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The Best DATING GAMEPLANS (Should You Do 1st Date Lays?)

Andy & Cam cover five different dating styles, including first date lays, waiting a little longer before having sex, and waiting a *really* long time before having sex.

What is Coaching ACTUALLY Like? (Inside Look)

Ever wondered what the Kill Your Inner Loser experience is ACTUALLY like?

You Are In Control of the Story You Write (Extreme Ownership)

You're the architect of your own life; the master of your fate.

AI is Coming & May Wipe Us All Out. Here’s How to Make Peace with it.

My thoughts on using stoicism and self-improvement to steel yourself against your fear of death - and fear of the death of humanity.

The Bicycle & the Tree (Winners Mindset vs Losing Mindset)

Success is like riding a bicycle.

Cut the NPC Crap: Stop Telling Yourself “I Can’t”

You are more powerful than you think you are.

Reigniting An Old Flame (3some) [Sex Story]

Getting back with a girl we hadn't seen for a few years...

HONESTY: A Girl We’re Dating Gives Her Perspective

How you being honest & upfront affects girls; right from the horse's mouth.

How has Dating Changed as I’ve Gotten Older?

It's become a hell of a lot easier, that's for sure.

What Do You Actually WANT?

If you don't have your own plan, life will just happen to you. Instead, let's make sure YOU are in the driver's seat of your own life.


About Me

Hey, I’m Andy. I went from depressed and suicidal to living a life of abundance & joy.

I overcame depression, lost 77lbs, learned to approach women, had 100+ 3somes, taught myself BDSM, at the time of writing I’ve been in a relationship with my lovely partner Immy for 6 years, we date and sleep with women together. I learned to love myself & embrace each day with gratitude and positivity.

I’ve built a 5-figures-a-month business coaching other men & women to do what I (and hundreds of other clients) have done. More than anything, I feel peaceful, happy and full of love.

If we can do this stuff, you sure as hell can too.