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You Don’t Care What I Actually Say. You Care How I Make You FEEL.

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Let’s Make Cold Approach FUN Again

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Why "now's not the right time" is the worst limiting belief of all time.

Nash (Days of Game) on Sex, Honesty & Building Big Beautiful Things

The legendary Nash from Days of Game joins me to talk self-improvement, women, playing to win, and so much more.

Why Most People Quit Self-Improvement (COMFORTABLY UNCOMFORTABLE)

The first few weeks can be a struggle. But if you just push through, greatness awaits you.

One Tiny Act of Kindness May Change the World

I wonder how many of you have had a positive impact on other people's lives, and you'll never realise it.

How to Get a Girl into BDSM

Nervous about starting BDSM, and have no idea where to begin? Read this.

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About Me

Hey, I’m Andy. I went from depressed and suicidal to living a life of abundance & joy.

I overcame depression, lost 77lbs, learned to approach women, had 100+ 3somes, taught myself BDSM, at the time of writing I’ve been in a relationship with my lovely partner Immy for 6 years, we date and sleep with women together. I learned to love myself & embrace each day with gratitude and positivity.

I’ve built a 5-figures-a-month business coaching other men & women to do what I (and hundreds of other clients) have done. More than anything, I feel peaceful, happy and full of love.

If we can do this stuff, you sure as hell can too.