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Andy’s Guide to Fixing Erectile Dysfunction (ED) & Performance Anxiety

Andy’s had his share of performance anxiety in the past, and dealt with it in a rather unconventional manner…

“How Many Girls Have You Slept With?”

Andy’s number doesn’t matter, and neither does yours.

7 Things I Wish I’d Known When I First Tried Getting Laid (Guest Post by PlayingWithFire) [Sex/Dating]

Alex from Playing With Fire drops some amazing wisdom from his successes and stumbles with getting laid.

Do you Actually WANT to Lose your Virginity?

Andy isn’t sure you actually do…

Hot Women are Just Experts at Looking Good

How to stop feeling inadequate around women that are hot as hell (or women in general).

27yo Virgin Sleeps with 7 Women in His First Year?

This guy absolutely killed his inner loser.

9 Ways to Meet Women EFFICENTLY (if You’re Busy)

Sex life cutting into your time? Here’s how to make it hyper-efficient, like I have.

Nash (Days of Game) on Sex, Honesty & Building Big Beautiful Things

The legendary Nash from Days of Game joins me to talk self-improvement, women, playing to win, and so much more.

Let’s Make Cold Approach FUN Again

Andy shares a few of the ways he likes to be silly and have fun when approaching girls.

124 Approaches in a Day: RogerRoger Breaks Records

Andy interviews one of his coaching clients – RogerRoger – who recently hit on 124 girls in a single day!

How to Explore Your Sexual Bucketlist

Sexual Bucketlist

Andy encourages you to let out all your wildest, kinkiest fantasies.

Andy and His Girlfriend Bang a 6ft1 Giant [Storytime with Andy]

Andy shags a vertically-blessed giant, and then his girlfriend joins in too.

“I Can’t Get Laid Because…”

Andy systematically breaks down every nonsense excuse he’s ever heard for not going after glorious gushing gash.

You Can’t Make Someone Like You

Andy sees getting laid & making friends as analogous to sales.

You’re not Obligated to Have Sex with Someone

Andy permits you to go on more dates – even if you’re not sure where it’ll end up.

BDSM How-to Guides

All the BDSM guides and how-tos I’ve written.

Eventually You’ll End Up Slowing Down

Andy did what he never thought he’d do – he settled. You will too, when you’re ready.

How to Last Longer in Bed

My non-mainstream advice on lasting longer in bed – this isn’t the usual bullshit advice you hear from the normies.

Sexual Apathy (aka “Banging New Girls Just isn’t Fulfilling Anymore”)

Sexual Apathy

Andy’s run into sexual apathy before – and has the solution if you’re getting bored of sex yourself.

The Solution to All Your Problems: Go Talk to More Girls

Andy’s got one piece of advice for you; I’m sure you can guess what it is..