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Cold Approaching When You’re Nervous, Should You Be Aloof with Girls, & 3 Ways to Build Massive Confidence (Free Patreon Content)

A bunch of previously-unreleased content I’ve made over the last year or two.

What Do You Actually WANT?

If you don’t have your own plan, life will just happen to you. Instead, let’s make sure YOU are in the driver’s seat of your own life.

This Guy Made Money, Found Peace & Happiness, Had Sex & Started a Coaching Business!

A huge mental shift in just 12 weeks.

This is All Just a Big Experiment

Andy’s just here to experiment and have fun – and you should too.

I was Fucking TERRIFIED to Do This.

If I can do this, you sure as hell can too.

Oh No, You’ve Angered the Gods!

Andy breaks down pickup artist/red pill “rules you must follow if you want to get laid”.

A New 365 Day Project?

A new year begins.

You Tell Yourself the Story that I’m Better than You.

There’s a reason my website’s banner image is: “If I can do it, you sure as hell can too”.

Questions to Ask Yourself if You Want a Happy, Fulfilled Life

A massive list of questions every man (and woman) benefits from answering.

Why Obsession is Mandatory

A kickass chat with an awesome guy from my forums – Chad. We discuss girls, goals, the meaning of life, COVID and how fucking delicious Southern food is.

Musings of a Non-Completionist 2: The Hustle

Andy’s on a mission to make it.

Give Yourself Permission to Suck

One Small Step for Man...

Andy gives himself an hour to write an article, and explains why it’s ok (and perfectly normal) to totally suck at things sometimes.

A Stormy 3some [Sex Story]

A lay report written from a GIRL’S point of view. That’s right, Immy lays out all the salacious details of our latest 3some…

How to Be PRODUCTIVE when You’re Not at Your Best (Suffering is OPTIONAL) [General]

Why you can have an epic, productive day/life even if you’re sick, tired, suffering from erectile dysfunction, short, or any other limiting belief.

Interview with Tristan Nigro (DashedHopes)

Andy is joined by the buffest Canadian you’ll ever meet – Tristan Nigro – to talk fitness, getting started on Youtube, content creation, and that one time he got naked in a Planet Fitness.

How to Use the Doxy Magic Wand

Andy will blow your mind with mind-blowing orgasm techniques.

Life is a Process of Trying on Different Hats (Kill Your Inner Loser)

Life is a Process of Trying On Different Hats

Andy wants you to kill yourself (figuratively…)

You Are Here Now.

Andy wants you to sit up and pay attention.

Imposter Syndrome

Andy tackles that feeling of, “I’m a fraud. I don’t deserve to be successful like other people.”

CHALLENGE: Start a 365 Day Project

Andy wants you to join him on possibly the biggest challenge of your life.