Category: Sex & Dating

Storytime with Andy: Andy Plays with a Prostitute’s Tits in Public

Andy fondles some big jubblies outside a brothel, because why the hell not.

Storytime with Andy: Andy is Spellbound by a Witch

Andy dabbles in the dark arts…

Storytime with Andy: The Daddy’s Girl who Liked to be Humiliated

Andy shares the tale of a very submissive, very kinky young lady…

Storytime with Andy: The Korean, the Paddle, and the Sore Ass

Andy talks about that time he dished out a paddling on the cutest Korean with a big round booty… And his struggles with his body image.

Storytime with Andy: Andy, his Girl & the Cute Stripper

Andy looks back at a fun night with his girlfriend & a cute stripper.

Most Pickup Artists are Theatrical Wizards who Don’t Actually Want to Get Laid

Andy’s got a question for you: Do you want to “game” a lot of women, or stick your penis in them?

Storytime with Andy: 3some with Sunflower Girl

Andy reminisces about a mediocre 3some…

Storytime with Andy: When I had Unrealistic Standards, I Didn’t Get Laid

Andy makes another case for not having sky-high standards.

Do you Actually WANT to Lose your Virginity?

Andy isn’t sure you actually do…

The Solution to All Your Problems: Go Talk to More Girls

Andy’s got one piece of advice for you; I’m sure you can guess what it is..

Storytime with Andy: That Time I Banged a Girl I Just Met

Andy reminisces about the time he banged a girl he met out on the street.

Getting Laid for Ego Validation is Perfectly Okay

Andy WANTS you to chase ego-stroking and validation from others; at least at the start.

Blindfolds; The Secret Cheat Code for When You’re Nervous

Nervous in the bedroom? Andy’s got the perfect cheat for you.

Storytime with Andy: My First 3some

Cover image by Markus Spiske.

Andy reminisces about his very first 3some back in 2018.

“She’s Not Yours; It’s Just Your Turn” (The Red Pill)

Andy takes issue with the classic Red Pill saying.

Kino and Escalation During the Corona Crisis

Andy shows you how to Kino and Escalate like a true Alpha Male™

Andy’s Guide to Anal Sex

Andy teaches you how to put your scooper in her pooper.

“How Many Girls Have You Slept With?”

Andy’s number doesn’t matter, and neither does yours.

How to Make Girls Orgasm with No Effort (Magic Wand)

Andy will blow your mind with mind-blowing orgasm techniques.

Don’t Compare Your Lay Count to Mine

Andy explains why his lay count isn’t all that impressive.