Category: Self-Improvement

CHALLENGE: Start a 365 Day Project

Andy wants you to join him on possibly the biggest challenge of your life.

Imposter Syndrome

Andy tackles that feeling of, “I’m a fraud. I don’t deserve to be successful like other people.”

You Should be Better than Your Idols

Andy wants you to go 20 times the distance he ever did.

How I Procrastinate & Waste Time

Andy procrastinates by telling you how he procrastinates………

The 18yo Nympho & Whether or Not You Should Help Someone [Storytime with Andy]

Andy goes wild on a very sexual 18yo nympho & does his best to mentor her… but it doesn’t quite work out.

How to Make Friends (2022 Edition)

Andy details how to fill your life full of awesome people.

Best Of – My First 100 Articles

Andy reminisces (god I love that word) about his first 100 articles and gives you the untold backstory about a few of them.

The Problem with The Red Pill (TRP) Subreddit

Andy doesn’t want to see you getting caught up in Red Pill theory to the detriment of your goals.

How to Get Around a TINDER BAN [Sex/Dating]

What to do if you’re banned on Tinder – and why it’s not the end of the world.

How to be Happy When You Haven’t Reached Your Goals Yet

A killer interview with one of the guys from our community/one of my coaching clients about dealing with mental issues, finding happiness, & chasing your passions.

Why Losing Fat Matters Above All Else for Getting Laid (+Bonus 3some) [Storytime with Andy]

Andy cuts to the chase when it comes to cutting fat. Oh, and a bonus 3some.

How We Made $50000 in 30 Days [Money]

We did it.

How to Tell a Girl She’s Overweight [General]

How to get people into self-improvement, manage egos and defensiveness, and whether you should even try to change anyone at all.

5 Guys who Get Laid & Make Money (Roundtable) [Self-Improvement]

4 guys and I sit down to discuss the importance of building a tribe, how to get laid a TONNE, making $$$$ and building an epic life for yourself – even when you don’t believe it’s possible.

This Guy Broke a 2 YEAR Dry Spell in 2 DAYS! [Sex-Dating]

Another super impressive story from a guy who broke his dry spell within 2 days of actually trying – and went on to sleep with 10 girls in 12 weeks.

12 Girls in 12 Weeks? This Guy KILLED His Inner Loser! [Sex/Dating]

Yeah, so holy shit… This guy killed it.

There is No Such Thing as “Alpha”

No Alpha

Andy crushes your hopes of ever being an alpha… because alphas aren’t real.

Musings of a Non-Completionist

Andy sucks at finishing what he st…

You Deserve to Be Here.

Hey you. Read this. It’s something you need to hear.

Petplay (How to Try it)

What is petplay, why is it hot as hell, and why should you try it? (Bonus 3some story!)