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This Guy Made Money, Found Peace & Happiness, Had Sex & Started a Coaching Business!

A huge mental shift in just 12 weeks.

Advice for Hard Times (This Too Shall Pass)

Everything will be ok, if you just don't quit.

How to AMPLIFY Tinder Results (Paparazzi Factor) [Guest Post]

How to take your dating profile photos from "ok" to "sensational".

I was Fucking TERRIFIED to Do This.

If I can do this, you sure as hell can too.

A New 365 Day Project?

A new year begins.

You Tell Yourself the Story that I’m Better than You.

There's a reason my website's banner image is: "If I can do it, you sure as hell can too".

7 Lays + a 3some in 12 Weeks! (Plus 110lbs Lost!)

7 lays, a 3some, tons of weight lost, a new business started, and so much more - this guy is CRUSHING his goals.

How to be Happy When You Haven’t Reached Your Goals Yet

A killer interview with one of the guys from our community/one of my coaching clients about dealing with mental issues, finding happiness, & chasing your passions.

Andy & Immy & the Good Girl [Lay Report]

Another fun 3some written by Immy (from her point of view).

How to Be PRODUCTIVE when You’re Not at Your Best (Suffering is OPTIONAL) [General]

Why you can have an epic, productive day/life even if you're sick, tired, suffering from erectile dysfunction, short, or any other limiting belief.


About Me

Hey, I’m Andy. I went from depressed and suicidal to living a life of abundance & joy.

I overcame depression, lost 77lbs, learned to approach women, had 100+ 3somes, taught myself BDSM, at the time of writing I’ve been in a relationship with my lovely partner Immy for 6 years, we date and sleep with women together. I learned to love myself & embrace each day with gratitude and positivity.

I’ve built a 5-figures-a-month business coaching other men & women to do what I (and hundreds of other clients) have done. More than anything, I feel peaceful, happy and full of love.

If we can do this stuff, you sure as hell can too.