Monthly archives: September, 2023

What I Want to Say to You.

I appreciate you.

No Problem is Insoluble in All Conceivable Circumstances

There is always SOMETHING you can do.

5 Easy Ways to Try BDSM/Kink

Thinking of getting into BDSM, but have no idea where to start? Look no further.

I Only Lie when I’m Trying to Get Something

I’m not perfect with my honesty. You don’t need to be either.

Drop the Mask & Embrace Being AUTHENTIC

Being honest and embracing authenticity is such a gamechanger.

9 Ways to Meet Women EFFICENTLY (if You’re Busy)

Sex life cutting into your time? Here’s how to make it hyper-efficient, like I have.

10 Tips to Increase Sex Drive (Low Libido)

Let’s raise that libido and get you bonking ASAP.

If You Don’t Feel MASCULINE Enough…

Were you masculine as a baby?

Accept Where You Currently Are, Then Improve It (The Map Analogy)

Are you frustrated with not being where you want to be in life?

You Don’t Care What I Actually Say. You Care How I Make You FEEL.

Why the words – and being smooth – aren’t anywhere near as important as we think they are.