NSFW: This article contains nude pics. Everyone here is 18+. I have permission to upload these photos. Happy to remove pics/stories – contact me.

There’s heaps of “getting laid advice” on the internet from guys who aren’t actually getting laid all that much. They talk the talk, they tell you exactly what you should and shouldn’t be doing, spit “broscience” at you – but you have no idea if they walk the walk and actually take action on their own advice.

That same concept applies to a tonne of sites on the internet – blogs people write, “expert” articles people post, random comments people make on Youtube. They’ll talk as if they’re an expert – and they might well be – but they don’t provide any proof of their expertise. You’re being expected to blindly trust that the person’s advice comes from actual experience and isn’t just them parroting something they read on a random website somewhere.

You often don’t even know what the person giving the advice looks like, or if they have their shit together in any meaningful way. You have no way of knowing if it’s a successful 30yo guy who actually knows what he’s doing… Or a 15yo kid at home banging away on the keyboard who hasn’t followed a single piece of the “expert” advice he dishes out.

Me and my partner in crime.

3somes are always good fun.

Browse the net, and you’ll see dieting/exercise articles from women with no pics of themselves anywhere on the site – you have no way of knowing she’s not a 200kg “curvy” woman who’s never followed a meal plan in her life. Pickup Artists charge $1,000/hr with no actual proof they stick their penis inside a vagina. There’s “get rich quick” advice from people who haven’t shown you a screenshot of their bank account. Business advice from people who haven’t given details of any businesses they’ve actually started and made successful.

And 4somes are even better.

The internet is full of unverified experts.

If a guy is talking about getting laid, “proof” means actual photos/videos of him with girls he’s met or screenshots of girls he’s dated/had sex with – not just long unverifiable stories posted on a forum.

And if you yourself have just gotten laid, you’ll massively benefit from showing off your own proof pictures (ask permission/consent first, obviously). Doing so will force you to take getting laid much more seriously, and you’ll be more “all-in” – resulting in you getting laid much more. My lays absolutely skyrocketed when I decided to take myself and my sex life seriously by posting actual proof I was getting laid. As I said here, it’s impossible to get laid a tonne (100+ lays) without going all-in.

One of our favourite girls, she’s an absolute sweetheart.

Getting laid is something you should be proud of – something you should brag about. Posting proof pics is your chance to show off and say, “Look what I achieved!”

All of this applies to me too – sure, I coach guys about sex, 3somes, relationships, honesty, gym, fat loss, BDSM, Tinder, style, etc… But do I have proof I get laid?

Some Cool Stuff I’ve Done

Fun stuff I’ve done:

  • A fucktonne of sex – stories are below, with pics and videos across my site.
  • Threesomes with a bunch of different girls. If you wanna have as many 3somes as I have, use my how-to guide.
  • Several foursomes (MFFF) – eg this one and this one.
  • I’ve been in a relationship for many years with my girlfriend Immy – she’s a truly kickass human being. She’s bisexual & seeks out other girls from her own Tinder/Hinge/etc for us to play with together (and I bring in my own girls too). We met when she was 18, and she’s grown into a truly amazing, confident, and impressive human being over the years. We adore the shit out of each other & constantly push one another to absolutely crush our goals. I love her to bits. She even writes for my site sometimes.
  • A handful of cold approach lays (walking up to girls during the day on the street/shopping centres/etc and saying “Hey, you’re hot and I had to say hi. I’m Andy” then talking for a bit and asking for a number). Haven’t done as much of this lately – been busy with other goals.
  • Tonnes of BDSM sex – toys, whips, roleplays, the whole 50 shades of grey.
  • $50,000 USD in a month from coaching
  • A myriad of interesting adventures (details below) – I’ve had 3somes, been with a few strippers, had sex in public many many times, gotten into BDSM, met some crazies, had sex with a tonne of girls within 30 minutes of meeting them, taught a few virgin girls BDSM. Best of all, I’ve met some really awesome girls who’ve changed me for the better.
A very fun afternoon.

My Current Tinder Profile (Including BDSM)

Here’s the Tinder Profile I’m currently using, including explanations of what I text girls, how I structure my dates, etc.

Here’s my comprehensive guide to How to Get Laid on Tinder, so you can follow in my footsteps.

Why have I chosen to put all this up on the interwebs, where I can be (and am) judged for it? I pride myself on honesty and seeking the truth; I want my site to break down the bullshit & just be real with people. Could you really trust someone who espoused those values if they weren’t a completely open book?

Every single nude photo on this page & in every other article on my site are photos I’ve taken together with the girls I date/sleep with.

We all went home and had a 3some afterwards. Good times.

I’ll make this abundantly clear: I ask permission before ever sharing any nude pics of anyone; you should ALWAYS do the same. Read my guide on how to take nude pics of girls you sleep with. Just throw out a casual, “Yo, mind if I show your body off to other people?” Some girls will say yes, some girls will say no, that’s how it goes.

A Few Fun Stories from Girls I’ve Met

I haven’t written a story about every single time I’ve gotten laid; just the ones that have been the most interesting. Most of these are from about 2017 to the present day.

Important: Bare in mind a couple of the below stories are from several years ago; I’ve changed a hell of a lot since then – especially my mindset on women & people in general. I cringe when I read how immature – and at times downright mean & bitter – I was back then, but my past is an important part of my evolution so it’s important I show it to you. I go into great detail about how my mindset has changed in “You and Me”.

(A couple of these links will require you to make a free account on GoodLookingLoser.com in order to view):

  1. The 18yo OnlyFans Queen (3some)
  2. Andy’s Girlfriend Takes a Girl’s Virginity
  3. Andy & his GF Bang a 6ft1 Giant
  4. Andy Talks Dirty & Has a Girl Take the Lead
  5. Andy Bangs Miss Giggles + Bonus 3some
  6. Andy has a 4some (MFFF)
  7. Andy & Immy Have their 4th 3some in 3 Weeks
  8. Andy Bangs a Canadian Super-hottie & Keeps an Open Mind
  9. Andy Bangs a Double-Dater, and Why You Should Lose Fat + Bonus 3some
  10. A Stormy 3some
  11. Andy Fucks a Girl in an Alleyway then Immediately Shags a Ginger Goddess
  12. Andy Does the Funny Business with a Kinky Daddy’s Girl
  13. Five 3somes in 4 Weeks
  14. Andy and a Ginger Flood His Bed (More of her and I together here and here and here)
  15. Andy’s Epiphany about Not Going All-in with Getting Laid, & the Office Toilet Rendezvous
  16. Andy Bones a Girl He Literally Just Met
  17. Andy Boinks 4 New Girls in 3 days (Including a Lesbian)
  18. Andy Fucks a Clown, Meets Woody Allen, and has a 3some
  19. Andy Bangs 3 New Girls in 10 Hours
  20. Andy Suggests BDSM to a Virgin
  21. The 23yo Virgin with a Broken Foot & a Heart of Gold
  22. Andy & his GF Play with a Stripper
  23. Andy’s Craziest Story of All Time (Podcast Episode)
  24. Andy is Spellbound by a Witch
  25. Andy & His Girlfriend Bang a Lesbian Virgin
  26. Easy Free Sex Delivered Straight to Your Couch! (Podcast Episode)
  27. Andy Makes a Moaner Moan & Realises He No Longer Wants Meaningless Sex
  28. The Bridge is Green So We Have a 3some
  29. Andy Gets Wild in a Park and then a Public Toilet
  30. Andy Orders Italian from OkCupid
  31. Andy Bludgeons the Flaps of a Daddy’s Girl
  32. Andy Dishes Out a Facial
  33. Andy & Imogen Don’t Pressure a Virgin
  34. We Fingerblasted a Tomboy
  35. Andy Meets a Ghost
  36. Andy Has a 3some & a New Lease on Life (Podcast Episode with my Girlfriend)
  37. Andy Ties Up the Tiniest Girl Ever
  38. Andy Messes Up Some Titties
  39. Andy Belts a Korean’s Ass
  40. Andy Donates an Orgasm to a Shy Asian Powerlifter
  41. Andy Ruins a Hippy’s Ass
  42. Andy Plays with a Prostitute’s Tits in Public
  43. Andy Does Depraved Stuff to Girls, and Also Mentors Them
  44. Andy has his First 3some (with a Virgin & her Best Friend)
  45. Another 3some with a Virgin
  46. Yet ANOTHER 3some with a Virgin…
  47. The 23yo Virgin with a Broken Foot & a Heart of Gold (3some)
  48. Andy Meets Another Circus Performer
  49. Andy Buttplugs a Girl in Public & Realises Hinge is Awesome
  50. Andy Nuts in the Gut of a Big-Tittied 18yo (& Runs into Her a Year Later)
  51. Andy Blesses the Rains Down in Africa (& Thoughts on Open Relationships)
  52. Andy has a 3some with Woody Allen Girl + Dungeons and Dragons Girl (more details here)
  53. Andy Has some Afternoon Delight with a Big-Tittied Blonde
  54. Andy Bleeds for a Rocker Girl
  55. Any Doesn’t Really Want This Lay
  56. Andy Hooks Up with a Long Lost Fuckbuddy (proof is here and more about her here).
  57. Andy Ties Up a Shy Asian
  58. The Girl who Knew Nothing About Sex
  59. Andy Has to Work Hard for a Lay (more about her here)
  60. Andy Finds Another Woman who’s Never Masturbated
  61. Andy Belly-bumps a Crack Whore
  62. Andy gets into a 3some with a Sunflower
  63. Andy Half-Cums in a Park
  64. Andy Plays with a 6ft German
  65. Andy First Starts Screening for BDSM
  66. Andy gives a Good Looking Loser the Good Dick
  67. Andy has fun with a Virgin Vietnamese Girl
  68. Andy Enters Mauritius
  69. Andy Runs Away Mid-Sex
  70. Andy Dodges Herpes
  71. Andy Cave-dives a Stripper’s Ass & Fingers a Chubby Virgin
  72. Andy & his GF Touch a Virgin’s Tits in Public
  73. The Time a Crazy Japanese Mistress Tried to Use My Cum for Evil
  74. Andy Lays the Woman in the Red Dress
  75. Andy Gets it on with a Cool, Chinese Virgin
  76. Andy Bangs a Pregnant Girl & a Submissive Girl
  77. Andy Goes Wild on an 18yo Nympho
  78. Andy Goes all the Way with a Super Sexual Girl from Craigslist
  79. Andy Engages in a 3some with a Personal Trainer
  80. Andy gets Excited over His First Approach Lay
  81. Andy Regrets Compromising his Principles
  82. Andy gives a Pickling to a Chubby but Sweet Girl
  83. Andy Bangs 5 girls from Hinge in 14 days
  84. Andy Gets Kinky
  85. Andy Pile-drives a Cheerleader
  86. Andy Bangs a Chubby Girl

I Wasn’t Always a Guy Who Got Laid…

…In fact I started out a lonely, fat, depressed loser. I go into lots of detail about my transformation journey from zero to hero here. You can do the exact same thing – go start with my Tinder guide and do exactly what I’ve done.

Fun fact: Her hands aren’t even tied together; the bow is just to look pretty.

I started out suicidal, obese, depressed, with absolutely no hope for redemption – I really felt like a lost cause. Seriously, read through this and you’ll see how bad my life was when I first started out.

I never in a billion years thought I could do any of the stuff I’ve done. If you read through the first 30 or so pages of the detailed log I kept when I first started trying to get laid, I was scared, timid, depressed and had the worst self-esteem ever. Most weeks I stayed inside my apartment and never left – at least 3 out of every 7 days I’d just drink and watch porn and stay home and cry about how much I hated my life, hated women, hated myself. I had to FORCE myself to leave the house and hit on one girl a day just to convince myself I even deserved to TRY and get laid.

To go from that to a guy who regularly has 3somes without having to try, has a cute, ambitious and intelligent girlfriend who adores him, is getting paid for his getting laid advice and actually has some confidence and self-love still feels surreal sometimes.

Life is fucking awesome – I get to explore BDSM and kinky sex, my girlfriend and I share plenty of girls in 3somes together (she even brings in extra girls from her own Tinder account) and I have a complete abundance of sex – more than I could ever need.

I will repeat this until the day I die: If I can change, anyone can. I was a total zero, and now I’m at a point where I’m really damn happy with my life – I love being alive. I absolutely killed my inner loser, and you sure as hell can too.

Proof of Other Things I Give Advice On

Yes, I wore this hat during sex.

The Takeaway

Always ask for proof before you believe some random “expert” on the internet. It’s one thing to pass yourself off as Mr Knowledgeable; it’s another thing to have the actual lived experience.

Ask for proof before swallowing someone’s advice, and in the absence of it, take everything they say with a grain of salt.

You’ve seen my proof. And I started off as the most timid, shy, loser ever – so if I can have success, you sure as hell can too. Start with my in-depth Tinder and Self-Improvement Guide; I cover every single step of improving yourself, meeting women, getting laid, and dating them afterwards.

If you need more in-depth, hardcore 1-on-1 coaching with me, sign up here:

No matter where you’re starting from (even if you’re literally a virgin), you can turn it around.

I have faith in you.

Yo, Andy here. I’m an Aussie guy who went from a depressed, suicidal loser to a guy who gets laid regularly, has 3somes & BDSM sex, crushes weights at the gym & loves his life. I killed my inner loser. It's my mission to get you to kill your inner loser too.