Monthly archives: April, 2020

Blindfolds; The Secret Cheat Code for When You’re Nervous

Nervous in the bedroom? Andy’s got the perfect cheat for you.

My First 3some [Storytime with Andy]

Cover image by Markus Spiske.

Andy reminisces about his very first 3some back in 2018.

“She’s Not Yours; It’s Just Your Turn” (The Red Pill)

Andy takes issue with the classic Red Pill saying.

Immy’s Thoughts: On Being Alpha

Andy’s girlfriend shares her thoughts on guys being alpha & trying to be perfect all the time.

Why Your Tinder Photos are Bad Quality / Blurry

Andy explains why you shouldn’t stress about Tinder lowering the quality of your photos.

Kino and Escalation During the Corona Crisis (How to be an ALPHA MALE)

Andy shows you how to Kino and Escalate like a true Alpha Male™

Recommendations – Books, Podcasts & Videos

Andy shares the books, movies, podcasts that have changed his life.

Musings of a Non-Completionist 3: Why I Write for This Site

Andy shares what he gets out of writing.

How to Have Anal Sex She’ll Enjoy

Andy teaches you how to put your scooper in her pooper.

Get Laid on Tinder – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Andy answers all your questions about the Get Laid a Tonne on Tinder series.

Get Laid on Tinder [Part 5] – Retention; Seeing Girls Again

Andy teaches you how to become a man worthy of having girls stick around.

“How Many Girls Have You Slept With?”

Andy’s number doesn’t matter, and neither does yours.

What to do When You Feel Hopeless and Helpless

Andy won’t let you quit.

Honesty is an Ideal You Work Towards

Andy advocates for complete honesty… but it’s ok if you’re not quite there yet.

What to Do When You’re In a Rut…

Andy has been in a million ruts, and they all passed. Yours will too.

How to Make Girls Orgasm with No Effort (Magic Wand)

Andy will blow your mind with mind-blowing orgasm techniques.

Don’t Compare Your Lay Count to Mine

Andy explains why his lay count isn’t all that impressive.