Latest Articles:

If You Hate Women…

Andy explains that it's perfectly normal to hate women - for a time.

1 Approach a Day

Andy commits to talking to 1 girl a day.

How to Start Hitting on Girls

Andy gives you permission to go talk to girls - and be fucking awful at it.

Age Doesn’t Matter

Andy explains why it's useless to even consider age as a factor in your ability to get laid.

Write a Daily Action Plan (Todo List)

Andy ticks off "Write about todo lists" from his todo list.

Life is a Process of Trying on Different Hats (Kill Your Inner Loser)

Andy wants you to kill yourself (figuratively...)

There’s a 95% Chance You Won’t Listen to Anything I Say

Andy knows statistically you are unlikely to find success.

Tinder Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Andy throws up a quick list of Tinder mistakes a tonne of guys are making.


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