I feel every morning upon waking.

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Yo, Andy here. I’m an Aussie guy who went from a depressed, suicidal loser to a guy who gets laid regularly, has 3somes & BDSM sex, crushes weights at the gym & loves his life. I killed my inner loser. It's my mission to get you to kill your inner loser too.